TinyTown Revisited

We are back from our visit to TinyTown.

And you know what? They CLOSED the TinyTown Grill, of which I was so enamored! I LOVED that place. Everyone said they closed it because we stopped going there 78 times a week.

Nevertheless, we got to see a lot of our old friends at the church yard sale. That's why we went back. Because the church, where I used to be a secretary, had a yard sale. Lots of people said, "Y'all didn't come back just for this yard sale, did you?" and when we said yes we got a lot of "…oh."


But hey, they had a lot of good stuff!


And somebody had to fool around with just everything. Somebody was randy and full of beans.


Apparently, they were selling really forced smiles, and Marvin picked one up. This is one of the guys Marvin was in a band with. He has the coolest cat ever, and he IS the coolest cat ever.


That's his similarly cool wife on the right. She is the first friend I made in TinyTown. Her camera is better than mine. Also too? Everything she bought at the yard sale suddenly seemed like a really swanky treasure I had somehow missed.

But now let us turn our attention to the woman on the left. This is Lucy, and she said I could use her real name. I asked if she wanted a fake blog name, but she said she has gone with "Lucy" all these years, and it'd seem odd to switch now. Lucy is in my top 10 list of favorite people on earth, right after Barry Gibb and all kittens. The entire time we are together we are in hysterics.


No, we didn't hit the bar after the sale. We had pizza. At Papa Joe's, in case there was any mystery.

At the sale, there was this whole mysterious kitchen section, and Lucy, who has been making dinner for her husband for 54 years, continues to be baffled and amused by my lack of cooking prowess. There was this tin for sale, it was like a muffin tin, only instead of little spaces to put muffin mix were little corn-shaped indentations.

"Lucy? How do you make corn with this?" I figured this was some Southern dish that had escaped me thus far.

Lucy looked at the tin and she looked at me. "No. You–"

Then she started to laugh. "It's not for corn." She started to double over. "It's for corn muffins." She started to cry a little. "You take your corn meal–" But she knew she'd lost me at 'corn meal.'

She called some people over to tell them my latest humiliation, but she was laughing so hard I thought she was going to spit up.

"She thinks you make corn in the corn stick pan!"

Oh, the hilarity that ensued. And, didn't she say corn muffins the first time? Then all of a sudden they were all talking about corn sticks! Are corn muffins and corn sticks the same thing? These people who cook speak in tongues.

And also, why is it when we are eating corn products, we must remind ourselves that we are eating corn? When you eat corn on the cob, they give you those little corn-shaped sticky things to hold the corn. Now when you eat corn muffins, or these mysterious corn sticks, they are supposed to be corn-shaped. Why? When you drink a strawberry shake you don't drink from a strawberry glass. You don't cut your steak with a T-bone-shaped knife.

Anyway, after Lucy pulled herself together she gave me the coolest thing. She made me a copy of her wedding photo, of which I have been enamored for the longest time. She knows I collect old photos, plus she and her husband are so CUTE in their wedding photo! Look:


Look how beautiful. And that dress!

Whit, our handsome groom, was TinyTown's doctor forever, and he basically delivered the town. Well. You should try to have a lunch with that man. It was like trying to lunch with Tom Hanks. He knew every person at every table. He had to hob and knob with the whole place. I was kind of cool by association.

We got many good things at the sale, such as this vase:



and some sort of movie camera (that was a Marvin purchase).

And what visit to TinyTown would be complete without a trip to the Tractor Supply store, where someone may have received a John Deere tug-of-war toy? Which was easy to photograph in action, at any rate.



So in all, it was a fine visit to the town that is not so large. Why did we move, again?

20 thoughts on “TinyTown Revisited

  1. Now June. You know that we don’t call it corn. We call it maize.
    (I just puked a little in my mouth saying that.)
    Your friend, the Spartan. Who lives in Wolverine land.


  2. What a great weekend! I would have driven to Tiny Town for a yard sale. I love that wedding photo. It is beautiful.
    ROFL about the corn sticks. Corn stick and corn muffins are the same thing, only the muffins are cooked in a “muffin pan” and the sticks are cooked in an iron pan with small “corn” shaped indentions. It produces a slim little piece of cornbread that should be rather crips because it is thin. Does that make sense?


  3. I love a good sale at a church. You can find the most lovely people and some of the best stuff on earth. Somehow people think that because the money is going back to the church they should part with some of their nicer crap (rather than their crappier crap). Anyway, love the wedding picture. Lucy is beautiful! By the way, I love Marvin’s camera. Take it out of the box and send a picture of it. Old camera’s rock!


  4. I seem to remember that you left Tiny Town because you wanted to have a latte with gay men. This was the best reason I ever heard for loading up a moving van.


  5. The pone should be served in a corn pone shaped platter. Absolutely. With buttermilk in a cow glass and jalepenoes in a chili pepper dish. We would not do it any other way. We gots class down here in the Mid-South.


  6. Maybe we should have our strawberry shakes in strawberry shaped glasses. The t-bone thing would be trickier.
    I have corn-shaped corn holders that are black. We call them the emo corn holders, but we are not sure if we are emo or the corn is.


  7. Dear Pal from MA,
    I guess it’s a planter, really. I didn’t think there was a difference, but I guess you put dirt in it, which makes it a planter.
    Maybe you cook corn in it, I don’t know.
    Since you are a pro, so to speak, what should I plant in there?


  8. Is the green vase a vase or a planter? It looks like a planter to me…You know, since I’m like a professional garden girl and all!
    Tiny town people rock! I am crazy about that wedding dress!


  9. Here’s a bit of Southern effluvia you will like, June. The corn shaped corn muffin stick pan? Down here in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and the like, we refer to them as “corn pone” pans.
    In which you of course, make corn pone. Duh!


  10. So glad you got to revisit Tiny Town. Sorry to hear one of your favorite places closed. But take heart, at least it isn’t like Dubai with all its trash and waste on the once pristine beaches and people leaving their cars abandoned at the airport. Secretly, I am kinda hoping you’ll do a special called Bye Bye Dubai…


  11. Lucy was (and still is…) so beautiful in her wedding picture.
    I guess I never realized you aren’t a cook. I am a cook. I speak that strange code if you ever need some help! 😉
    And is “randy and full of beans” the same as my favorite, “piss and vinegar”?


  12. I’m glad you returned to Tiny Town and had a great time. Your friends sound so down-to-earth, fun and loving.(Why DID you leave?) Very funny bit about the corn-stick shapes versus strawberry shapes.


  13. Randy and full of beans huh .. makes me think of something other than you meant .. I’m sure.
    Glad you had a grand time at the yard sale .. my grandmother had a vase just like that .. wonder what ever happened to that vase? hmmm
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to raise a family in a little town .. not that I am suggesting that to you .. and not that I am suggesting that for me .. hell no. :o)


  14. I love Lucy’s wedding picture. Also too what are you going to put in the green easter basket vase? Also three did Lulah get to with you?


  15. I am cracking up at the “Not For Sale” sign behind Saluting Marvin. I don’t know why, but it’s funny.


  16. There’s something wonderful about going home. The corn muffins tin reminds me of that fish shaped copper tin that you put some kind of fish pate in. I’m sure it’s not pate, but I’m about as good of a cook as you. It’s some kind of pink fish goop that you form into a fish shape. Now doesn’t that sound appetizing?


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