Apparently I’ve taken up impressionist photography

I am back in Greensboro. It was 66 degrees and sunny when I got here, as opposed to gray and really ding-dang cold in Michigan. Why must it be cold in Michigan all the time?

Anyway, our tree in the front yard bloomed all purpley pink while I was gone, so that was good. It was a lovely afternoon to bury our cat.

We planted a day lily, a red one for Ruby, on her grave, and I took a terrible picture of it, below. 

LilyI do not know why it is blurry.  I hate everything.

Although the weather was lovely and things were bloomed and I was glad to see Tallulah's blonde self, I was NOT glad to see that she ate a black Sharpee on our comforter, a thing Marvin did not notice. HOW did he not notice it? I walked into the bedroom and noticed it in half a second. I said, "Did you have an affair with a squid while I was gone?" There is black ink all over the pink and green comforter. It is ruined.

At any rate, today I have to go to court to pay for my stupid traffic ticket for having expired tags on my license plates. If you hear that someone just hauled off and slapped a traffic judge somewhere in North Carolina, you will know I have reached my limit today.

Thank you all for writing in and saying nice things to me. It's nice to have cyber friends all over the place. I'm glad my uncle has positive thoughts going on everywhere. I hope he will be back to saying awful things very soon. I'd hate to have to take over that role for him. At traffic court.

23 thoughts on “Apparently I’ve taken up impressionist photography

  1. At traffic court should be the new phrase added onto fortune cookies. You know, instead of in bed? “You will find the love of your life….at traffic court”


  2. OK- It is definitely time to snuggle on the couch with those you love, eating a pint of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s, watching a great movie while getting your feet rubbed!
    Blessings- LillySue


  3. Hi June,
    Ruby’s grave is lovely.
    Cannot believe you have to go to traffic court on top of everything else. You definitely deserve a break from the shitstorm after this. Sheesh already.
    Good thoughts your way and to Uncle Jim.
    Your Pal from MA


  4. June, I’m really, really sorry. You had Ruby forever and it’ll take about that long to stop missing her so acutely. Here’s a big giant hug for you…Nancy


  5. Girl, you have way too much bad things going on these past few days!!!!!!! My heart really hurts for you losing your Ruby. That’s an excellent idea planting a day lily on her grave. I need to do that on my Sweet Pea kitty’s grave.
    Hope your uncle is doing better.


  6. I’m so nervous now, that something will go wrong with Uncle Jim. He doesn’t have nose cancer from sticking cigarettes in them does he?
    Was Ruby’s funeral a nice one, or was it reminiscent of the one Bill Cosby tried to have for Rudy’s goldfish (in the very first episode) where everyone dressed up in the finest to go to the bathroom for the flushing and then bailed?


  7. Sorry to hear about Ruby. I couldn’t bring myself to bury Hobbes and Calvin for many years. One day my wife woke up form a dream where they had visited and there I found myself at 5am digging a grave. Amazing how quickly I was able to bring myself. 🙂
    On another note; Portnoy is doing fine in Michigan with my Sister. Turns out my wife is allergic to cats; not all cats, just Portnoy. Oh well. He loves living at the Vet clinic and getting petted 50 times a day.


  8. Next time you are gone, set up a nanny-cam so you can catch Marvin and his squid.
    Lovely grave for Ruby…and I hope you didn’t have to hurt anyone at traffic court.


  9. Ruby’s plot is very nice. She will love the red day lillies. I think it’s interesting that only 1/2 the picture looks like you’re moving.
    Maybe if you walk into traffic court (okay, I realize it’s like 7 pm your time and court is over by now) and say “Listen people… I’m IRKED….”
    I hope your week improves from here, doll.


  10. Ruby’s grave is beautiful. Please post pictures when the red lillies bllom. A fitting tribute to a trusty, beautiful friend.
    How was court? Did you shiv the baliff?


  11. Am I the only one that thinks the blurry part of the photo could be Ruby’s sweet spirit lifting up toward that giant sandbox in the sky? What, you say? Animals don’t have spirits? I say June’s miracle photography has captured proof in that little shutterbox.
    And the similarity of the red lillies to Where the Red Fern Grows makes me just a little teary.


  12. J,
    I was going to post the exact same thing. It’s Ruby waiting around to make sure June’s okay before she crosses that Rainbow Bridge.


  13. I think the photo of Ruby’s grave is beautiful and captures the essence of how you were feeling. She is in heaven now with my dog Briar. And since it is heaven, she is not at all bothered by the fact that he weighs 120 lbs, drools and barks a lot :).


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