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Seven really boring facts about me

Three a.m. designs, which is not how the blog is spelled but I couldn't stand to begin a sentence with a number, has tagged me to write seven random facts about myself. But really, how random can they be? I have to sit here and think 'em up first.

1. Today, just as I came home from work, I sneezed and peed myself a little. This is a sign to me that I am getting really, pathetically old. I am 42 years, seven months and 25 days old. I changed my clothes, by the way.


2. This is my cat, Ruby DeLuna. She is the eldest of my four pets. Well, five pets. We have a fish who lives in our blender, named Smoothie. Ruby is 11 years, eight months and 11 days old. Ooo! In a few days she'll be 11, 11, 11! Anyway. I got her when she was a kitten.


Here she is, being a kitten, sitting near the dog's dish. We lived with a Sheltie then, which could be why she is relatively okay with our puppy now. She has lived with me in three different states. She knew me when I was a single, slutty gal. Okay, I had one boyfriend, and then Marvin Gardensalad, during her lifetime. Woo! What a Jezebel.

3. Marvin Gardensalad and I dated in college for three hideous months. They were hideous because I liked him about 75,000 times more than he liked me. We broke up. For 10 years.


Here is what he looked like when I met him in 1985. Oh, I adored him. And his indifferent self. That phone is probably ringing during the picture. I am calling again.

We kept in touch, for no apparent reason. I have generally stayed in touch with all my ex-boyfriends, though.

Anyway, he came to visit me in Seattle and we hadn't seen each other at all in that 10 years. Four months later, I moved to LA to live with him. A year and a half after that, we got married.


Nice acrylic nails.

4. Supposedly, my great-great grandfather was the first person to walk over Niagara Falls on a tightrope. He is mentioned on a Trivial Pursuit card. The "supposedly" part is the part where I am not convinced this guy was actually a relative. It could just be my family trying to get above our raisin.

5. I have no spleen. It was removed during a bad accident I was in at age 12. I do not miss it. But I have to get shots so I don't get pneumonia.

6. When I was a kid, I used to model for my father's company. He was a photographer. I was the national [insert really famous flower company name here] flower girl when I was five or six. Then, two years ago, I worked for a competing flower company. But not as a model.

They used me as a model because believe it or not, I was really quiet and shy, so they could sit me under hot lights for hours and make me do horrid things like make me drink milk and I would not act up.

7. Marvin Gardensalad and I collect pictures of people we don't know. Below is a picture of a couple who started our obsession. Tons of their photo albums were for sale at a junk store, so we bought them, then set to work learning all about these people. We found where they were buried, and used to visit their grave on Mother's Day and the like.

We now own a ton of other albums and loose photos of strangers, and we also have framed photos up of strangers, too. So when people come over they always have to say, "Now, is that your grandmother or a stranger?"

Anyway, due to this strange hobby, a guy is making a documentary film about us. He has filmed us a bunch of times. I have no idea when the movie will be done.


Okay, so I am supposed to tag seven people, but I will let you pick yourselves. Tell me seven things about you either in my comments or on your own blogs. But let me know you did so and direct me to your blog. Take me to your leader.

26 thoughts on “Seven really boring facts about me

  1. Hi! Just found your blog through Blue Poppy. I totally identify with you on so many levels (hence, probably the reason blogging is so popular, non?) Anyway- glad to have found you, and probably the only other person I know of that collects photos of people unknown to us. I’ll have to scan a few and post them.


  2. Hi! Just found your blog through Blue Poppy. I totally identify with you on so many levels (hence, probably the reason blogging is so popular, non?) Anyway- glad to have found you, and probably the only other person I know of that collects photos of people unknown to us. I’ll have to scan a few and post them.


  3. 1. I’m a native Atlantian.
    2. I’ve never moved more than 25 miles from where I grew up in Atlanta.
    3. I played in the band from 3rd grade through 12th grade.
    4. Had only one husband (41 years).
    5. My right leg has been lengthened. DON’T ever have that done. It is sooooooo painful for a very long time.
    6. I have one brother no sisters, but grew up with two girls that are like my sisters and we are all still very close friends.
    7. One of my best friends works for the Secret Service.


  4. 1. I do not own a TV. On purpose.
    2. Have worked as an etiquitte teacher, a clown, and a real estate agent. Should have finished college.
    3. I have 2 boys and 2 dogs, and no man.
    4. I have a black belt, and a collection of martial arts weapons.
    5. I am a blog addict. Duh.
    6. I am a wine snob. Love wines, and can bore you with information about all the grapes.
    7. I have helped the police with a Meth Lab investigation. Of my husband. Many years ago. He’s now my Ex.


  5. 1. I live in Monroe, NC, but was born in Sterling, Illinois.
    2. I smoke a pack of cigarettes every day. I would smoke more, but I don’t have time.
    3. I love green salad olives. I even drink the juice from the jar.
    4. When I was 16, I was the NC State 4-H project winner in Food Conservation and Safety.
    5. I’m particular about the fork I use to eat with at home. It’s a salad fork in the Oneida pattern “Valerie”. I have three of them.
    6. When I went to Las Vegas on business, my husband traveled with me. I sat in seat 1A…he was in 31B.
    7. When I was born, my daddy had two names picked out…”Violet Ray” for a girl or “Infra Red” for a boy. (He’s an engineer.)


  6. My turn…
    1)I had a pet goat, named Star as a kid. She thought she was a dog (don’t ask!)and would chase the school bus a few yards, when I would leave to school. My mom would just laugh, and call her back, so they could walk home together. What a sight!
    2)I’m the youngest of 16 kids. I had/have “the only child” syndrome. Don’t touch/move my stuff. I also was never told NO…well, once – and then ‘yes’ shortly after.
    3)Married the same man twice – “Lucky him”
    4)I eat and write left handed, but do everything else, right handed.
    5)Hate to shop! Don’t care what it is, hate to shop for food/clothes, etc. I know, crazy but VERY true. If I didn’t have to wear clothes and eat… I wouldn’t!
    6)I don’t care what people think of me. I am kind, thoughtful and very giving. I just don’t care – if people like what I am wearing or driving, etc. Life is to short for that silly stuff. I want true people around me. I don’t want to be liked for the car I drive or the money I have. Those are not TRUE friends.
    7)My hobby, if you want to call it that… is going to the spa. Love-Love going to the Spa.
    There you go. Not very exciting, but now you know a few things about me.


  7. My seven things:
    1. I knew Betty in college.
    2..I love Philosophy shower gel
    3. I have 2 sisters. 5 nephews, one neice,
    6 great nepews, 5 great neices. Mom and dad are in heaven. No husband
    4. My best friends are Patty and Emily
    5. I love music
    6. I went to Chiacgo in 2006
    7. I’ve been drinking with Betty


  8. Here we go.
    1)I own 2 cats, but I am not a cat lover. I love my cats, but you can have the rest. I want a dog next. I actually found Charlie on the side of the rode 2 years ago on Memorial day. I was riding by and she was just sitting there. When I stopped and approached her she hissed at me. I was afraid though I am not sure why since she had no teeth and was 3 weeks old. A gift from God she was.
    2. Best decision I ever made was accepting Christ as my savior a bit over 6 years ago. The journey has not always been easy, but it has all been worth it.
    3. I watch only one TV show currently, Jericho. If you are not watching it what are you waiting for. It is totally awesome. I get all over movies and shows through Netflix, which is totally awesome. I am currenly working my way through The Pretender.
    4. I student taught for 2 months in Ireland. I have also been to Scotland, Spain, and Israel. All were beautiful, but I recommend Ireland and Israel most. I hope my next major excursion is to Australia or New Zealand.
    5. My mom gave me my current car just about 7 years ago and it has matching dents over the front wheels thingys (well not exaclty matching. The on on the drivers side is way bigger). The first was from arun in with a deer at 3 am and I lost. The other, I recently side swiped a friends car while trying to avoid a different friends car. That has taught me not to concentrate on one end for too long a period.
    6. I love to talk and meet new people and learn, but I hate crowds and close up like a clam. No one ever believes that I can be quiet, but I can.
    7. My Dad’s childhood nick name for me was Fidget. I could never sit still for very long without changing postions and honestly I still can’t.
    June, I love you blog. You keep me in stiches.


  9. Hi June, I’ve been loving your blogs and the comments of your readers lately! Really fun stuff!
    Here are my 7 things:
    1 – I snorkeled with humpback whales in the Caribbean a number of times when I was doing research there in the winter. It was a life-altering experience. I have 11 chapters of a book written about it so far.
    2 – I’m married to my best friend, my awesome husband, Dan. We have no children – just the fuzzy, doggie kind with 4 legs. New addition, Sadie, is doing VERY well!
    3 – I am lucky to say, I’ve known June longer than anyone here except June’s momma! Glad we’ve been friends so long, June! Here’s to another 40 years! Clink!
    4 – I have one of those baby cans of Diet Coke every morning. It’s my only caffeine.
    5 – I’ve lived in New England almost as long as I lived in Michigan. In 2009 I will have lived here longer! Just adore it here. The ocean is the BEST!
    6 – My husband and I go fishing and whale watching during the spring, summer and fall on our boat. It is heaven on Earth!
    7 – I also detest ironing. And folding laundry. We are very wrinkled, apparently!


  10. Wow, seven things? Well. let’s see…
    1) I used to say that I retired at 30, and what I meant was I decided to find a way to work for myself. So I cleaned houses, was lead singer in a band, drove a truck, mowed around headstones in a cemetary, toured the country in a one-woman show, was a messenger in Chicago, demonstrated fancy foods and xray machines at McCormick Place in Chicago, and then learned accounting and have had my own bookkeeping and accounting practice for 20 years. Now I’ve decided to go to Seminary, as my old age career.
    2) I have been obsessed with stories of weight loss since I was little. I used to love reading those ads in the Sunday magazine for Ayds candies (which went out of business when the AIDS epidemic came along). The odd thing was that I was very thin all my life until the evil peri-menopause came along. Then I started gaining weight and couldn’t lose it no matter what I did. Now that all those hormones have leveled out, I’m losing the weight, but am obsessed with my fat people on “The Biggest Loser”, just as I was with Dr. Phil’s “Weight Loss Solution”.
    3) I love to cook and eat great foods.
    4) I hate to exercise (hmmm….I may have discovered why I have had a hard time losing weight…)
    5) According to my Father, his Uncle was the first white man born in Dakota Territory and his grandfather was Custer’s supply sergeant.
    6) I love collecting interesting facts about my friends and acquaintances, just as I love history.
    7) I have been in 47 of the United States (am missing the Dakotas and Hawaii), and have been in all but two provinces in Canada. I have never been anywhere else, but hope to go to Paris this summer!
    Okay, enough already.


  11. Ok, first, in response:
    #1 I first sneezed-n-peed when I was 23. but that was from pushing out a 9 1/2 lb baby and getting 28 stitches down there. the stitches held; my bladder didn’t.
    #3 MG is so lucky you didn’t punish him by not liking him for the next 10 years. I guess that would’ve added up to even more not-together time. But it might have been deeply satisfying.
    and one thing about me:
    I have always considered myself to be quite religious, but, lately, I’ve been wondering. I’m just not sure that what I believe encompasses everything holy and good. Something seems to be missing on Sunday.
    So I’ve founded the cult of June GonnaEatThat. We’ll gather regularly for fellowshipping and reading of the sacred text “ByeByePie.” And we’ll comment and sigh over pictures of the venerated pets (though personal pet ownership will remain STRICTLY optional).
    And we’ll shake our heads and cluck over that MG; he’s so lucky to have such a treasure. Bless his heart!


  12. TOO funny! 🙂 Ruby-kitten looks mortified.
    1. I detest ironing. Period.
    2. In 2001, I had 65 doctor/medical appointments. And worked full time.
    3. My 2nd set of cats are the exact same color/sex as my first set of cats (black male, gray female). It was a sign. Of what? Who knows!?
    4. I’m addicted to solitare on my phone.
    5. I didn’t learn to swim until I was in 11th grade. Still don’t like to get water in my face.
    6. I graduated from high school with only 4 other people in my curriculum (Printing Technology) and we were all young women. Girls rule!
    7. I met up with my high school exchange sister from Japan in London, UK (where she lives now) 1.5 years ago and met her family. I just happened to be in town for 4 days…
    Bonus: 8. I went to high school with the mayor & his former chief-of-staff that is causing all the scandal now in the D. My pre-calc teacher (from 20 years ago) just emailed me that he found his record book & I did better than the chief-of-staff. Not too much of an accomplishment tho…. lol!


  13. 1. I have two baby pigeons who live in a nest outside my office window. Today is their first day trying to fly and I am worried sick they will get injured!
    2. I am obsessed with reality TV. It is not pretty.
    3. I once rode an elephant bare back through the jungle all by myself in Thailand. Most amazing moment of my life.
    4. I can’t stand to drink soft drink (I think you guys call it pop). The bubbles make my nose hurt!
    5. I would throw myself in front of a truck to save one of my dogs. I love them that much.
    6. If I could go back to one point in my life again – just for a visit – I’d pick my last year of high school. I just loved it.
    7. I’ve lived out of home for over 10 years now and my mother still has my room set up just the same as when I left. (And I dread the day she moves, or packs my stuff up).
    P.s. Loved your wedding photo!


  14. 1. I’m an only child, but I have 26 first cousins
    2. I have a cuticle picking obsession (it’s bad)
    3. I ran cross country and track in high school – and ran 2 marathons in adulthood(LA and San Diego). I am now obsessed with yoga.
    4. I taught myself how to swim at 8
    5. I never had an imaginary friend as a child, though my real friends had them and I totally didn’t get it. I guess I was already too much of a realist at 6 years old.
    6. I love the 3 Stooges. Every New Year’s Eve I would stay up with my father and watch the marathon on channel 38 (Boston). I can speak pig-latin :o)
    7. When I was 12 (or 11, can’t remember) I played the piano for the school talent show – Claire De Lun (Debussy). I had been unable to memorize the whole thing so I needed my music. Well, the sheets got messed up because when I got to the last page, I turned it and it wasn’t there (it was on the back, apparently). Tried to flip it, and the book slipped off, went under the piano. My mind blanked and I had to get up in the middle of my performance in front of however many people, climb under the piano, put it back, and finish. I was mortified. Learned my lesson about memorization on that one.


  15. Don’t you ever want to track down the relatives of those people and see if they want those pictures? They probably don’t though which is sad.
    7 things:
    I have one husband, two children and three cats.
    I didn’t get my drivers license until I was 29.
    I still don’t like driving.
    I get excited when a new Pixar movie comes out because I can stand to sit through them in the movie theater with my kids.
    I’m making spaghetti for dinner.
    I look forward to going to the library every week.
    I stockpile underwear for my kids when I find it dirt cheap. They’re set for underwear until they are twelve.


  16. Don’t you ever want to track down the relatives of those people and see if they want those pictures? They probably don’t though which is sad.
    7 things:
    I have one husband, two children and three cats.
    I didn’t get my drivers license until I was 29.
    I still don’t like driving.
    I get excited when a new Pixar movie comes out because I can stand to sit through them in the movie theater with my kids.
    I’m making spaghetti for dinner.
    I look forward to going to the library every week.
    I stockpile underwear for my kids when I find it dirt cheap. They’re set for underwear until they are twelve.


  17. So, where did I get the idea that your name is “Karen?” Is that the name of one of those strangers in the photo albums? I’m sure you emailed once and signed it Karen.
    I also buy photos of stranger at flea markets… weird obsession I thought until today…


  18. June,
    You have made me feel so “normal”. I have never heard of another living soul who has old pictures of total strangers in their house! Mine are framed, in old cool photo albums, in shadow boxes…I love them.
    I also have to find out about my “adopted relatives”. I visit their homes, take flowers to their graves…etc. My husband plays along but I am sure deep down he thinks I am a little touched in the head. Thanks for making me feel not so normal!


  19. Fun!
    1. I have a husband (ageless), a daughter (age 2) and 2 cats (ages 7 and 4).
    2. As a high school upperclassman (-person?), I planned on a career in mechanical engineering (bwah!)
    3. I was named after one of Picasso’s daughters; I don’t have a middle name.
    4. I broke my collarbone 5 times as a child.
    5. On a station stop between Moscow and Siberia in 1990, my friends and I got stranded when the train departed early. A traveling companion who was still on the train pulled the emergency break (which I think also happened once on I Love Lucy)—otherwise I would still be in the thriving metropolis of Murom.
    6. Only Midwesterner to avoid owning a car for 30 years.
    7. As a child, I so loved baseball that I could list the starting lineup of any major league team. Of course there were only like 8 teams in MLB in my day.


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