Sonic Youthful No More

Your close, personal pal June has to tell you something.

Remember yesterday, when Heath Ledger died and I said I was off to do Australian yoga lady? Well, not DO Australian yoga lady, as I am married and not allowed to pursue those sorts of activities any longer, but rather work out to the yoga DVD hosted by an Australian lady?

Remember that?

Guess who went to Sonic instead and had her an extra-long chili cheese dog with onion?

Could my path have veered any further from the whole yoga-with-Aussie plan? Instead of clearing my chi, I cleaned the cheese off my steering wheel when I was done. Man, it was good.

And then, guess what? Who woke up at 2 a.m. sick as a pooch?

Why is it when you wake up at 2 .m., you somehow feel sicker than if you got sick during the middle of the day? It is such a panicky feeling, feeling ill in the middle of the night. Oh, I felt bad. I felt like my insides were on fire from my throat to my distended abdomen. I wanted to barf and cry and never, ever eat anything chili-cheese related again.

I made myself go back to sleep and I am perfectly fine today, but I'd say this is my punishment for blowing off course. I almost blew off course, all right. Yeesch.

Also, I forgot to tell you yesterday that when I was reading to Miss Lilly, she asked me what a peacock looks like. This did not just come from out of the blue; our book has a whole peacock theme going on, and I am afraid I did my peacock-calling impression for her, which I can do because I spent about 85 hours a week at the children's zoo in my hometown from birth until I moved away at age 27. I should have been a vet or a farmer or something.

The point of my story is, have you ever tried to explain what a peacock looks like to a person who is blind? It was not so easy. I went on and on when I got to the whole tail feather part, and when I finished, she said, "Sounds like a turkey to me."

Again, the whole you-should-write-a-book thing? Maybe not so much.

11 thoughts on “Sonic Youthful No More

  1. Sorry about the chili dog incident. I won’t be ordering one of those any time soon. I saw the 2007 bloggies {is that the name of the blog awards?} anyway, saw the list. You should have been on it. If anyone would care who I nominated, I would have nominated you.


  2. I remember one time I was delivering mail to patients at the hospital I volunteer at and took a card into a lady who .. as it turned out .. was legally blind. She asked me to take the card out and describe the picture on the front. Sounds easy .. right? It was so hard .. but we muddled through and she was pleased for my visit when I left. It’s nice that you are making a difference in Miss Lilly’s life!
    Have you ever had a chili cheese dog from Tommy’s? Oh .. I’m getting indigestion just thinking about it.


  3. CULVER’S! Oh, how I love me a butterburger! How I miss Culver’s.I have yet to have a tasty meal at Sonic, and reading your report makes it less likely that I ever will! LOL! Glad you are feeling better, and I know exactly what you mean about that 2 am thing. Oy.
    Question though, June, has Miss Lilly always been blind? If she has, how does she know what a turkey looks like but not a peacock? Or has she only recently become blind and never saw a peacock before?


  4. I love Sonics, but I can just look at that place and get heartburn! That’s why I changed my eating habits–heartburn. Now that I eat better I rarely have it, unless I really get stressed. You are so sweet to read to Miss Lilly, I know you are the bright spot in her life.


  5. No Sonic here, either, but MAN, there is a place here called Bill and Bob’s known for their roast beast. I, however, do not eat said beastie, so instead, for a treat to my 43 year-old, fat self? A pizza roll (which, incidentally is neither a pizza nor a roll) AND a hot turkey sandwich with extra bbq sauce, lettuce and tomato on a big, fat, white flour roll.
    Where’s that New Year’s resolution to cut out white flour? Literally in the toilet!


  6. I too am trying to eat healthier in Aught Eight, but I was just told that “Everything should taste like bacon” when I was at the Fancy Food Show. I am simultaneously frightened and delighted that Bacon Salt ( now a trademarked reality.


  7. Sonic doesn’t exist in my part of the country. Hence, no temptation there. But Culvers. Now that’s another story. Life and eating are roller coaster rides. Fasten your seatbelt, June, and hang on through the ups and downs. You are a blessing to many in your little southern town and beyond.


  8. Mmmmmm Chili Cheese Dog. You had to mention that, didn’t you?
    It just isn’t fair that as I get more candles on my birthday cake, I seem to be losing my ironclad stomach.
    Nope, not fair at all. I guess I’m off to have a turkey sandwich with avocado. Seems safer.


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