Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to get me to sit. Aren’t you?

So, my dog was supposed to graduate from puppy school tonight. Oh, I had a million jokes about The Graduate I was going to tell you. I was going to say one word — plastics.

But no. We got there and there was a whole crop of NEW puppy school people, all going around the room (not literally) saying who their dogs were and why they were coming to obedience training. It was kind of like that scene in St. Elmo's Fire when they go to their old bar and there was a new gang of college students at their regular table.

Anyway. Either Anita our teacher got the date wrong, or Marvin did. Either way, my dog has not graduated. She is a dropout. Perhaps later she can get her GED. Or her DOG or whatever. I don't know how she expects to find gainful employment without that diploma. I had dreams of her becoming a game show host, like Bob BARKER.


Or an actor like Sam SHEPHERD.

Bah. Again.

I went back to work today. I had barely put my purse down when 8,000 people ran in and gave me stuff to do. Okay, I've been there THREE MONTHS. What did you all do before I got there? Yeesch.

At any rate, I was working away, and I rested a large book against the keyboard, and I am not even making this up:

That book hit SOMETHING, and suddenly? Everything on my computer screen turned




Seriously. I am not even kidding you.

Sometimes it feels like things only happen to me.

I had to go find the computer guy, who is already bemused by me, as all computer guys always are. When I was new, he asked me what kind of computer I had at home and I said square and beige.

When I found him, I said, "Mike? Something so stunning has happened to my screen that I can't even try to explain it. You must come here."

"These things only happen to her," Mike told the guy he was talking to.

You should have seen the two of us, hanging like bats in front of my computer screen. And the MOUSE worked opposite, too. So that made it easy. Finally, we were in hysterics. It was just so ridiculous, as Ricky Ricardo would say. We got online, upside down, and upside down we typed "computer screen is upside down" and believe it or not we figured out how to fix it.

Wanna try it? I can't get it to work on this computer, but maybe it will on yours. You need to hit Control/Alt/and the down arrow all at the same time. Then to fix it, and I do hope you read this before you do it, otherwise all the blood is rushing to your head right now, you hit Control/Alt/up arrow.

What were the CHANCES that my book would hit just those three keys? I felt like maybe I'd suddenly been transported to China or something, to the other side of the Earth.

So, it was a topsy-turvy day. I think I was framed.


You know you've missed me playing with the webcam.

19 thoughts on “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to get me to sit. Aren’t you?

  1. Your hair looks great in these pictures! And you have such beautiful eyes (one picture from your vacation especially made me pay attention to them). Don’t insult your nose comparing it to Bill Clinton’s :-).


  2. How is it you are so stinking funny? If I ever move to North Carolina I don’t want to live by the Nester, as tempting as it is (I don’t want my shabby house compared to hers), I want to live next door to you to hear funny crap every day.


  3. It worked. Holy smokes batman! I forgot to read how to fix it before I tried it and sure enough all the blood ran to the top of my head while I searched your entry for the way to fix it. Fun!


  4. Ahhhhh! The middle school computers will never be the same now! (Mom cannot wait for THAT phone call)
    And poor Lula! No graduation, no party, no new car, no job prospects. What a rip off!


  5. OMG, you have NO idea how much fun I’m going to have with this new little trick you just taught me. My office mates are going to be dumb founded. I think I might have to file this for use on April 1st, 2009.
    Thanks for sharing June– and I’m glad you got it fixed. =-) ~Kellie


  6. Am I the only one who was hoping that she would take the image of her from the webcam and turn it upside down? Or better yet, have Marvin construct some type of device that would allow her to hang from her ankles from the ceiling while she took the picture?
    I totally tried the ctrl alt down arrow thing. How cool is that? and in what world do they need that to be a feature on computers?
    And… how much do I hope I remember to go do this to my boss’s computer for april fools day next year?


  7. Kathy, who rather enjoys pink, I said the same thing. We decided architects. With bluprints. And people with gravity boots.
    Also. Putting it in your cameo. I am giggling, over here.


  8. Dang. Nothing happened.
    But I’ll try it at work later today…
    See, you’ve started a trend! I picture thousands of IT guys getting calls about how to un-upside-down their screens.
    Speaking of which – why would there even be a command to DO that? Who really needs to view their screen upside down?


  9. Holy crap, it totally worked for me. How awesome! I’m going to do this to all my coworkers’ computers tomorrow the second they turn their backs.


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