Hey, aqua dress

First of all, we have us a new comment of the week, which of course on this blog is called Special of the Week, because I have to be annoying and make everything about pie. And I know I am late in the day announcing it, but you knew I wouldn't DESSERT you.

Get it? Pie? Dessert? Really, how do you stand the hilarity.

This week's funny funnyster was M, and you can click over there on Special of the Week at right to see M's wit. And I also have a super-special announcement for you. I hope you are biting a strip of leather or a bullet or something. But have you noticed how J writes in and is funny just all the ding-dang time? I keep wanting to give J comment of the week, but I have GIVEN J comment of the week before, so you know what I decided to do? I just decided to add another paragraph to Special of the Week, and it's called The Funny Thing J Said This Week. Or something similar. Go look.

And you know, I am pretty sure J and M are sisters. I would be interested in hearing why J and M's parents only named them initials, aren't you? So maybe the two of them can have some sort of big family celebration this week, and go around saying funny things.

I would like to give honorable mention to so many of you, with your I before Es and your amnesia and your meteor shower jokes and such. Really, sometimes Special of the Week feels kind of like I exclude too many people. Am I being a girl right now?

In other news, today I went with Emily from Chatting at the Sky to shop for a dress to wear to my friend Sandy's wedding, which is coming up in February and is NOT today, as I seemed to have led you to believe with my sloppy writing on Friday.

Let's all give a round of applause to Emily, who went with me to not one but TWO malls, who sat outside seven hundred fifty thousand dressing rooms, who pawed though sparkly dress after sparkly dress, and who walked around with me when it was TEN DEGREES OUT, all to find me a dress.

And here it is.


No, seriously, wouldn't you just be so mad at me? What if I totally wore this aqua, pleated, Totie Fields' garage sale dress to Sandy's fancy wedding? Wouldn't that be the bomb? And with no shoes like this too. Yeeeee-haw!

My friend Dot went to the thrift store and mailed me this, because Dot gets a big charge out of herself. But SPEAKING of Dot, there has been a change of plans. Turns out flying to Detroit for this wedding? Would cost Marvin and me $650. SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS! So I am just going to fly to the wedding, and as luck would have it, my friend Dot, who is an old college friend and a friend of Sandy's as well, has agreed to be my date.

I am totally making her wear this dress.

Anyway, I am just saying, Emily and I searched. We were Leonard Nemoy, that's how In Search Of we were. And I will let her tell the part about when we ate lunch with my Topamax self, if she chooses to tell it. Anyway, she took me home in the afternoon, and I DRAGGED MARVIN back to said mall to give me his opinion on the one dress I actually was interested in.

Why do I do these things? Why do I forget that Marvin is no fun to shop with? First of all, he didn't like the dress I was interested in, and then as we shopped further, here are the charming things he said about dresses I tried on:

"Remember when that comet flew over, and all those people committed suicide? That outfit looks like the outfit they were all wearing."

"That's a nice dress, if you're planning to audition for the next Star Wars movie."

And my personal favorite:

"Ho ho ho. Green Giant!" It was my personal favorite because the DRESS WAS BLACK!

And the dresses you guys emailed me from Coldwater Creek WEREN'TAT THE STORE! Oh, how annoying the Internet is, with its merchandise that can't be found in real life.

So anyway, I went home and looked on that blasted Internet, and I found this dress. I am totally being dcrmom right now, with my "this dress" link.

I know it is costly, but it's pretty, no? There is a sparkly cardigan I can wear over it. Or should I go for this aqua number from the thrift shop?

35 thoughts on “Hey, aqua dress

  1. The weddings at a warm time of the year. Go nude with just sparkly necklaces a belt that hooks to a navel ring and some abnoxious earrings.
    I bet you’d be the hit of the wedding.
    Go on I dare you.
    Well Fine pffft go with the great silver slinky one then


  2. Marvin’s comments … do all husbands go through some sort of “Dumb Remarks” class?
    BTW, that was the Hale Bop Comet. I don’t know why I remember that.
    I love the silver one.


  3. Oh, June! Thanks for the recognition. It gave me a little Steve Martin in The Jerk “I’m in the phone book!” sort of moment.
    p.s. the metallic dress is great, assuming there will be no giant magnets at the church.


  4. I thought you were serious about the aqua dress. I liked it, in a retro-beehive updo-muumuu kind of way. It’s not sparkly but it will make you stand out. It could be your back-up plan.


  5. You’d think that, for that price, that dress would come with a little more material, right?
    And, um, do you have any idea how cold it is in Chicago? Or maybe I just have no idea how to dress up and women are supposed to wear sleeveless dresses in Chicago in the winter? I’m a fashion idiot, so don’t mind me. I’d probably show up in jeans and a turtleneck and LLBean boots and be all “What? It’s snowing!”


  6. I love the dress! I might sound crazy but I think Isaac Mizrahi made a similar one for his Target line. The price would be much better so it doesn’t hurt to look on target.com. Just an idea


  7. The silver dress is beautiful, but the aqua one would be warmer! And I’ll bet you wouldn’t see your twin there (in the under 75 age range anyway) !


  8. The silver one only costs one hundred and four dollars more than my wedding dress, so, not expensive at all, is what I’m saying.
    Of course, my wedding dress also had many hours of free labor by little nuns in Switzerland working on it. And by little nuns in Switzerland I just mean my mother.


  9. I thought the aqua dress was a nightgown.
    What was Sandy smoking when she decided to get married in what sounds like a meat locker-temped state in February? Are they spending their honeymoon in an igloo in parkas so that Michigan sounds tropical?
    I recommend a 100% wool sweater dress. And a pink parka.


  10. I also thought that the aqua dress looks like a nightgown .. and not a very attractive one at that.
    I like the “this dress” and think you would look FABulous in it. :o)


  11. Pretty dress but I’d look like the moron at the wedding in the tin foil dress. I’m digging the Aqua Number. I mean you could do your hair all big and speak with a Jersey accent. It could work…
    Have you looked at vintage? I usually buy Vintage when I have a special occasion event. Just remember to mesure yourself because 1950’s size 6 isn’t 2009 size 6.


  12. You look simply Aqualicious! Upon seeing you in that dress, tunes from “The Little Mermaid” started going through my head. Did the dress come with an optional glittery tail? All kidding aside, it compliments your lovely eyes. Oh look, now i’m feeling all romantic. Actually, the big gal across the street likes the aqua dress and was wondering if comes in any sizes larger than 32. She want’s to go for that aquatic look.
    I can’t believe you dragged Marvin to the mall! He’s got better things to do , trust me. You could of had Emily take photos of the June fashion show on her phone. You mentioned Marvin’s clever comments but, would you rather he say things like “Oh honey , you look really nice it that dress” When in fact you look like Edith Bunker or a bag lady in it?


  13. I was kinda scared when I saw the photo of the aqua dress…and very relieved to read the paragraph after the picture and realize this was NOT what you were intending to wear to the wedding. Phew!
    And I think you may just have another Special of the Week from J: “the metallic dress is great, assuming there will be no giant magnets at the church”….that’s hilarious!!!


  14. The silver dress is glamorous, and I think you’d look great in it, but I’m starting to shiver thinking about February in Michigan. (I spent 19 winters south of Michigan in balmy Indiana. Not!) Regarding the sparkly cardigan, wouldn’t that mean another frigid shopping trip (or maybe two, if you ask Marvin for his opinion). Ha!
    Also loved the J comment about the magnets.
    Honestly, though, whatever makes you feel good (within your financial means) is what I recommend.


  15. I love the silver dress (mostly the shape of it) but $179 is a painful amount of money. I mean, I’m kinda cheap, but my wedding dress was only like $300 or something. So $179 is like way high if it were me.


  16. I just took the link to look at the other dress…..hmmm. So, i have to ask…..does this dress deflect bullets? Maybe you could save it just incase you get invited to any Mafia weddings.
    I see it’s imported, possibly from Italy?


  17. Oh Thank God you were joking about the aqua wonder. Thank God you weren’t in front of me trying that on and asking me what I thought. I’m a terrible liar. “Oh, it’s so pretty June. Pretty horrible.”


  18. Check Macy’s online. They have a BUNCH of beautiful dresses. Some with sleeves that would be especially comfy at a wedding in Michigan in February. Whew! Still can’t believe it.


  19. I don’t love the silver dress. Silver is a hard color ot wear. Isn’t there a way to photo shop that dress onto a picture of you so we can judge for sure??


  20. That aqua dress would definitely be the only one like it at the wedding, so you wouldn’t have to worry about wearing the same outfit as another guest. How embarrassing would that be?!
    Problem solved! RENT you a full-length fur coat and you can wear anything you want under it. That would work well during February in Michigan. I can’t imagine wearing anything without a high neck, long sleeves and well below the knees in such a place that will probably be bitter cold.


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