Thank you all for thinking of me while you were in the shower today. And if you didn't get a chance to do it today, do let me know tomorrow.

I particularly liked the woman who gave birth in the shower because she was busy counting for me how long it took her hair to get wet. See what you miss when you don't read the comments?

And I didn't have any crafty plan. I just wanted to know how long it took YOUR hair to get wet, as I always feel like I have the oddest hair in the world. But I guess I don't. I was particularly annoyed to read that it only takes my friend Sleeping Beauty five minutes to dry her hair, as Sleeping Beauty has the best hair in the world, and I am not even kidding.

Sleeping Sleeping Beauty this summer. With her good hair.

Sb 001

Sleeping Beauty in 1990. And I am cracking up. But see? She even had good hair then.

I think I actually caught the bouquet at this wedding. Yeah, that tradition is correct, as long as it means EIGHT YEARS LATER you are the bride.

Sbnme 001

June and Sleeping Beauty. What bride? Bride schmide.

Okay, do not know how I got on a trip down memory lane when instead we were talking about how long it took our hair to get wet, but thank you and good night. Guess I had better go email the Beaut who Naps to see if I can put her picture on my blog.

18 thoughts on “Chaka count let me tell you what I’m gonna do, will you count for me if I count for you.

  1. Mary Ellen from Napa says:

    Uh, I have a lot of hair and it was totally wet before I was finished saying, “one Mississippi”
    Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful…!


  2. Culpepper says:

    Good Lordy, Sleeping Beauty looks younger now than she did in 1990. Good hair and reverse aging? I am not sure I could be friends with such a person.


  3. Becky says:

    That last picture of you is great!


  4. Jan says:

    And??? Totally channeling Elisabeth Shue in Adventures in Babysitting in the ’90 photo. Either that or from Cocktail.


  5. Sleeping Beauty says:

    oh i know! June’s hair is gorgeous in every photo, but especially that 1990 photo! WTF? And her outfit…much much cuter than that weird pink thing I’m wearing! June’s so stylish


  6. Ells says:

    June you have GORGEOUS hair in that 1990 wedding photo!


  7. Erin D. says:

    i’m fairly skeptical whenever i hear “oh straight-haired women would KILL to have curly hair like yours!”
    don’t you feel like after about a week they’d be clamoring for their old 3-mississippi hair?


  8. Gladys says:

    Geeze I washed my hair yesterday and it’s STILL wet today. It stays wet for a long time. It stays wet longer than “the” wet spot. You know the one I’m talking about. The one your dog leaves from licking her paw on your pillow.


  9. Jan says:

    OK, So I’m a 5 Mississippi. Which is pretty good I think since you of the big hair are an 8 Mississippi. I thought for sure I would be a 2, maybe a 3. But I very pleased with my 5.
    More importantly? Do you have a routine you follow in the shower. I have a touch of OCD, which I think stands for Organize, Clean Daily. I have the following routine (and it never, ever varies or I will forget a step, which will then throw me for a loop).
    1. Wet body.
    2. Wet hair.
    3. Wash face.
    4. Wash Lady Land (with special Lady Land soap and a seperate wash cloth.)
    5. Shampoo hair.
    6. Apply conditioner, keep it on…
    7. Varies.
    If I am shaving, I shave during this step. I am lucky and only need to shave once a week at most. Most of the time I can go two weeks between shaving.)After shaving I continue on to body wash.
    If not shaving, wash body after selecting one of my many scented bath and body works.
    8. Rinse body.
    9. Rinse out conditioner.
    10. Rinse again.
    Don’t even get me started on my post shower lotion, moisturizer, deodorant, ect., routine. (and for the record, I only use Dove deodorant, Fresh scent. ALWAYS. Never a variation.)
    Even with all of that, I am in and out of the shower (if not shaving) in under 7 minutes.


  10. Alice says:

    3 Mississippis, though I was mushing it around a bit, to see whether it was all the way wet. This may have skewed the results, though, and how will you write your dissertation on hair density now? I’ve ruined it for you! Hopefully all of the good hairdryer tips will put you in a forgiving mood…


  11. annie says:

    I didn’t wash my hair yesterday because it is so thick and a pain to work with some days. SO today I counted and I got to 10 one thousand before it was wet. It only takes me about 3-5 minutes to blow it straight and then I flat iron it (due to the fact that half of my hair is wavy and the other half is bone straight). Do you have a nice blow dryer? That right there will change your life, I am serious. Go to Ulta, sign up for their mailing list and you will start getting coupons every other week. Use yourself a coupon and get a nice blow dryer.


  12. Kim says:

    Men get hair phobic too. I get worried as my hair thins and recedes. I was not blessed with one of those pretty shaped skulls. Infact, it is slightly pointy at the top. I am afraid if all of my hair were to go away that i’d look like “Bull” from “Night Court” or an Eggplant. I know i’m probably over exaggerating (EGGxaggerating) but, it is one of my greatest fears. I do have a neighbor lady that has alopecia so i guess that makes my worries seem rather insignificant.
    They use to say that hair genetics came from your mother’s side of the family. Oh great, i have a younger half brother who now looks like Krusty the clown. If i take after my grandfather i should have some resemblance of hair the rest of my life.
    My nephew complains about his thick hair which grows in evenly and looks perfect…Poor Baby! My niece has one of the most beautiful, naturally wavy/curly heads of hair i’ve ever seen. Many women would pay hundreds of dollars to get it to look that way. She ends up straightening it much of the times to her uncle Kim’s dismay. When the photographer that took senior photo used her for his Ad cards, he used a photo with her natural hair.


  13. Yes I did think of you in the shower last night. That’s something I never thought I would be saying. I confessed yesterday to padding by one Mississippi. I now have to confess that I padded by two or three Mississippis. As I counted in the shower last night. I only got through one Mississippi before my hair was all wet. I knew I had thin hair, but holy smokes! One Mississippi?! That can’t be a good thing.


  14. Paula FNY, D says:

    Almost two Mississippis, to my amazement.


  15. Sleeping Beauty says:

    June doesn’t seem to know about the morning AND evening bout of dreadlocks I get every single day. I can prove it – I’ll try to take a photo, and then you’ll see how great my hair is. And remain my friend, hopefully.


  16. Rachel says:

    I started counting but the cat distracted me. Do you shower with your cat? Is this something I should be admitting? Are you going to call Kitty Protective Services on me? She loves and it and jumps in of her own free will, I swear. Anyway, I got to “four Mississippi” and I was getting pretty close to fully wet.
    You are a bigger person than I. I don’t think I could be friends with a “good hair” person. I need someone who understands my struggles, someone who will mock the shiny and tangle-free behind their back, someone who will tell me about the product they found that’s “working really well and you should totally try it!” Being friends with Good Hair would drive me batty with jealousy.


  17. Sleeping Beauty says:

    Get yerself a BaByLiss ProTT hairdryer and see how quickly YOU can dry your hair!


  18. J says:

    ….and you may now diss the bride…..


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