June passes on the wind

I don't know about you, but in my religion, yesterday was a holiday. We call it Hall-o-weeeeen. I'm like the old menus at Taco Bell where they showed you phonetically how to pronounce burrito (burr-eee-toe). Some of my coworkers dressed up, as we have a costume contest that I 100% missed because I got distracted. … Continue reading June passes on the wind


I'm the least-athletic person you know. No. Really. I'm sure I've told you that in elementary school, there was this poor lunking girl also named June who was somehow touched in the head. I'd like to think nowadays she'd have gotten more help. She was sort of out of it, and also she had really … Continue reading Fit

Flashing my baby blue. Also, Milhous is a tense sleeper.

Most nights, before I actually go to sleep, I get into bed and read awhile. Sometimes I look at my phone, which I'm certain is excellent for my circadian rhythms. Edsel always accompanies me, but he accompanies me anywhere. I just heard him sit down with a flump behind me, in fact. I barely notice … Continue reading Flashing my baby blue. Also, Milhous is a tense sleeper.

I’m serene June, your spa director.

As I mentioned earlier this week--and does this seem to be the most endless everlasting gobstopper week ever?--I've had somewhere extra that I'm scheduled to be all week. On Saturday morning, I had a date. We hated each other. On Sunday afternoon, another date. We, too, hated each other. For awhile I kept a list … Continue reading I’m serene June, your spa director.