Like a princess she was laying there (lying)

You know it's gonna be a good trip when you aren't even out of your town yet and your husband says, "Are you gonna talk this much the whole trip?"

Also, turns out? Tallulah feels a tad uncomfortable on the long car ride. And we've rented a van, because 1972 called and wants its ride back, and despite the cavernous space between our tiny bucket seats–a cavernous space that might include somebody's blanket, water, toys and 17 bones–SOMEBody just wanted to ride on my lap.

I had 40 pounds of dog on me for 569 miles. We have a picture of it, but I am on Margin's mother's computer so I can't upload or download or tote the weary load to show you the picture. But basically she was too big for my lap so I spent the entire 569 miles scooping her butt onto the chair. Comfy.

And yes, this WOULD be the perfect time to say, "She THINKS she's a lap dog!"

Woo! Not annoying to me at all.

Anyway, we took two days to get here, stopping off at the home of every ex-girlfriend Margin has ever had. Fortunately for me I like all of Marvin's ex-women, and was not so offended at the Places I've Dipped My Wick Tour 2008. I got a nice tour jacket out of it.

And last night we got together with some old friends I haven't seen since my wedding day (and who desperately tried to find her veil, thinking it'd be hilarious to have it on as though I hadn't taken it off in 10 years?), and also one of–you guessed it–Marvin's old girlfriends. I know. He is Warren Beatty of the Detroit suburbs. This particular ex-girlfriend not only reads this blog–hi, ex!–she also brings me books, so right there she can do no wrong.

And you know, technically I am Marvin's old girlfriend, seeing as we dated in 1986 and broke up for 10 years. So his tour really was all-inclusive.

Oh. And my mother-in-law made steak last night and I split one with Marvin. I know, I am a horrible person.

But speaking of my mother-in-law, we are going running now, because she wanted me to go to kick boxing and spinning with her this morning–I am not even making that up–and I told her to eat my shorts. So instead we're gonna run.

Maybe we'll run into someone Marvin used to date while we're out.

14 thoughts on “Like a princess she was laying there (lying)

  1. We’re missin’ ya, are you still alive or did the Dip My Wick Tour finally get to you? HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW!
    Hope your travels have been fun and the MIL’s regime isn’t making you exercise too much!


  2. Holy Crapola, I just found your blog through my sister about a week ago and I immediately put you in my faves.
    I think it is only appropriate to visit your ex-s during your return trip home. Doesn’t that sound like the most perfect birthday EVER???? ;o)
    Margin (still diggin’ the name) must be a real catch! At least he took the bait with YOU, right?


  3. As a totally unbiased observer I can say that June (impending birthday and all)looks great and is great.It was fun having her and Marvin and Talulah with us. We even got to baby sit for Talulah! She is a very sweet, cute doggie. We totally fell for her.
    Of course, we always love being with Marvin. I hope the Gardensalad visit was as good for them as it was for us.


  4. Well, well…so Marvin was a playa, was he? Interesting.
    I love road trips, but I gotta say – dog on lap, exes tour…I don’t know if I would be as good-natured as you are!


  5. whooooowhoooooo…how FUN!…I didnt think I would have the sheer joy & pleasure of getting to read you whilst(a word?) you are on vacation!…..Love the whole “tour” idea….I wonder if I ever dated Margin?.lol!….ANyhoo…hope you enjoy your vacation…and the gathering of furniture pieces…and whatever else you might find!…creative blessings, Debbie


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