In honor of my cotton blogiversary (or, do I have more time on my hands than anyone else you know?)


I say! Is it my two-year anniversary of blogging? Good show!


Some of your snobbier people say beard equals weird, but I have never believed that.


Hope to be hoppin' down your trail next year! 


Author: June

At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

18 thoughts on “In honor of my cotton blogiversary (or, do I have more time on my hands than anyone else you know?)”

  1. I like you with a beard. Was that part of going without spending for a year? You had to grow a beard? Because I’m thinking you could make extra money at the circus.


  2. You’re nuts–that was so funny. And thank you very much, after reading the comments from your last post, I decided I had to read Bye Bye Buy, and spent ALL DING DANG day doing it and only got through March. Who is a slow reader, trying to absorb all the June funniness and not miss anything?
    I especially liked one post where you were telling a story and wrote “she said and then he said” blah blah blah. I guess I need to shut my pie hole and stop leaving banal comments. (Banal means trite, and trite means hackneyed, and then hackneyed means a horse or carriage for hire, in my less-than-helpful dictionary, so i still don’t know if I used banal correctly.) Anyway, I just thought it was funny to come across it, now that I’ve proved I’m a big dork.


  3. Why do they call them cotton “bolls” when they’re really cotton “balls”? So close yet so far away.
    Happy blogiversary, I send you many
    Sleeping Beauty


  4. My dearest June, I only found your blog a few months ago and have since been a faithful follower. However, I am now becoming concerned, dear June. This cotton extravaganza combined with you recently exposing your balls to everyone with eyesight, I am beginning to worry that you may need a hobby. I’m just sayin’.


  5. YOu are so much braver than most, putting a fuzzy thing on your bum. In my house full of boys I’m sure there would be words and giggles about that for a long time to come. hahahaha


  6. I thought for sure you were going to out your cotton panties to the entire world. I’m SO relieved it was just your cotton balls. *Here comes Junie cotton tail, hoppin’ down the…* oh never mind.


  7. When my nephew was a very young fellow (about 6 years old), we would try and get him to act out some of the Ren and Stimpy episodes. He was so funny. He soon tired of our requests and asked us, “Am is just here for your bemusement?”-then stomped off.
    Thanks for being my bemusement.
    Linda (GA)


  8. Darn it, that was supposed to be “Am I just here for your bemusement?”
    Grrr…I think gremlins are messing with my words.
    I guess I am just here for your bemusement!
    Linda (GA)


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