Fun with pant holes

You have never seen anyone have more fun with pants. Could I have been putting off my 7-mile run at all?


I am not an animal! I am a man!


How I’d look if I stopped Nair-ing.


This one is sort of obscene. And oh, how I hate my bulbous, Bill Clinton nose.


I finally ran, by the way. Seven miles. The snake is long. Seven miles.

It took a hundred minutes exactly. I know this because the treadmill shut off at 100 minutes. Did you even know it did that?

Anyway, peace out. I threw the pants away. Although I’m sure I could’ve gotten hours more enjoyment from them.

12 thoughts on “Fun with pant holes

  1. Does Margin continually wear a bemused look on his face? Did you promise to love, cherish and keep things interesting for as long as you two shall live? Or did you just add that when you “re-created” your vows on your anniversary? I think your readers are right, more things hapen to you than anyone else. And that whole computer thing? I’ve tried that on several computers since then and I cannot make it happen! You have the touch! As I was reading the last two days I kept thinking of the “Perils of Pauline” and tried to come up with something that went with June. So far, no luck. Anyone have any thoughts?


  2. Ok so, I found your blog through The Nester. You must know that I have some sort of weird allergy induced wheezy losin my voice thing goin on which makes my laugh sound a little sadistic and I think I scared my husband last night because every other sentence I was laughing like satan. He rolled over a couple times and asked if I was coming to bed but I would just ignore him and continue to read. And wheeze. And cough. I sounded like Maud. YOU. CRACK. ME. UP.
    No need to worry about your sitemeter thingy going down because I have now phoned both my sisters, my Aunt in Albuquerque (it’s so cool I have an Aunt in Albuquerque) and basically taken an ad out in the paper. My hits alone should cause your sitemeter thingy to explode.
    Thanks for the humor. Lovin’ it….just like Mickey D’s.


  3. I think the torn pants still had a lot of use left in them. You could have made your puppy a little raincoat, you could have cut them up for rags, you could have cut a hole in your underpants in the same place and when you’re working in the yard and had to “go” you could just squat down like you are planting flowers and no one would be the wiser. Oh the list….Oy Vey


  4. You are the biggest ham ever…and I love it!
    You are certainly making a name for yourself at your company! That must be why they were so excited to have you come back from vacation!
    (Could I use any more exclamation points!? Wait! Yes I can!!!!!)


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