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The dark side of June

I know I've told you before that my friend Saundra hates it when people talk about the dream they had. She thinks it's boring, and they always say things like, "Well, I was in my house, but it wasn't really my house." I am not nearly as curmudgeonly as Saundra--which if you know me you… Continue reading The dark side of June

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Three completely unrelated topics

TOPIC ONE It was the first of the month the other day. It was dcrmom's birthday, as well as Ruby's and Princess Diana's. It was a big day. However, I forgot to weigh and measure. Everything is exactly the same. I weigh 142, and my pretty measurements are 36-30-37. What fireplug? I mean, I have… Continue reading Three completely unrelated topics

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I’ve got wild, staring eyes. I’ve got a strong urge to fly.

Gramma called. Wants her cataracts back. I had to get my eyes dilated today after work, so I had the absolutely valid excuse that I COULD NOT SEE ANYTHING and could not proofread, therefore all I had to do was run on treadmill and go to the dog park. Sometimes the universe just steps in.… Continue reading I’ve got wild, staring eyes. I’ve got a strong urge to fly.

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Intensive care about this subject

No, no, it IS "For all intents and purposes"! What I was saying was I hate it when people say, "For all intensive purposes" thinking that's what the phrase is. I would hate to start a trend of people saying "for all intensive purposes." Would that be my just desserts. Which, what does that mean?

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Mental floss

The other night, I came in through the back door -- and I do not mean that in any dirty sort of a way -- and saw all my animals in the back room together. I was so excited about this rare occurrence that I got the camera. I was so involved in getting them… Continue reading Mental floss

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Snaphappy Fishsuit

You know how people write those birthday letters to their kids on their blogs? Wouldn't I be annoying if I wrote one to my cat today? I do not know if I could have peeved Ruby DeLuna -- blackest of black kitties, who is 12 today -- any more by making her pose for the… Continue reading Snaphappy Fishsuit