Tallulah ate my shoelace right out of my running shoe. I had to take what wasn't in her small intestine and tie it together and fashion a shoelace as best I could. If you never hear from me again you know it's cause this badly tied shoe killed me during my breakneck run.

Why did she even want a shoelace? Was she doing her Lady and the Tramp impression?


6 thoughts on “Annoyed

  1. My dog before this dog (you know what I mean) used to untie everyone’s shoelaces. While they were wearing their shoes. He’d sit quietly at their feet (“What a good doggie!”) and then they’d fall over tripping as they got up (“What a baaaaaahd doogie!”).


  2. I once had a dog who ate my brand new Minnetonka moccasins I had finally found after searching online forever. This from a dog who never chewed anything in his life, until the mocs. I was not happy.


  3. The next thing you know, she’ll be eating your spaghetti straps?
    Our little deceased Chihuahua had a fondness for donkey turds and used to drag them home from the neighbor’s pasture. Talk about your dragon breath. Small but mighty!


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