Sans turkey

I get irritated when people say "Turkey Day." I know this makes me the crabbiest person on earth, but what else is new. It's just one of those we've-heard-it-already phrases that I am over, along with voracious reader and metrosexual. I guess metrosexual is a word, and not a phrase, per se.

Do you know what no one says anymore and I am glad about? "Get a clue." People are pretty much done with that one. Remember how funny "Beam me up, Scottie" was the first time you heard it? It really was. I don't mean when you heard it on Star Trek, I mean in the context of someone wanted to leave somewhere because there was no intelligent life…oh, forget it.

I just had to go through all my comments from yesterday to make sure nobody said "Have a happy Turkey Day" because then I would feel bad.

Anyway, my turkey day was fine, how was yours? Why is the Macy's parade so terrible? Do you remember that it used to be good when we were kids? Is it just that we were kids so we didn't know any better? Because we thought those Hanna-Barbera cartoons with the same background that appeared over and over when the characters were running were really good too. So what did we know?

All that lip synching and the floats are so low now! Did they used to have all those musical acts? Wasn't it just Snoopy and Underdog floats and then Santa showed up and that was the whole parade? Did they stop and interview the Jonas Brothers and all that when we were kids? Because I don't remember that.


I take it back. I did NOT know the parade got Rick Rolled. Did anyone see that!?! Hilarious.

Marvin and I celebrated Thanksgiving this year with just the two of us and our 800 pets.DSCF1482

I know it looks like I stabbed Tallulah in the back with a rake in this picture, but really we–and when I say "we" I mean Marvin–were staining our new bookcases this morning so we had the door open, and Lula was lounging in the doorway looking so angelic. I did note that on Marvin's Facebook page he said he was thinking of trading in his dog for a less-annoying model. But she looks unannoying here.


I didn't even bother to get dressed until noon, and because I was trying to avoid being near that varnish, I sat in the back room where the open door was, as well. Francis took full advantage of this, and made biscuits on me for many hours. He gets a ridiculous dreamy expression and swings his head from side to side in a Stevie Wonder kind of a way when he is making biscuits on me. If you do not have cats you have no idea what I'm talking about right now and you are probably terribly worried that the next time you eat at your cat friend's house that their cat will actually make the bread product, aren't you?


Finally, dinner was served. Note that we had all side dishes and no turkey. Please also note that we have skeleton hands for our salad. Marvin loves the skeleton hands. We have real salad servers for when actual grownup people come over. I asked Marvin to not pose, so I don't know what to tell you about this Kewpie Doll look he's got going.

I would like everyone to take note of my Nester tassel on our corner cabinet. Thank you.


Um. Not grateful for this. And what Thanksgiving meal would be complete without generic Windex?

Me and luWe took a large after-dinner walk, to burn off those calories. We will be walking to Tibet, then. Tallulah found a chicken bone, making her the only one of us who tried to consume an animal today, and the only one of us who did not eat generic Windex for dinner.

27 thoughts on “Sans turkey

  1. Love your shoes in this picture too! 🙂 If we lived near each other we could go shoe shopping together. So glad that you are ok and maybe you should Rick Roll that receptionist at the doctor’s office.


  2. The Macy’s parade was on in the kitchen, so I didn’t actually watch it, I listened to it because it was to my back while I was cooking until three highlights marched by:
    1. The GEORGIA TECH band
    2. The Fayette County (Georgia) High Band (we attend church in Fayetteville, so we know some of the kids)
    3. The Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drug Corp
    Totally understand the cat making biscuits. My cat is waiting for me now so he can make biscuits.


  3. I think you looked great in the photo because you received good news and it made you relax and have fun. No stress, no worry can make a big difference to our appearance–hear that everyone—have fun stop stressing out.


  4. My lands!!! Do we like mashed potatoes?
    I concur. Your hair is fab in that picture. As a matter of fact, that is the best picture I’ve seen of you to date. You are glowing. Maybe the red scarf is the ticket??


  5. I was screaming at no one…Oh MY GAWD they Rick Rolled the Macy’s Day Parade! I am dancing around the room singing…Never Gonna Give You UP…. Then I realized that I was the only one home and no one would get my joke if I told them later so THANK you so much for mentioning it here so now I dont’ feel like a total goon!


  6. (1) My favorite part of your Thanksgiving Prep Tableau is the Aqua Pod. Bwah haha!
    (2) Your hair looks great.
    (3) Does everyone/anyone outside of NY watch the Macy*s parade? NY seems to think the world revolves around it. I’m curious.
    (4) I also don’t miss: “Voted off the Island” and “You ARE the Missing Link” or whatever that was.


  7. Oh Junie! Now you know as well as I do that my dare was to print the asswipe comment you sent me; are ya gonna print it like you said it?!


  8. Suburban,
    If someone sends you a link to something, like let’s say they email you and say, “Here are pictures of my kids on Turkey Day!” but what they’re really doing is sending you the song “Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down” by Rick Astley? You have been Rick Rolled. It is a hilarious and annoying new trick people are playing. So, they had a float at the parade and it was playing a regular song, when right in the middle Rick Astley BURST out singing Never Gonna Give You Up. Oh, funny.


  9. Ya know they do have Tofurkey for turkeys like you and Marvin. And now that you’re okay let’s do some New York plannin’! Glad you had such a nice Turkey Day! (Who loves herself?)


  10. Your hair looks really good in that last photo. How did you get all your poof out?
    Also, your comment about Marvin looking like a Kewpie doll? YOU TOTALLY NAILED THAT ONE. That’s exactly what he looks like.
    Why did you not have turkey? Didn’t want it or too lazy to prepare it?


  11. I love your hair in that photo! Now that I have buttered you up, can I borrow Francis for
    some biscuits on my back? I totally got it.
    We have two cats. They actually even come when called about half the time. Aren’t you amazed?


  12. It looks like vegemite on Marvin’s fingers .. what do YOU reckon Donna?
    I missed celebrating Thanksgiving today .. I sure was thinking about it all day though.
    Glad you all had a lovely day .. generic windex and all. :o)


  13. Is it just me or did you do a close up of the photo of you. I swear when I checked it earlier the photo was further in the distance. Either that or being upside down on the other side of the earth does something to the brain—just dense with age. lol


  14. OK, now I had to enlarge the Marvin photo to see the knuckles. As long as they’re not tobacco stains… Are you still doing the Vegetarian (it SEEMS like it should be capitalized) thing then?


  15. Did Marvin take a side job as a car mechanic or are those knuckles that color because of Minwax Medium Oak stain?
    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Sounds like a relaxing but productive day.


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