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Health, schmealth

Today, Tallulah slept on top of a Weimaraner puppy, which you have to admit sounds kind of fun. They told me this today when I came to get her from dog day care. I am pleased she has made a friend her own age, although I should note that neither of them are fixed yet… Continue reading Health, schmealth

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Business Casual in the Front, Party in the Back

I wonder how many times a day I say, "What are ya chewin'?" Really, having a dog is a whole 'nother life. I am home from work, typing you in my work clothes. My business casual attire. I am wearing gray pants and a black ribbed turtleneck because it was like 17 degrees today. Okay,… Continue reading Business Casual in the Front, Party in the Back

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Yes, Anthony, this is a health blog. Every month or so.

It is Sunday morning and I am in my cherry pajamas, which kind of match my blog design, thereby making me completely loser-licious. Today, according to my running schedule, I have to run six miles. Fortunately I now have a computer again, so I can find a track. This is a college town, after all,… Continue reading Yes, Anthony, this is a health blog. Every month or so.

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Back in a Black Mood

Job called. Wants his problems back. You guys, SERIOUSLY. We just went out, at eight o'clock at night, and bought a BRAND NEW computer, which by the way is NOT pink, and STILL we can't get that one to work. Do not even ask me what the problem is, as Marvin is back to speaking… Continue reading Back in a Black Mood

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Broke Computer Mountain

Oh for the love of lettuce.  I've never been so glad to be inside anyone's computer. Our stupid computer is completely broken.  We have to buy a new one.  I'm in my car, driving home from work, dictating to the Gardensalad.  I know since we last spoke we bought a house, started a new job,… Continue reading Broke Computer Mountain

June's stupid life

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties (Please Stand By)

Marvin Gardenburger here.  We were trying to get the computer set up in our new place and it crashed hard!  I won't be able to get it going 'til Wedsnesday at the earliest.   Wish June good luck on her new job, and we will up and running again in a couple days.

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Fences and other F words

Marvin "Could I be any crankier" Gardensalad put up the rest of the fence today, so Lula could have free reign. She and I came back from a walk, where we met three small children who want to put a bow in her hair next time, and Marvin said, "She can go." "Really?" "Yeah." It… Continue reading Fences and other F words

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Well, we’re movin’ on up.

I am here in our new computer room, which is off our kitchen, which by the way Lilliput called. They want their kitchen back. Okay, I knew our new kitchen was small, and what did I care since all I ever make in the kitchen is coffee and haste. But MAN, is it small. The… Continue reading Well, we’re movin’ on up.

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Put off posting to persue pasta, pesto and pansies

Perhaps you're thinking, "I wonder if that June is ever gonna post anything today." Perhaps you are living your life and you hadn't even noticed I'd posted nothing today. Today was a busy day. There was very little health going on. Here is first thing this morning, when everyone jumped on the unmade bed. Did… Continue reading Put off posting to persue pasta, pesto and pansies

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Feet and teeth

How much do I heart y'all? It is nice to have friends, even tho you wouldn't know me if I spit on you. Thanks for cheering me up. I do feel better. My favorite comment was the woman who said if her husband had a bad day at work, it meant someone couldn't see, but… Continue reading Feet and teeth

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Hate everything.

Actually, I wasn't all that busy yesterday; there hadn't been a lot of comments on my last few posts, so I thought, "Maybe people are tired of me rambling on and on. I'll do something short." And I got like 50 comments yesterday, so I guess you were in the mood for short. But now… Continue reading Hate everything.

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Trials and errors

Today I went to church for the last time here in Tiny Town. I dragged heathen Marvin, as well. There is one part of the service where they pray for various people -- those having birthdays, anniversaries, etc., and frankly, I was holding the prayer list with a pen, and marking off the people who'd… Continue reading Trials and errors

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Good Mail Day

Don't you love it when all the mail is good? My friend Dottie sent me Barbie cereal. It has marshmallow hand mirrors. I actually meant to download a photo of my shoes that came in the mail, but I like this photo, as well, because I love the glimpse of Winston at the top. He… Continue reading Good Mail Day

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Suck Ham

Man, Polly, quit cryin', it's 9:06 p.m. and I haven't posted at all today. I suck. I suck ham. Once my friend David was looking through the LA phone book and he found a person named Suck Ham -- honest, he did -- and were we hysterical over this at all? Cause you know you… Continue reading Suck Ham

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Wherein I actually touch on the subject of health

Your close, personal pal June, who right now you wouldn't want so close, JUST finished running five miles. WOOOOOOOOOO! Go, June! Go, third-person references! Go, royal family! I had been dreading this five-mile run, because the whole ruining my back thing had resulted in me not running regularly lately. But I knew I had to… Continue reading Wherein I actually touch on the subject of health

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Here is a church, here is a steeple. Open the door, and see a really bad secretary.

It's seven o'clock at night and I am alone in the church. After my regularly scheduled workday, I had to come back here at 5:00 to teach the new girl my job. On the way here, I totally had my Sirius radio turned to the '90s alternative station and I was jamming out to some… Continue reading Here is a church, here is a steeple. Open the door, and see a really bad secretary.