Picture book. Pictures of your house-a, and your puffy hair-a, a long time ago.

Since my birthday is coming up–and I know that is shocking news because I've only brought it up 47 times lately–I have been getting cards from people.

Today I came home to find one such card in its envelope, and it looked a tad… worse for wear. As does my hairdo. Nice puffs on the sides of my head. What humidity?


It is a nice card from one of my friends in Tiny Town. I really doubt she sent it this way. I cannot read the first line of her nice note. Maybe it wasn't nice. Maybe the first line was, "Happy birthday, you skanky bitch." I will never know, as my suspicions are the card lies IN TALLULAH'S STUPID STOMACH.

Why did I pluck this animal from certain death? Why didn't I realize there is a plan for everything? But noooooo. I had to rescue the puuuuuupy. The innocent, fun puppy.

So, listen, pal from Tiny Town. Thanks for the card. It's being digested.


(She wouldn't come out to be photographed. She knows she's a dink.)

On the brighter side, Marvin's anniversary gift was ready today, and it is large, so I couldn't really give it to him on our actual anniversary, on our trip. No, I am not giving him my hair puffs.

Several weeks ago, the old owner of this house gave us a picture taken in front of the house in 1950. She did not give me the picture in 1950. Talk about your several weeks ago. I mean the photo was taken in 1950. So I had the picture mounted and framed. I do not know why I made someone fornicate with my picture before I framed it.

I am on fire today. My puffs are burnin'.

So I asked Marvin if he wanted his gift and of course he said yes, so I said remember that picture we got in 1950?


Okay, I know I took a TERRIBLE picture of the picture. My flash lit up the glass. It is like that kid is having a bright idea or something. But anyway, you get the gist. Our house looks a lot the same, except that screened-in porch is the room I am in now, and it is not screened-in anymore. And that tree is much, much bigger. Probably so is the kid with the aura.

Anyway, this flash that ruins the above picture was taken with my NEW CAMERA that Margin got me for our anniversary. I know, we've opened our gifts and now our anniversary is ruined, but he wanted me to have the camera for our trip. Now you won't have to just see pictures of me in the screened-in porch room, with the fruit label photos in the back.

But here is one more of those photos, with Marvin and me celebrating my new pink camera.


Why's he gotta stick his head right in front of me? Is he taking dink lessons from Tallulah?

15 thoughts on “Picture book. Pictures of your house-a, and your puffy hair-a, a long time ago.

  1. Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary!!
    My lab once chewed up a small package left on the porch by the UPS person. I didn’t even know it was there, what’s worse is that it was mis-delivered, it was for the family at our same address/same street name except ours is “Place” and theirs is “Overlook”. Thank goodness the tiny part encased in a tiny ziplock that was inside the box escaped her chewing frenzy and I was able to deliver said part to the rightful owners.


  2. I noticed your hooty hoots, and I guess Margin did too. That’s why he’s smilin’! But then again, I can’t see where your other hand is….
    Talk about your happy anniversary!


  3. Geez, but I’m slow – mounted…..finally get it. DOH.
    But, that’s not YOU in the photo – you weren’t born yet. Who is it?
    Margin’s cheeks are almost as large and pink as the ‘girls’! Don’t you just want to pinch them?


  4. Oh I love old pictures of houses. I so want one of ours when it was built in 1972, but so far, no one I know seems to have been around then.


  5. HAHA! The cheeks I can’t see the screen!! Too funny about someone fornicating with the picture. You are on a roll with your hair puffs : ) Loved this Post. You guys have a wonderful anniversary!!


  6. Such a cute camera. Margin rocks!
    I have to give you props for your old picture. I, like you, am a lover of old pictures. What a cool gift. You rock too!
    Happy Anniversary!


  7. I seriously love that I am in Cali so if I check you blog in the evening I am guaranteed to be in the first couple comments. It’s the only child, center-of-attention, hammish part of me.
    The “G” is awfully close to the “V” (Margin).
    Bookcases are a good purchase – that would make me happy, too :o)
    The pink camera rocks. I recently got a pink bluetooth headset because California decided to make it illegal to talk on your cell phone in the car without it. I was never a pink girl (in fact, quite the opposite until about 2 or 3 year ago) but I am all about pink now. I totally even want pink golf clubs.
    I’ve had too much Syrah (which is called Roshambo! it has rock paper scissors hands on the label AND the cork! How cool is that?), so I am rambling.
    Anywho! I am not surprised you are a Cancer (me too!). T-minus 6 days!


  8. Hmmm now who is Margin and why is he giving you an anniversary present? Don’t ya love it when someone who is s’posed to be your mate does that? What are you saying .. I’m NOT your mate.
    I love your camera .. who woulda-thought-to-get-you-a-pink-camera? :o)
    Now I guess the only gifts left to give each other are the ones you won’t blog about.


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