Puppy Love

Thanks, everybody.

I agree that meditating on this job is a good idea. I AM supposed to be meditating this month, remember? I picked a bad month to do a slow-down thing. I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue.

So, I got the Holy Tuesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday bulletins printed! Just 150 Easter bulletins and I am good! Wooo! Woo!

Also? I am proud to tell you I just got done running four miles. Sweaty much? Right now I'm looking a bit like Elvis in concert in 1977. If you'd like, I could throw you one of my silk scarves.

My Aunt Sue has one of Elvis' silk scarves. She practically knocked another woman out to get it. You don't want to mess with my Aunt Sue. Really. You don't.

Now that I have filled you in on my workout, my work, my potential work and Aunt Sue's prowess, I must touch on a subject that is …delicate. If you are related to Marvin or me, you might want to bleep over the next paragraph, as it could eek you out.

How do you have sex when your puppy watches every move you make all the time? You guys! It is so disconCERTing! She watches and jumps up and down and makes puppy noises. I felt like we were having three-way with Chewbaca.

I guess we are going to have to do it in the guest room for the next year. Oh, sorry, relatives. I told you to only skip over one paragraph. Oops.

Oh, man, Intervention's on. Gotta go. LOVE me the cable.

13 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. Hey! Regarding the job issue. I was thinking you could try to negotiate with them about when you’d start. Maybe they’d be willing to wait until June for you to start. They could get a temp until then. Of course, they might fall in love with the temp and not need you, but, I have a hard time imagining them not loving you more. I think it’s worth a try. You never know. And, I think it’s good practice to ask for what we want. As women, we forget that we can do that. At least, I do.
    If they go for it, then all of you could move there at the same time.


  2. Intervention is one of our favorite shows–totally cannot miss one. Jeff VanVonderin is our favorite counselor hands down–he RAWKS as they say.
    This was the first ones I’ve seen where the person dies. OHHHH so sad and he was my age too! So sad–why do we watch this?


  3. Our dog did this too. They get over it, I promise. He would sniff all around the bed while we were getting it on, and one time I got a wet sniffly dog nose right up against my naked butt. NOT sexy. But now he’s used to it. We still can’t really have sex on the couch…but in bed, he just goes away & lays down. It took about 4 months. In the meantime, I’d say follow the other posters’ advice & put the sadly clueless (spayed?) puppy in a kennel or another room.


  4. OMG Laura/DaPFG’s comment is so freaking funny. The dog barfed .. mwwhahahaha
    Sounds to me like Lula is jealous that she isn’t the centre of attention .. She isn’t getting a tad spoiled is she June? I guess that wouldnt be hard to do though because she is so freaking cute. Maybe you could put a blanket over her crate?


  5. so to weigh in on the x-rated sit-chi-ation, our dog was never like that until about a year or so before she died (here’s hoping the two things aren’t related? :P). so would just hang out in the room and be fine and whatever (which, yes, would still weird me out, but whatever), but then she would start barfing every time after it was all over. so there we are all cuddled up trying to be all lovey lovey after the humpy humpy, and then she barfs. and the moment is ruined because we are cleaning up dog-puke. lol.


  6. I thought you had her kennel trained? Couldn’t you put her in there?
    We close the door, ALWAYS, whether the kids are home or not, cause Kona will sit right there at the door…which is totally a mood killer!


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