I'm sick AGAIN. I think this is the fourth time I have been sick since Marvin started his school year, and I do blame all those Typhoid Mary children for bringing me all those germs, and also the fact that I don't have a spleen, which apparently makes you susceptible to colds and such and I wonder if this sentence could get any longer.

Anyway, I don't want you to get upset or anything, but I have a fever of 99.3. SHUT UP. It is so a real fever. Normally my real temperature is 97.6, and I know this because I take my temperature all the time.

I actually stayed home from work, and this is the first time in all these stupid illnesses that I have done that, but I did have that raging fever and also I felt like I was swallowing glass and also I have the energy of a tree sloth or Anna Nicole Smith.

Which led me to watch the entire season of Momma's Boy yesterday, which is a reality show produced by Ryan Seacrest where the moms get to pick the sons' girlfriends, and all I can say is, those men will never have a normal relationship with any woman, ever.


All this illness has given me quality time with my pets, speaking of inappropriate relationships.


I enjoy how Tallulah is perfectly willing to play without stopping for nine solid hours at dog day care, or alternatively, sleep on the couch for 11 hours, getting her hair on the velvet pillows. Whichever.


Now, everyone's willing to hang here while I post. You'd think they'd worry about catching my disease.

I hope you are all able to carry on with your weekends without worrying about me too much. Save yourselves! I'd want you to be happy!

27 thoughts on “Illin’

  1. Charlie says:

    I assume you are better by now as I am so late. That reality TV show sounds awesome. I love me some reality TV.


  2. apparently if your temperature is consistently 97.6 or lower, you may have a thyroid problem. according to my aunt pam, who has a lot of “pamisms,” as we like to call them. my temperature is always 97.7.


  3. Kim says:

    Gee, i’ve been sick too. I went to apply for disability and became very ill from the heat and sun in the building while applying. How ironic is that? It was kind of like a severe episode of heat stroke…FUN!


  4. Jenene says:

    Ugh, I hate it when Airborne and other cold meds work for other people, because they NEVER work for me. I took Airborne once, and I felt like puking all day (and it didn’t prevent a cold). NyQuil doesn’t make me sleepy, not even a little bit.
    I hope you feel better soon so you can still enjoy your weekend.


  5. Laurie says:

    Exactly, Tee, from a woman whose co-workers have snorted and sniffled and hacked all around me this week. I wish they had just stayed home. Oh, and sorry you’re sick, June!! Hope you’re perkier than Anna Nicole in no time flat!


  6. Tee says:

    P.S. I know your co-workers are very happy you stayed home, they don’t want you to spread around all the happiness you are experiencing at the moment.


  7. Tee says:

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well. That’s why we take large doses of Vitamin D, research has proven it’s better than a flu shot. Try the Airborne, my flight attendant friend swears by it.
    BYW, how is kitty Francis doing?


  8. M says:

    They incinerate the spleens and flush the warts.Do not ask why I know this.


  9. Burfica says:

    when my temp is 99 I have a fever also. My normal is 96.6 That’s what I run almost all the time. So even the normal 98.6 makes me not feel so good. but up to 99 I really don’t feel good.
    Must have been why hubby and doctors freaked when I had 103 temp a couple winters ago. Yeah I felt like dying.
    Hope you feel better soon.


  10. Dude. Not a fever.
    But? “Typhoid Mary children.” BAH! (and I hate it when people say BAH! But, just, BAH!!)
    You’re doing the Neti Pot, right? Because I was all inspired about the Neti Pot through your blog, you know.


  11. Deanna says:

    Was today supposed to be Tallulah’s first day home alone?


  12. Gladys says:

    Remember a couple of years ago when they busted that funeral director because he had amputated legs, arms and various body parts in his storage shed behiind the house? EWWWWW. “Son go get the lawn mower from the shed. I think it’s under June’s spleen.”


  13. Sharone says:

    I do not think you want to know where those things go. Didn’t you see that news article a few weeks ago (could I be more vague?) about the baby that was either stillborn or died shortly after birth and was discarded in the trash? The mother was upset, for some reason.


  14. lee says:

    try a dose of trimspa. it worked wonders for anna nicole.
    stay away from the red-bull-and-methadone cocktail.


  15. chacha says:

    Ok, I totally watched the whole season of Momma’s Boys. The Bojanowski woman is crazy. That boy is screwed. His mom thought he was the hottest shit ever meanwhile, I didn’t think he was super attractive. None of them were except maybe the fireman, but he was kind of an idiot/dumb jock type.
    Did you listen to Stern this week? I heard part of the Rich Cronin (from LFO) interview replay this morning on my way to work and was cracking up. I wish I could have listened to the whole thing.


  16. Erin D. says:

    Boo. Being sick is the pits. Particularly when you have a sore throat because then, no matter what you are doing, it’s ruined every 20 seconds when you swallow and the stabbing pain nearly blinds you. And it’s even worse when it’s over a weekend. I hope you can sleep the worst of it off today.


  17. Aubrey says:

    Ever heard of Airborne? It was developed by an elementary teacher who was tired of getting all her students’ colds. I like to think it works wonders–it’s warded of colds for me, anyway.


  18. J says:

    Yes! Is it floating in the jetstream…..or part of the ozone layer…….
    And what about smaller cellular tissue, like warts. Where do those go?


  19. M says:

    Poor June, sorry your sick.I will forward you my get well angel to watch over you.


  20. June says:

    Well, now, J, this just goes to show you that we are eerily alike. Because that has bothered me, too.
    I left my spleeeeeeen, in Saginaw Michigaaaannnn.


  21. J says:

    That thermometer looks exactly like the rectal one we had around here when the kids were babies.
    Okay, this question has been bugging me for a while. What do hospitals do with organs, body parts, etc. when they are removed during surgery? I mean where is your spleen now? In a jar on the mantle, perhaps or in a cold dark landfill? These kinds of questions can keep my mind occupied for days.


  22. Sharone says:

    I for one believe you about your fever. Mostly because I am forever taking my temperature (and my husband is forever teasing me about it) so I can relate. You know what you’d better do for that raging fever – cover up in lots of blankets and sweat it out. And feed it. And also maybe some cold cloths for your forehead. You’ll feel a million times better once the fever breaks.
    And? My philosophy about daytime television is that it is nature’s way of telling the watcher to get a job before her brain goes soft.


  23. arlene says:

    eww, can we catch your germs through this blog? Take care and snuggle with your furry pals.
    Ya know, the worst thing about sick leave is that you get to take time off from work but you feel too lousy to enjoy it! I’m gonna have to take a mental health day pretty soon! Mine is getting pretty bad.


  24. Gladys says:

    Get well soon. You know I really like how you compared yourself to Anna Nicole since she’s been dead for a couple of year. I mean I don’t think she’s moving at all. 🙂


  25. Dammit, now I’m going to wonder all day – what happened to your spleen?


  26. Bonnie in New York says:

    Feel better soon.
    I thought about forwarding you some cute animal photos, but I see you have your own.
    Let your furry pals comfort you.


  27. Cat says:

    I’m sorry you’re sick, and I hope you feel better. On that energy level thing, is that Anna Nicole’s energy like when she had her show or now that she’s dead?


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