Myn Statistics


I'm done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Done! Dun dun dun dun!

I have proofread every ding and also not to mention dang word of that 468-page statistics textbook, not to mention the answer key and the index and the 11 appendices and 14 tables at the end of the book and also the math supplement.

And the answer key for the math supplement.

The stupid thing is in a box and Marvin is taking it to FedEx tomorrow. I was proofing in my car at lunch today and realized I had left the answer key at home. So I had to call beleaguered Marvin and have him read the answers to me. He said if the FBI were listening in, they'd totally think we were speaking in code. "Null hypothesis?" "No, standard deviation."

And do you know I still can't tell you one thing about statistics other than it is hard? I just invoiced the company, as you can imagine, and this was the FORTY-FIFTH invoice I have sent them. Which means at least 45 times, I have read something about statistics. And still? You say statistics and I say "?"

So that is done. Now I only have to worry about my one busy job, and not two. And did anyone notice annoying Sleeping Beauty wanted to know if I was still training for our half-marathon? And the answer is yes. I ran five miles on Sunday, and I am thinking I had better get in another six-mile run before we leave for our trip.

Also, I am doing pretty well on being a vegetarian, other than the chili cheese dog from Sonic during a particularly proofready day. But that is it. I have been having delicious lunches, including the one I had before 10:30 today. Minestrone soup, (I knew someone whose now-ex husband pronounced it "myn-strone" and in my head I always say it that way now), peaches, strawberries, sunflower chips from some hippie chip company and cheese. Some days it is tomato soup instead of myn-strone. And it's all so delish!

Anyway, I am off to not do much of anything. Hmmm. What should my first leisurely activity be?


11 thoughts on “Myn Statistics

  1. (numbers)+(statistics)=NOT ME
    That’s why I’m married to the Human Calculator.
    You’re a class act, girl! Pass the vino!
    (and the beano – sorry, I just couldn’t resist that last one…bad pun, sorry!)


  2. Eleventy thousand???…sounds like a dark-thirty word….have you noticed if beano (or is it beeno) works?….Whats next on your BEST read list?..My DD works for the Bureau of Labor and Statistics…and LOVES the whole numbers thing….dont think she got THAT from me!


  3. First thing is to open that bottle of wine, it does no good sealed like that :o)
    We should all come up with Native American names for ourselves… This may take a while.
    Have you picked what you’re buying for yourself with your statistical booty?


  4. Being a vegetarian, can you still eat artichoke *hearts* or potatoes since they have *eyes*?
    Where in the world do you shop? Love all your pretty tops! Plus, I notice the no-necklace but pretty classic earrings. Nothing gets past your readers, June!


  5. I just popped open a Barcardi Silver and made a toast to you and your completed statistics book. As they use to say on Hee-Haw Sal-loo (which means Salute in case you were not as geeky as me and never saw Hee-Haw!). I sal-loo you and all your hard work! Drink up.


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