There’s always room for Maud

Today was a good kind of a day, if you don't count the 80% of every day that I spend with my hypochondria. I really haven't updated my Disease Du Jour at the side of this blog in awhile, have I? It's a shame, because I have had just everything. I forget to write it down, is all.

Anyway, today was one of our work parties, and if you monitor my every move, you will know that I'm on the par-tayy committee at work. And that's what it's called. The par-tayy committee.

We were GONNA have a Valentine's party, but it got canceled because we weren't in the mood for love or something, so this time we had a St. Patrick's theme. I was in charge of music and beverage distribution. I had Marvin make a CD of Celtic music, and songs like When Irish Eyes are Smiling, and then also I had him throw in Irish bands like U2 and such.

As for the beverages, we all got drunk as lords. No. There is someone else who is really into cooking that made this really good green punch, and then we had soft drinks, and I got to be the person who said, "Would you like punch?" It was exciting.

The point of dragging you through this tedious story is that we also had a work trivia game, where you had to answer questions about the workplace and my team won! And I'm telling you, we won because I knew how many employees we had. They told me when I was hired, and for some reason I retained the information. Because there is something deeply wrong with me. It's 432. That's the number. Four hundred thirty-two. Don't forget.

I won tickets to the movie theater I go to all the time! Oh, I like winning. I think I'll go see The Wrestler, which I haven't seen yet.

Also three, you may have noticed in photos of my house, or if you have peeped in my windows, that I have a pie painting:


which is kind of funny given the theme of this blog and all. This painting was done by my friend Maud, who I just miss so much I could spit up, if I did things like spit up. When I think about how I miss my friends in LA, often the first person who comes to mind is Maud. She was just so much fun, and always laughed at everything I said.

She had an art show at her house once, and Marvin and I bought this painting and I have always really liked it. Well, today, out of the clear blue sky, she sent me her Jello painting!


I TOLD her I wanted it, but I didn't think she'd just put it in the mail and SEND it to me! How much do I heart Maud? Don't you wish you had a big dish of red Jello right now?

So, thank you, Maud. Today is obviously my lucky day. Marvin and I are going out to dinner now, and maybe we'll be their millionth customer or something.


Goodness, I hope Jello is on their dessert menu.

15 thoughts on “There’s always room for Maud

  1. I have seen that pie picture before,but I thought it was a painting of a fancy coffee drink (from a place that rhymes with Barstucks) I thought the wavy brown thing (apparently the crust) around the edge was the hand protector thing they put on paper cups….hmmmmmm.


  2. I heart Maud’s work. I would like to get me some Maud originals. Does she have a website or somesuchthing?


  3. More and more each day I am convinced I work at the wrong place. And now you’ve got me questioning my friends. None of them can paint, and they won’t even consider it when I ask to fill up their jacuzzis with jell-o.


  4. You so work on that show The Office. That is totally something they would do at work. Green punch and trivia! I love it!


  5. Hahah laurie in victoria & Gladys cracked me up. Which is really hard to do at 6:30am when I have bad head cold.


  6. Oh, you are such a tease!! I heart the pie painting and NOW I LOVE THE JELL-O.
    I was going to tell you I covet your pie, but that’s just wrong. Instead I will covet your jell-o.
    I just want a big bowl of Maud!


  7. Oh, how I love me some jello. Growing up, my mom insisted that we have a salad with our dinner, but jello salad counted. If it had fruit mixed in, it was “salad”, but if it was plain, it was “dessert”.


  8. June .. why oh why did you have the Saint Patrick’s theme par-tayy on the 5th of March .. just asking is all. :o)


  9. No i don’t want jello. The only time i eat jello is before i have to have a colonoscopy.
    How nice it is that you have friends that send you gifts. I’m still waiting for my friend to send me my xmas present. I sent her present before the holidays and recently sent her birthday gift also.
    Gee, your work parties sound like fun. I was in charge of getting everyone to sign the potluck dish to pass sheet. Year after year most of us would bring something hot and yummy, while my cheap-ass cousin would only bring chips and dip. She only bought crappy dip too. The girl brings cheap to all new level. Oh, now wait, I’m being too harsh, one year she brought Chocolate chip cookies….that had cat hair in them!!!
    I guess it’s my day to be Irked!


  10. Did it come with a Bill Cosby bobble head?
    You know I’ve never had a painting of jello. I’ve jello wrestled and I’ve filled my friends jacuzzi up with jello but I have never painted jello. So was it painted with jello?


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