Manly, yes, but I like it too


Top of the morning to ya!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Tallulah is disguised as an Irish Wolfhound.

Okay, I went in the kitchen to  take a picture of Tallulah looking not at all like an Irish Wolfhound, thinking that would be funny, but what was funny instead was this ridiculous, I'm-in-the-middle-of-eating expression I caught instead. Whose new hobby is taking incredibly unflattering pictures of her otherwise pretty dog? She looks like some sort of hardened fishwife or something. "Don't eff with me, bub."

Hey, is my Irish reader still reading? If so, could you comment? It's the holiday of your people, after all. Anyone who's reading in Ireland, please comment, and I will make you watch the Irish Spring commercial like I did the other Irish reader.

For those of you who didn't read a few months back, I asked everyone to write in and say where they were, which was fascinating, and the person who was in Ireland I emailed an Irish Spring commercial from the '80s. She was appalled by the accents.

Speaking of which, we do have a winner in the "guess where the mayonnaise in my fridge came from" contest the other day, and I have alerted said winner via email, and I will make an official announcement about her grand June prize soon. Prepared to be oh-so-envious of it.

I have to go shower and get into my green sweater. I am hoping someone brings cupcakes with green frosting to work. You notice how, as usual, I hope someone else did something nice for the office, never for a moment considering being the person who would do the nice thing herself.

I'm magically horrific.

I will close with a photo of Winston sleeping, and he was pleased with me for bugging him while he slept.

I took this because when the mail got here yesterday, among the 47,000 things for Susan Y., the annoying person who lived here before us who didn't leave a forwarding address, was a Netflicks movie. I do not know why I get excited about these, as 90% of the time they are either a music documentary or someone in concert. So when I opened it up and it was ridiculous Fountains of Wayne in concert, I do not know why I allowed myself to be disappointed.

But then, as I settled down to watch me some Intervention, Marvin came in and put that DVD into the machine. I said, "I am not watching that ridiculous Fountains of Wayne, is what I'm not doing" and he said, "Just one song" and I said, "I will scowl at you through the entire song if you put that in" and he did and I did. I scowled at him through the entire song. He did not care. So this photo was taken while he watched a SECOND song. At least Winston is cute. Fountains of Wayne. Whatever.

Okay. Aye. Is "aye" even an Irish thing, or did I just start saying pirate things?

16 thoughts on “Manly, yes, but I like it too

  1. Loved the photo of Winston. A cat sleeping is such a soothing thing. Well, mine is here meowing wanting to go out. Now he’s changed his mind, he wants a drink of water.


  2. Oooh, at work today someone brought in a chocolate Guiness cake. The frosting, although delicious, was NOT green. But it was goooooood. And kinda Irish.


  3. Who the heck ARE the Fountains of Wayne? I’ve never heard of them. But then, I’m under 30–does that make a difference? My dad’s name is Wayne, but he’s lacking in the fountains.
    I’m in your camp–hoping someone else makes the treats. I hate to be bothered with the baking (and even worse, the frosting of the baking), but I do love the eating.


  4. June – the one interesting thing about Intervention (or innervention as would be the case with those that say kinnegarden and the like) was that the vodka lady was from GLOUCESTER! I used to live there and worked there for almost 20 years, as you most likely recall with your elephantic memory!
    So, it was just up the road and my darling husband and I were able to pick out exactly where she lived, etc. Exaaaaahhhhhctly!


  5. That should say stickING not ER if it were ER then it would be like velcro and you would never be able to peel it off of you.
    back to your regular scheduled program.


  6. It’s too bad you don’t work for my firm – I actually did happen to make cupcakes with green icing for my office today! We are having a potluck, so all the food has to be green, and which also means we’ll also probably be drinking (“we” meaning “them” since I don’t drink). We drink on every minor holiday-ish occasion. Silly accountants.


  7. Nice four leaf clover in the shot!
    Movie to watch for St. Patrick’s Day? “The Quiet Man”, of course! Everyone should sit around punching each other and ordering “two fingers of whiskey” done by diplaying your index and pinkey fingers, natch. At the Hudarosa, we are serving corned beef and cabbage because it is the law. I might even make some “Irish Car Bomb” cupcakes if I stay sober long enough.
    And I’m not gardening today in deference St. Patrick and the snakes back there.


  8. You didn’t miss much on Intervention…a mom who drank too much vodka and even indulged in mouthwash when there was no vodka to be found…I switched to Jon and Kate halfway through because I wanted to watch a Mom who deserved to drink too much vodka! (and I knew this mom wouldn’t make it through treatment…I’m a sucker for happy endings)


  9. June, do you have a green teddy you could wear for Marvin tonight?
    I miss going to work on holidays like this. I remember the other males in the office and I, quietly saying to each other “Erin Go Bragh-less”. Erin was was a well endowed girl in the office. Don’t you ladies just love us men?!
    I often would make holiday cakes that everyone raved about, I was considered the king of cakery. If word was out that i had make a cake, people
    would come at it like a pack of wild dogs. Sadly, others who made desserts usually never saw their pans go completely empty.
    I didn’t find out that i was Irish until i was in my early twenties. Every year on St.Paddy’s day i felt like i was missing out on something in school because i wasn’t Irish. It turns out i was after all. I was adopted and didn’t find out my full lineage till i discovered who my birthparents were. I was 50% Polish and never knew it.
    Maybe i’ll go find an Irish movie to watch today. Of course i’ll be wearing a green shirt but, green beer is out of the equation as i can no longer drink. I am diabetic so although they are magically delicious, Lucky Charms are out of the question also. I never had green beer or had any desire to. Regular Budwiser was always tasty to me.
    Happy St. Paddy’s day to everyone!


  10. I spent last night watching movies (note the plural) that my little leprechaun ordered off pay per view because someone forgot to enable the parental lock.
    Kung Fu Panda is not as funny in Spanish.


  11. Speaking of Irish accents, in this horrible movie I watched recently staring Zach Braff, The Ex, his character Tom Riley meets a client at work who says in an Irish accent, “So you wouldn’t happen to be Irish would you?” And Zach Braff says in a horrible fake Irish accent, “Well, I do have a wee bit of the leprechaun in me.” And then it turns out the client really is Irish and says, “Why are you making fun of me?”
    It cracked me up. And speaking of dogs, my dog chewed up my new cellphone last night! Oh, how I love her.


  12. You are indeed starting to sound piratey, matey. I loved that show Intervention, when we had pay-for TV. Since I haven’t heard from you I am guessing I am not the winner of the mayo contest. My guess is you sent them a box of Lucky Charms.


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