Ruby Rosie Lemons

Did anyone else see that full, lemon moon tonight? Oh, it was beautiful. I know I totally sound like my mother right now. Whenever I am around my mother, she is forever pointing out things in nature.

And she calls me Harry–June, which is my stepfather's name and then mine.

"Oh, Harry–June, did you see those pretty flowers?"

And now I have become a person pointing out nature. Oh, Harry–BlogReaders, did you see the moon?

Do you think my mother is actually trying to tell me I need a depilatory?

Anyway. I got to see the full lemon moon because Tallulah and I were coming home from puppy obedience class tonight. We learned our names. So, there was a Boxer next to us named Rosie, and the trainer was demonstrating on her. "Rosie!" she'd say, excitedly, and just one time. If Rosie actually looked, she got a treat.

Within four seconds, Lula was totally on to this game, and every time the trainer said, "Rosie!" guess who went over and sat and totally tried to pretend her name was Rosie. Who was getting a fake ID before class was up and a big "Rosie" tattoo on her arm?

But the good news is, and I hope you're noticing this is actually about health, the trainer said I can RUN with Tallulah as long as it's just for half an hour twice a week, and only at my brisk 14-minute-mile pace.

I am so glad! Do you have any idea how hard it's been to come home, walk the dog, get back in the house, put on running clothes and go out again? Pu-leeze. Actually, I did that tonight and when we got to obedience class, I was a tomato and everyone must have thought I was a little overly aroused about being there, with the panting I was doing, and also sweating in rivulets.

Sexy. I'm too sexy for my obedience class.

Plus, I forgot to mention that along with 12,000 more boxes, because we apparently have emptiness in our souls and fill them with stuff, Marvin also brought Winston with him this weekend.


Now, he was supposed to bring Ruby, as she needs medication from time to time, and last week Marvin sent an email that just said, "I had to pill Ruby. It wasn't pretty." So, I thought she should come here, where I can pill her in a millisecond.

But, Marvin couldn't find Ruby in the house, so instead he brought Winston. I guess he figured any cat would do. It is nice to have my Winnie here, and you can see DustBuster likes it too.

Finally, I leave you with a picture out my front door as I left to run tonight. Oh, Harry–Lurker, isn't it nice?


14 thoughts on “Ruby Rosie Lemons

  1. I just realized I have been calling Lula “T”ula 4ever now. Why haven’t you corrected me?
    And can I still call her Tula, that’s just stuck in my head.


  2. My Mom always called me and my brother using both her sister’s and both her brother’s names in front of our name–Lucile, Ann, Tee or Roy, Harold, Terry. Not until she lost all her silblings did she stop doing that. Sad.
    I see you have a bird feeder–is that a carry out bar just for Windson and Ruby? Just thought I would ask. We had to raise our bird feeder, because Oscar would just go out and jump up and snatch a bird for a snack.


  3. I saw that moon last night, and thought wow, I need a picture of that. That was on the way back from the grocery store…then when I made it home. Forgot. Totally Forgot!


  4. My kids and their cousins thought their last name was Wellshit. My mil would go through jeffgregbrandonkimwellshit! Beautiful sunset. Nancy


  5. So, did Winston get all up in Lula’s grill? Did he put his head into the cone and go, “Meow” really loud? which, when you think about it would echo. 😉
    Is it bad to need a nap at 9:54 am?


  6. Oooh, that IS a pretty picture.
    When I read he had to pill Ruby, I thought you meant put her to sleep! And then I read on. I was like, you’re awfully chilled for just losing a pet.
    But not. Which is good. 🙂


  7. Talullah looks like the life of the party with the lampshade on her head. Have you tried training her to “clap on, clap off”?


  8. Pictures like that look as if God is streaming down to Earth! How’s that for deep? Anyway, love your blog!


  9. The view out your front door is amazing! You and Marvin were very lucky with the house you found!


  10. Lovely picture.
    Although I will have to wait to see the moon, as the sun has not yet set here in the wild, wild, west.
    now I have to tune o Bonanza in my head.
    Now, you probably do to.
    Good night!


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