June, Blogger of Light

Crap. I was gonna ask you something, and now I forgot. Don't you hate that? Have I mentioned they doubled my Topamax and I am back in a fog? I am back to being Scarlett O'Hara after Melanie dies and she is running through that mist to get to Rhett.

Have you ever noticed how often I refer to Gone with the Wind? Did I ever tell you about when my grandparents went to see Gone with the Wind back when it was an actual movie in the theater? My grandfather fell asleep before Atlanta burned, and my grandmother got so annoyed that she got up and took a cab home, and my grandfather woke up and the movie was over and my grandmother was gone and he had no idea what was up.

She was often irritated with my poor grandfather, my grandmother was. And he was so saintly and just thought she was the cat's meow. But he got on her nerves.

Does this sound at all familiar to you? Is nerves-getting-on genetic, do you think?

One time, I was visiting them right here in North Carolina, and we were on a long drive passing many, many apple stands. "Chuck," my grandmother said, "we should stop at one of these apple stands on the way home." Then she turned her attention back to me and told me some interminable story, probably about kudzu, because I remember she was completely obsessed with kudzu during that particular visit. But she also could have been talking about the royal family, as we were both interested in them, in a cynical way.

Anyway, she talked and she talked (Grammy did go on. Even her tea was Constant Comment) and suddenly we were pulling into their home. "Well, Chuck!" Grammy said. "You didn't stop at any of the apple stands!"

"You didn't tell me which one!" my poor grandfather said.

And you know, he was right. No matter which of the 72 apple stands he'd have stopped at, Grammy would have told him it was the wrong one.

Fam 001

My hippie-arse family. Mom is holding the camera, which, why? when clearly dad is holding the camera which is actually taking the picture. I guess they are doing that funny I'll-take-your-picture-taking-my-picture thing. My grandparents are the people who are actually old. Depressingly, they are probably close to my age now in this picture. This makes me want to go to bed immediately.

My Aunt Mary, the one who likes to shop, is Safety Bug, there, in the big glasses, and the guy with the Frisbee is one of her litany of boyfriends. I remember that he was always nice to me. As is Uncle Omar,who she married, you know, 13 years later. Hi, Uncle Omar!

What exactly am I doing in this photograph? It's like I am punching my fist in my hand like some sort of tough guy. I was the ruffian of this peace-loving bunch. You don't want to give peace a chance? Fine. I'll stick your love beads where the sun don't shine.

Well, if I think of what I was gonna ask you, I'll come back. Stupid Topamax.

27 thoughts on “June, Blogger of Light

  1. Yes, who are they? And I am sad for you that your Topamax has been upped. You will soon waft away with any stray breeze at this rate. But hopefully be headache free while it happens!


  2. Oh. It never occurred to me that anyone would care who everyone else is in the picture. Hello, Topamax.
    Okay, I will go back on and write who everyone else is in the body of the blog.


  3. Does gramps have his shirt off? What is the deal with old guys who wear long pants and no shirt? We are not even talking jeans. Chinos. Or dressier. Are they only hot above the belt?
    This bugs me because there are a lot of older guys in my neighborhood and I have seen many a sagging man-boob.


  4. OK… a few questions/comments…
    KMed covered the first… Is Grandpa shirtless? Maybe that is why Grandma is annoyed all the time.
    Is Aunt Mary stoned or trying to look famous? Again, maybe this is why Grandma is annoyed.
    I’m trying to see… Does your mom have a pin on in this picture?
    On to the comments…
    I had the same exact hair “style”. If it can be called a style. I think my mom was trying for the Dorothy Hammel but since my hair is/was course and thick and wavy, it didn’t exactly work that way. At first glance I could almost think that is me. Wait a minute… my dad has a little bit of rambling fever… hhhmmm… If I can get my hubby to stop doing things for others (no, I’m not bitter…) I’ll see if I can find a photo from those days and have him scan it in.
    Your grandma looks like my grandma. Except they lived in New Mexico, not NC. Same hair, same clothes. And my grandma was ALWAYS annoyed with someone or something.
    WOW!!! Aunt Mary was dating Billy Dee Williams! Well, at least that’s who he reminds me of.


  5. Oh, and? I just linked over to Bye, Bye, Buy and read the post about Aunt Mary~ The Shopper. I am rolling. A little late, but still a rollin’ I am!


  6. But wait! Your mom is the one holding the camera but she’s in the photo. Surely, there can’t be two cameras. Then who is the shooter? Someone on a grassy knoll? I’m not even on Mopatax and I’m cornfused.


  7. June’s hair is muh to cute in that picture to have been you, Jan. When Mom took you to Kathy’s and chopped off all your gorgeous long blond curly hair, it looked as if Kathy may have been as annoyed as Grandma and took it out on your head. Chopped up hair girl.


  8. Awwww…look at little Junebug, aren’t ya toot. Oh look, now you are award winning too!
    By the way, the forgetting what you were going to ask us, is called old age. Welcome to the “now where did i park my car?” years.


  9. “Nerves-getting-on” is not genetic in the way I think you mean, which is, now Marvin gets on your nerves. It’s a male vs. female thing because men are just impossible and there is no excuse or explanation.


  10. Grandpa has a sweet farmers tan and grandma is so stylish with the bow tied at her waist. Totally preppy! Is that Lionel Ritchie? I keep singing “Dancing on the Ceiling” when I look at that photo.You look like you are plotting something sinister. I am labeling this photo “Our Gang”


  11. JUNEY-bug…I am finally catching up on my “light reading material”(do you know what movie THAT is from?…..Its been forever since I’ve had a chance to READ you..bummer. SO..my song was Sha-Boom, by some crew or something…which means, of course I am WAY older than you….and do sooo enjoy the read…just like the youngsters out there!!..ANyhoo…since you are enjoying your better living thru chemistry at the moment…have you ever tried dark chocolate covered espresso beans?…talk about a RUSH!!


  12. I have a hilarious “old man not wearing a shirt” story. My Uncle Eddie used to come to the dinner table without his shirt. It made Aunt Dorothy lose her appetite. She figured if she asked him to put on his shirt, he would give her a hard time about telling him what to do. So finally she had enough. One night as they sat down to dinner, him in his shirtless condition, she got up and went into the bathroom. She came out totally naked on top and sat down to eat her dinner. Eddie said, “Well, Dorothy!” And her reply was, “Hey, I look as good as you do.” He always wore a shirt after that.
    Another funny, one day they were sitting outside and a jet flew over leaving two trails of smoke. Uncle Eddie asked Aunt Dorothy didn’t she wish she could do that. She said she could if she had two arse holes.
    This was back in the mid 30s. She was way ahead of her time!


  13. See I thought you were poised to sing Opera. (Notice I capitalized Opera? I have no clue if that is a proper noun or not.) Anyway I can tell you are about to bust out into the Barber of Saville or Pirats of Penzance or some other operatic song.


  14. That is funny that your grandpa was allowed out of the house without a shirt on. My grandmother would have throttled my grandfather if he even walked out of the bedroom with his shirt off.


  15. Yes, Father had his shirt off. We were playing frisbee on a hot MI afternoon. He certainly didn’t drive over or return home looking like that. I do recall one time he came in for luch with no shirt on and sat at the table. Mum said, “how would you like it if I came to the table looking like that?” He responded, ” that would be OK by me.” He put on a shirt!!
    I see I had no shoes on but that would be normal. Who knew I would grow up to own 200 pairs of shoes.


  16. I recently looked at a picture of my grandparents from the 70s and had the same realization as you (they are about my age NOW but OMG they were OLD!!!!!) I just think that the new 40 looks much better today. Right? I mean, my Memaw looked the same in 1972 as she did in 2000. Seriously what is up with that?


  17. OMG, fell asleep in “Gone With The Wind.” That’s like falling sleep in church and snoring! My Mom, who will be 91 next week, went to see that movie premier week back when it premiered. It opened here in Atlanta with all the stars coming and having a HUGE parade right down Peachtree Street. Now that was a VERY BIG DEAL for Atlanta way back then.


  18. The big beautiful cinema near my house just closed down after 72 years and the last movie they screened was Gone with the Wind. It was so good to see it at the actual cinema. They had a lady who had come to the opening with her parents when she was a little girl as the guest of honor. She had brought all her children and then her grand children to watch a movie every week.


  19. Oh and one more thing. (I figure you may be the only person I know who may actually appreciate this). That cool old cinema lady – she said that when she was first married her inlaws got her and her husband a “seat” at the cinema for a whole year. This was when they only screened one movie a week on a Saturday night. So you could buy your seat for a whole year at a time. So cool.


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