Stupid things I forgot to tell you yesterday

1. I forgot Ask June on Friday and I forgot Comment of the Week on Saturday, making last week's winners winners for even longer. They get to hold their scepters and sport their crowns extra time. And they get to all day today, too, because it is Monday morning and I am not dressed yet and do you think I have time to pore through the whole week's comments right now? Well, put down your bowl.

2. In case you were worried just sick, I have been composing in Firefox instead of that thing with the blue "e" and my posts have not been crashing, which is what Typepad told me to do and it was good advice. What run-on sentence? I have to call it "that thing with the blue 'e' " because Marvin and I thought we were HILARIOUS and we renamed all of the stuff on our desktop, calling Word, for example, "Large W" and Explorer "Big Blue e" and so forth. We sometimes irk even ourselves.

3. Faithful reader Jessica and I met for dessert at this place here that only serves dessert. They have cupcakes, ice cream, cake, and how annoying am I that I said they only serve dessert and then I went on to list dessert items? Anyway, there are big comfy chairs and couches and such where one can consume said items (you know, like pudding and frozen yogurt) and I was marveling at how pretty it was in there, and she said, "Well, you know the Nester decorated this place, right?" Um. No. I didn't. Why doesn't Nester brag more? I don't understand people who don't brag.

4. I do not have time to link to Jessica or the Nester, as it is already 7:03. When I get home tonight I will link.

5. Tallulah got a new collar this weekend, and we are obsessed with it.DSCF1723

I got it from The Mod Dog, and maybe you are wondering, "If June doesn't have time to link to Nester or Jessica, why does she have time to link to her dog collar's site?" to which I say, really? This is what you think about? But see, I KNEW I was gonna talk about this collar when I got on here, so I had this link all queued up already, but thanks for asking.

In case you didn't know, I found Tallulah on the road, in front of a bunch of trailers, and I basically stole her, I think. I started to knock on the trailer doors to say is this your tiny puppy standing on this busy road, till I picked her up and she was skinny and flea-y and then I said yeah, you know what? No. So this collar kind of honors her heritage, I thought.


That is my brown robe contorting itself while she is JUST TRYING TO EAT. GEEZ. But I kind of wanted to get an action shot for you.

Okay, I am going to be late for work now. It is official. Then I will be fired and able to post just all the time and link at my leisure.

21 thoughts on “Stupid things I forgot to tell you yesterday

  1. Love Lula’s new collar.
    And, Paula FNY, D, you stole my comment exactly. You did not steal her, June. She had no identification tags, no leash, nuttin. She was going to be hit by a car and you rescued the little munchkin. Remember, she jumped right into your car?!!!
    You’re a good mommy and if Lula could speak she’d say “Thankyouthankyouthankyou, big hair lady who I love!”


  2. when you did the dna test on tallulah, did you buy that kit and then take her to the vet to have them do it? we want to do that, but we’re not sure if it’d be worth it.


  3. I hope dirtsister is talking about the dog and not me. I must admit we had an Airstream for years. We pulled that trailer all over the country and loved every mile. I said all of the above to say, I love Lula’s collar.
    There used to be a place in the Virginia-Highlands in Atlanta called The Dessert Place. It was WONDERFUL!! Understand the words “too rich” just aren’t in my vocabulary, but I’m telling you, I had a blonde brownie there once that was soooo rich I couldn’t eat all of it. Next time we go to Highland Hardware I’ll have to see if The Dessert Place is still there.


  4. Allow me June…
    LEE!!! This has been gone over and over and over… Post your Ask June questions at the ORIGINAL Ask June post. ANY DADGUM DAY! June goes there to get questions to answer! DANG IT!!!! Are you supercharged??????? DANG YOU, YOU MAKE ME DANGED MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK bye bye Sissy.


  5. I think I am beginning to fall in love with all the Faithful Readers. Henceforth referrred to as FR. You’re all so ding-danged funny.
    June, I really don’t like to be redundant, but PLEASE, for the love of all that’s Holy, PLEASE tell me where I post my Ask June questions and on what dadgum day do I do it?
    Love her collar. Love. It. Check out sometime.


  6. A place that only sells desserts. I thought I’d have to die before I struck that one. I hope they have recliners, wifi and your own personal TV.
    What’s that Lula? Yes, yes, I do think that looks more like a camping trailer than a residential trailer.
    “Big hair, let’s go sleep in woods now”


  7. Tallulah is so chic. I love it, too, that the endearing photo of you and she — from your previous post — is visible under the current one.


  8. Lovely collar!
    I have another link you can post – this is the blog of the person who designed the ‘trailer ribbon’ than was used to make the collar:
    I don’t know the ribbon designer personally, but I follow her blog (just like I follow yours) and I like it a lot (and yes, I like yours a lot too). Here’s the link to the actual ribbons:
    I love how the interwebs connects the world!


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