Connect the Dotties

This is the weekend that I will be going to Michigan to attend the wedding of my friend Sandy. I went to college with Sandy. Sandy was always perfect. The end.

My date for the wedding is my other college friend, Dottie. Most of the people I mention on my blog have made-up names, but Dottie's name is actually Dottie. I am thinking that before I spend the weekend with both Sandy and Dottie, it would be fun to dig out college pictures of both of them, although I have to get their permission first.

It occurs to me that I lived with both of them at different points. When I lived with Dottie, we had a deal: every third day, it was that person's turn to buy the 30-pack of Stroh's. The THIRTY-PACK! Nice. Dottie worked at a popular sandwich restaurant that perhaps Jerrod might frequent, and I would visit her there often, and certainly not so that I could receive free sandwiches or anything. That would have been wrong and she never would have abused the popular sandwich restaurant that Jerrod might frequent in that fashion.

Anyway, seeing as Dottie and I are about to spend the entire weekend together, it was important that we spend an hour on the phone this past weekend. I do not have any idea what pressing topics we discussed, although I think we touched on our 8,957 pets.

While I was talking to Dot, I did this:


I color-coordinated all the books on my bookshelf. Have I lost my mind?


I told Dottie I was doing this while we talked, and she was slightly taken aback that I was not giving her my full attention. Really, it didn't take a lot of concentration to put reds with reds and blues with blues. But in her defense, I do have to say that although she has two young children, Dottie has never interrupted me in mid-sentence to talk to her kids. Which is a thing I think people should never do UNLESS YOUR CHILD HAS FLAMES COMING OUT OF ITS MOUTH or something.

So, really, given how polite she is to me on the phone, I should have been more polite to her. But I like how monochromatic my books are now!

I am flipping my lid, aren't I?

Oh, there are so many stories I wish to tell you about Dottie, but each of them involves mind-altering substances, and I feel I must get her permission for simply ALL of them. Man, this bugs me. Let me just summarize it by saying you cannot think the phrase "Dottie in college" without giggling a little.

Oh! I've got one! Dottie used to say "Hola!" instead of hello, which I don't know why. She is from Vermont. Anyway, one night my friend Mark was in my dorm room, having been kicked out so that his roommate could entertain. So we're all lying there, my roommate, Mark, and me, trying to sleep in the cacophony that is the dorm on a Saturday night, when we hear in the hall a giant,


Mark said, "I can name that drunk in one note."

Oh, I can't wait for this weekend.

21 thoughts on “Connect the Dotties

  1. I know this is an old post but do you get the comments when they come in johnny-come-lately? I’m just catching up on the past issues of June, so cut me some slack!
    I too, put all my books in the shelves by color and felt like I climbed K2. The rest of the house was it’s normal disshevelled state but man, those books looked like the racks at the Salvation army – all color coded and awesome. It lasted all of a week until my husband (ex now – I had to let him go after this) started returning books back out of order. He thought it was silly. Off to court we go! It wasn’t really the books as much as the mistress. Anyhow, time to go write resumes and job hunt. Blah!


  2. The thing with the books isn’t actually that weird, because I organize mine by size. I’m very compulsive about it – I can always tell when my husband has moved one and I usually chew him out for not putting it back where it belongs.


  3. Your comments are almost as funny as your posts. Honestly, I am laughing so hard right now.
    And the interrupting thing. That used to drive me BANANAS. And then I had 3 kids. And now I do the interrupting thing. I hate myself. Now I’m inspired to be as polite as Dottie. If she can do it, so can I.


  4. I LOVE me a sandwich from the sandwich place that I too worked at, once upon a time, that Jarrod might frequent.
    Also, is that how his name is really spelled? You think I would know this, but I don’t. Knowing all about him wasn’t part of the training.


  5. OMG, I have my books sorted by size because of the spacing between the shelves in the bookcase, otherwise, I would probably have them sorted by color, just like my closet.
    Okay, we need to see the final dress and all the accessories you have for the wedding. Seems like you had settled on a red dress, so what about the shoes and jewelry? Now you and Dottie must behave this weekend, so please don’t do anything that will end you two up in–jail.


  6. You color coded your books. OH no I never did that. No instead I took them by genre then alphabetized them then broke them down by content… I’m a sick sick person.
    I think I like Dottie…… a lot!
    Can I just say I love the chair you have sitting in front of your book shelves as seen in the previous post. Where oh where did you find such a treasure?


  7. You are actually very trendy and decorator like! That’s a big thing in the decorator world. I noticed a little color coordination in the background on yesterday’s post and wondered what you were up to.
    I can name that drunk in one note – CLASSIC!


  8. 30 beers in three days between two people is only 5 beers a day each and you know I always say that you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning. So what did you drink after lunch?
    Color coding books. Well. I guess it’s as good a filing system as any, really. I’ll suggest it to my library.


  9. How ROYGBIV of you.
    Why does Bill Clinton’s My Life stand out?
    I have this book on my shelf and it really does stand out. Why?


  10. Oh no you dont! My books have been color coded for about a year! Now everyone will see my book shelf and think “Oh,she must read June’s blog too”. You and Oprah… why must you guys get all the credit!


  11. 1. I had to google Stroh’s.
    2. I love your color coordinated books.
    3. Next time, take the picture so I can read all the book titles. I can only make out Love Signs & My Life by Bill Clinton.


  12. 1. I had to google Stroh’s.
    2. I love your color coordinated books.
    3. Next time, take the picture so I can read all the book titles. I can only make out Love Signs & My Life by Bill Clinton.


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