A Girly Day

I was just sitting here, trying to sign on to ding-dang TypePad, when I heard this high-pitched noise coming from the heating vent. Naturally I assumed I was going to be blown up at any second, because I can never be casual.

My enormous cat, Francis, is sitting on the vent, with his paws stretched out over the remainder of said vent, and I think air is trying to squeak out around him, which is making our house not at all icy. Our other cat, Winston, who is normal-sized, is sitting a few inches away watching the whole thing. I think Francis is trying to say, "This is MY heat. MINE."

There is a lot of sibling rivalry with cats. Even over heating vents.

Odd cat behavior aside, I had the most lovely day yesterday. I told Marvin I wanted my alone time, and I drove to Monroe. I guess Monroe is something I discussed in last year’s blog, so I’ll recap.

Back in the heady days when I lived in LA, Monroe would be a tiny little town I’d visit for the novelty. Now that I live in a walnut shell in North Carolina, Monroe is a booming metropolis, with things like book stores and coffee shops. So I have to go there for any big-city activities.

I went to the Monroe and I shopped for makeup. I didn’t buy any; turns out going a whole year without shopping kind of sticks with you. But I look look looked, and sprayed on perfume and everything.

Then I went to the card store and got Christmas cards for 60% off. They have holly on them, because I always pick cards with holly on them.

And if THAT weren’t enough, I got — are you sittin’ down? — a MANICURE. Which I did not get all of 2007. And an EYEBROW WAX, which was good because Yosemite Sam kept calling wanting his look back. I did return his hat to him.

Finally, I went to see P.S., I Love You, which could not possibly be a girl movie any more unless it had been written by Nora Ephron. There was one boy in the theater, one. He was a big strapping man, too. When the movie first started, they accidentally showed Walk Hard, but we complained and they switched it. The one man, who had been dragged there by his girlfriend, said, "Oh, man!" He was hoping he’d get away with seeing stupid Walk Hard.

Anyway, it was a perfect day, except there was no Barry Gibb gives away free baby kittens part. And I want you to know I ordered a small, plain popcorn and water at the movie, and only ate half the bag. I think that’s fairly reasonable. And I’m not in too much pain from Saturday’s big run, either! Which is surprising.

It is 14 minutes till work and I am in wet hair and a robe. I had better get there so I can sit at my desk and admire my nails.

7 thoughts on “A Girly Day

  1. I had no idea what P.S. I Love You was about before I watched it, so imagine my shock. Every time one of the letters would get read, I would bawl. One of the saddest movies I’ve EVER seen.


  2. The entire post was a hoot! LOL hoot! My cat sleeps in his basket in the bay window that is just above the heat vent on the floor. He loves it. Fortunately, he doesn’t lie across the vent. I’ll have to get one of my girl friends to go see PS I Love You, or just wait until it’s on CD at Blockbusters.


  3. I can just imagine your cat on the vent. If I was a cat I’d do that too. We need a photo!
    I have bought sale Christmas cards two years in a row and every year I forget I have them and buy new ones. What a bargain!


  4. Didn’t you just LOVE P.S. I love you? And that big, strapling Irishman singing his heart out in his boxers? YUM. Love me some Gerard Butler.
    P.S. Yosemite Sam called…hee hee hee. Laughing all the way over here.


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