Snow day

It snowed in Greensboro last night, which sent everybody into a panic. All schools were closed so Marvin got a day off, and I didn't even have to go in until mid-morning.

So we played.


I know those of you with real weather are laughing at our panic-inducing accumulation. This is April in Michigan! Not only would it not be a snow day, people would wear shorts! It was a balmy 28!

Anyway, we also took advantage of the snow to reenact the photo that we have of our house, which was built in 1950. Soon after we bought this place last spring, there was a knock on the door and the former owner was there, bearing blueprints and lot info and a photo of the son of the first owners, who lived here from 1950 until 1993.

You know how things like this are right up my alley. Anyway, here is the picture she gave us. I had it mounted and framed for an anniversary gift to Marvin.


Since we finally had snow in our yard today, we recreated the scene. Next we will get into those Civil War reenactments. Anyway, here is Marvin. I like how he even captured the open mouth/hands hanging thing.


Yes, he's totally wearing his pajamas in the front yard. I love how you can see how the tree has grown, and that the X on the front porch rail is still there.

Do you know what I wish? I wish we didn't have all that stupid landscaping. I really don't. I am monkey grassed out. It's driving me ape. I should just eat a Rhesus and get over it.

Okay, I will stop. I don't want you climbing the walls. Swinging to another blog.

Are you really going to leave me for another blog, you cheetah? Okay, that isn't even a monkey. I officially have to stop now. Goodbye.

33 thoughts on “Snow day

  1. Please mail me some of your snow. It looks like heaven. It was 80 frickin’ degrees here today. In January. Ok, I know it’s Phoenix, but 80 in January is ridiculous, even for us. I live a season-less existence.


  2. I was gonna comment about how big the trees were, but dammit you were to smart for that.
    OMG living here in arizona if it ever snowed as much as you got, they would have to call a state of emergency.
    Well some parts get snow, but not usually where I am.


  3. Maybe you can get Marvin a shovel for Valentine’s day so he can dig up all the sock monkey grass. And nothing says lovin’ like a pallet of sod.


  4. I love that they previous owners came by! Last spring I took my folks on a road trip and we visited some of the homes we’d lived in (army, so there were several!). One of the owners invited us in and it was great. We also took pictures out front, too!


  5. Dear God in heaven save the monkey grass.Nothin’ better for landscaping.But let me digress,did anyone see Aretha’s hat today?First thing I thought was WWTW (What Would Totie Wear)? And of course it would be a giant sequined(sp) bow on her head, singin’ God Bless America.Didn’t everyone have a good day watching the innaugeration?Mr. President is so…..


  6. Come on the truth is that Marvin is that boy. We can see it in the arms, the mouth, the goofy look. yeup Marvin was really raised by the sock monkey grass in your front yard and he slept in the tree.


  7. Oh and if we are going to talk about eggnogeration we must ask Why Oh WHY in the name of all things Wholey is Mrs. Obama wearing a bedspread and why is Bouncey Byonce not wearing bandaides on her nipples. Yes there I said it. Nipples


  8. Oh I loved loved loved her day dress. I just think she looks like she wrapped herself in a chenile bedspread after her and the hub rolled around in the hay before the ball. Hey Barak baby, um I forgot my dress, does this bedspread look ok? “Oh Michi you look hot. Let’s dance and wave and get the heck out of here and do it in the Lincoln bedroom.”


  9. LOL,I am LOVING the re-enactment photo, Marvin totally got the whole kid-vibe!
    But seriously, that old black & white photo with the goofy kid – it really gets to me. I am soooo nostalgic for photos from that era.
    As a native Michigander now living in TN, what passes for a snow day is quite hilarious – we have had 4 so far, none of which involved any snow at all! I wish we would get some, my son loves the snow and our dog, Polly (who would love, love, love to play with Tallulah!)loves the snow, too –what little she has seen.


  10. We don’t have snow days in south east Queensland. Actually I doubt we have snow days anywhere in Queensland. They do close the schools when the temperature reaches 110ºF .. little amatures can’t stand the heat. :o)
    I hope you are going to frame Marvin and hang him near the kid in your house.


  11. I live in Michigan and I sure wish we only had a litte snow! You know you live in the wrong place when you get excited for the warming trend which right now is a high of 20 degrees!


  12. what do you think you’re better than us because you came from a land of snow and cold and snowy coldness? just because you couldn’t go to the beach and cool off in the ocean in november? is it such a crime to sweat through your sleeveless turtleneck at Christmas because you insisted on a fire in the fireplace even though it’s 75º out?


  13. oh my goodness, I am right there with you in all the hating of monkey grass. let me forewarn you… it is a biz-nitch to get out. those roots will hold on for dear life and if you leave 1 tiny centimeter of root, you will have 10 yards of monkey grass regrown the next day.
    the picture is swell! i like the black shutters.
    you should totally get someone with photoshop to old-up your picture of marvin and frame that one for him to go with the other.


  14. If you want to rid yourself of the monkey grass and it’s as bad as Cristy says–try dousing it with Round-up and killing it completely (roots and all) and then pulling it out. Or mow it. Give it a monkey-buzz cut.
    I agree with liking the black shutters. Why do people paint things like that to match the siding? Doesn’t it defeat the purpose? I better go ask the Nester.


  15. June, I was TOTALLY loving the “So I Married an Axe Murderer” reference!
    “Heeed, paahhnts! Neeewwww!” My favorite parts of the movie is when the father character is talking to the big-headed kid!
    He’s gonna lay his heeeed down on his giant pillah!


  16. That amount of snow would close the schools in Atlanta for three days!
    Loved the old photos of your house. When I saw that photo of Marvin I thought, “he’s in his pajamas!” You confirmed my observation. After 40 years, I went back to the house where I grew up. I took a hand full of photos and the lady allowed me inside. I cried (it was more lie sobbed) all the way through the house. Little had changed.
    I hate monkey grass. Get rid of it, it will take over your entire yard!


  17. That photo is classic. I love that the old owner came by with blueprints and photos. That is so neat. That would give me such a thrill too.
    Sorry I’m playing catch up today.


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