Spinning a yarn


Even when she's in a good mood, Ruby looks sort of cranky.

Anyway, this week's Comment of the Week goes to Swirlypepper. Go click on Special of the Week at right to see it.

I certainly have a lot of faithful readers who have "pepper" in their names. What do you think this means? At any rate, congratulations, Pepper who spins around. You made a fine comment.

In the meantime, this morning I said to Marvin, "I'm going to go downtown and sign up for knitting classes."

"Okay. Freak," said Marvin. What I like about Marvin is how supportive he is.

"What I like about you is how supportive you are," I told him.

"Well, knitting has worked so well the other times you tried it," said Marvin, continuing on his supportive streak and further convincing me he should volunteer at a crisis line.

It is true that once he and I were on a train ride and a kindly old woman was in the next seat knitting, and I asked her to teach me to knit, and by the end of the train ride she was using the F word and trying to stab me in the medulla with her needles. But I have not given up hope that I can learn this skill! Yes, my grandmother told me to get the hell out of her house after she tried to teach me, but still.

So I went to Gate City Yarns which is in the cool part of our downtown. It was everything I dreamed it would be. Not that I have that many dreams about knitting stores. But it was an 1800s storefront that had been done over with warm gold walls and deep red trim, with a fireplace and two couches, and a man peacefully knitting on one of the couches.

There was a clawfoot bathtub full of yarn, and all sorts of knitting implements I knew nothing about.

The nice man on the couch, who at this point still likes me, told me he teaches the classes and that there's one starting next Saturday. He was just starting to sign me up when another woman came in asking for classes.


She and I stood there talking for about 45 minutes, and we have so many things in common you would just spit. We fell all over ourselves talking, and we are in the same class, and I said, "I guess I'll see you in class. What's your name?"

And she said, "June."

Could you die? I told her I'm June too, and I already have a partner in knitting. After she left, I stayed and talked to the two men who own the store for, I don't know, forever. I didn't know I could have such a good time spinning yarns. Get it? Wooo!

So next Saturday I will make a scarf. Allegedly. Do you understand the depth of my lack of crafting skills? Have you ever seen a present I have wrapped? It's like I have lobster pincers instead of fingers.

Here is the yarn I selected out of the clawfoot bathtub for my alleged mythical scarf:


Won't I look lovely in it? You know what would have been funny? Is if I'd have tried to pose with the yarn already around my neck, like it was already a scarf. But we are late for the movie and supportive Marvin is pace pace pacing outside the door of the computer room which is TOTALLY RUINING MY MOJO RIGHT NOW and no wonder I need a relaxing hobby like knitting.

That man is looming over me. Get it again? Okay, it was more of a weaving joke.

I hope I don't end up like that snobby Aunt Purl, who blogs about knitting and never answers people who might email her to tell her they think she is funny. Not that I personally know anyone who did not receive any answers from her. Or anything.

Okay, I must go before Marvin TURNS TO BUTTER WITH THE PACING. I'll tell you what I'm knitting. I'm knitting my brows at Marvin, is what I'm knitting.

33 thoughts on “Spinning a yarn

  1. Well, the knitting lession should be an interesting venture. I’m not sure I have the patience to knit, I think I would fling the mess up against the wall, because that is what I would have–a mess.


  2. I can’t wait to hear how it goes. I tried to teach my daughter, but figured she had to live in my house for at least 9 more years, so I gave that up. I offered to let my husband teach her how to drive though.
    Beware. Yarn=addictive. I have bags and bags of it and no time to knit


  3. June I too am totaly craft challenged. I one time tried too learn to knit and the knitting teacher told me that she needed a drink and never came back. I think she may still be drinking. Come to think of it the homeless lady on the corner with the paperbag may be her. I’m going to go check and if it is I’ll buy her a brand new bottle of Ripple for her troubles.


  4. Knitting is the only craft that I have not utterly failed at. I? Can knit up a storm. It’s a small miracle. Because I have truly failed at every other craft known to mankind.
    I will tell you now, though, you are going to have to isolate yourself AWAY FROM YOUR MENAGERIE OF ANIMALS in order to knit with a minimal loss of life. Seriously.


  5. I learned to knit from a lady in a stained shirt and BO. I paid money to do this. I can knit like nobody’s business, but I can’t purl. I learned this fall and the scarf is slowly growing but still not finished. I’m actually a little worried about the whole ‘casting off’ thing, so it might be a REALLY REALLY long scarf.


  6. I recently learned how to knit, and it’s always better with a group of people. I don’t enjoy knitting by myself. A scarf really is the best place to start, since it’s pretty straight forward. (Which you probably already know).
    And don’t be afraid to take apart your creation and start again. I did that at least three times before I finally got the hang of it, and could make something half-decent.


  7. Well bright minds think alike. I have just started knitting. A friend of mine said she wanted to start a knitting group and did I want to join? I explained I have two left hands and have never so much as touched a knitting needle. So of course she was gracious enough to say they would teach me. HUH! After getting help from them and spending a whole afternoon at the knitting web sites with my tongue sticking out to help me concentrate, I can now knit and purl. I do not know how to start it or end it or even what it is, but if a long pea green thing comes knocking at your door it is my knitting from MIchigan. Have not gotten to the relaxing part yet. But we do have a nice time jabbering away in our little group.
    Good for you on doing a new adventure.


  8. Ohh!! I’m too excited to be witty. I just learned to knit and made a bajillion scarves. I also learned a bajillion new swear words once I decided to knit something other than a scarf. You’ll love it!


  9. Okay, I Know this comment belongs to yesterday, but I was afraid that Leah would never see it if I posted over there….
    Leah, girlfiend, broadcast journalists did NOT go to Washington to learn their craft, they went to my hometown of CHICAGO! More national new folks started in the Windy City, so don’t even try to claim a stake in our territory! It’s well known that the “no accent” place to study is Chicago.
    June, rock on with your knitting!


  10. I think the photo of the two skeins of yarn looks like the tops of two old ladies’ heads who are knitting. If their hair was twisted up in a bun. And purple.
    Good luck with the knitting!


  11. I’ve never tried to knit. Hope it goes well.
    The statement about M. turning into butter with the pacing reminds me of the story, “Little Black Sambo.” My grandmother used to tell me that story when I was growing up.


  12. ooooh you will love knitting! Before you know it you will have hundreds of bins filled with yarn in every color you can think of..knitting magazines and books piled high on every counter and shelf in the house…..and unfinished projects scattered throughout every corner in your home.
    ….or so I’m told…………….


  13. I’m an arts and crafty kind of person and I cannot knit. Not to be discouraging. My aunt tried to teach me two times. It was horrible.
    So good luck with that!


  14. After making your scarf, you should make Marvin a rainbow skull cap or a toboggan (as they are called here in the south). With his guitar and rainbow cap, you can complete the circle and move back to Seattle so he can play in one of those Pearl Jam-esque bands. 🙂 Oh the image!!


  15. Aunt pearl got all Po at someone last year – she felt the comments people were sending to her were too critical so she took the ol’ comments section off her blog. she is funny – maybe sensative & busy. Three blogs I follow and who always answer back with comments and are as nice as anything when it comes to knitting questions are
    Carole at http://caroleknits.net/
    Chris at http://www.stumblingoverchaos.com/
    Wendy at http://wendyknits.net/
    Knitters rock – good luck and I’d start the yarn diet now if I was you. You’ll see what I mean soon enough….


  16. I should have said those bloggers are nice as anything about EVERYTHING – not just knitting. Oh and I heart the cat photos – Ruby is beautiful…


  17. Okay so I’m a little late to this party, but it’s not my fault! Stupid 13 hour time difference. Please act as though this post was still new.
    OHMYGOSHSOEXCITINGWELCOMETOKNITTING! I learned about three years ago and I teach it now, and you are going to do great.
    Do NOT be afraid to learn to purl, or socks, or colorwork or cables or whatever else looks fancy or complicated. It’s all easy! You just need practice and not to get discouraged. YOU can DO it!
    And you can add me to the list of people to talk to if you get confused or have questions. I am so happy for you!
    Oh, and P.S.? Someone said crochet…you can learn to crochet if you like but knitting is much, much better. Trust me.


  18. Yeah! We knitters love when a non-knitter comes over to our side! I haven’t been to that shop since it changed hands, but understand it is great. Give it time and you will love it.


  19. Have you ever heard of the book “Confessions of a Yarn Harlot”? I’m not sure that’s the entire title, or who wrote it, but she’s a knitter from Canada and was kind of humorous and talks about stashing yarn she never uses in coat sleeves (during summer) and inside her piano. Like where the strings are.
    I so liked all the yarns in this lovely post and I really like that you respond to some of our comments–I hate when people don’t at all. I think it’s snotty. Hello, at least acknowledge you’re grateful for the nice comments. They must be yarn haters.


  20. I don’t knit – though my six year old is about 8 inches into an amazing knitted scarf!!! (Trust me – you can do scarves!)
    This is my all-time favourite knitting story: A sweet little old lady that I know once accompanied her church’s youth group on a caving trip. She was about 65 at the time. After keeping up with the kids for a long time as they trekked through the cave, she decided she was too tired to carry on and would sit and rest, waiting for the group to pick her up again on their way out. She turned off her lamp to preserve the battery. Soon another group of cavers caught up with the youth group and said, “We just saw the craziest thing! We were walking through the cave and heard this clicking sound and had no idea what it was…and then we found this little old lady sitting in the dark cave…knitting!”


  21. Heeheehee.
    I hope knitting don’t change your habit of answering your fan mail. Knitting is great, I hope your lobster pincers don’t get in the way. I can’t wait to see a picture of you on your new scarf. Have fun!


  22. Oh boy, I just finished my first knitting project ever (not that I haven’t started others, but I have no motivation). I laugh when people say knitting is relaxing;
    I don’t feel that I will be attempting another over-ambitious baby blanket any time soon.


  23. About a year ago I begged my mom to teach me to crochet (because using 2 knitting needles seemed more than I could possibly handle). I had visions of making blankets! and scarves! and sweaters! 12 months later, I’m exactly 6 rows into that ding-dang pot holder and it makes me want to scream! My mom tells me over and over that I’m holding the yarn wrong, it needs to wrap here, here, and here. Blah, blah, blah… that doesn’t feel right. I realized my hands were better off pouring a glass of wine.
    Good luck.


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