In case you didn't tune in this morning, I have decided to photograph everything I eat this week. Because I am a giant freak.

So when we left off, all I had consumed was black coffee, and I didn't want you to think I was a ballerina or something.

At mid-morning, I had some homemade cinnamon bread at my desk.


I brought it from home, although I didn't make it. Have you met me?

It was deee-lish. Actually, about halfway through, I sort of convinced myself I was having an allergic reaction to the cinnamon, and I Googled allergic reactions to cinnamon and read all sorts of dreadful stories, but I ate the whole thing anyway and here I still am, so I don't think I was really allergic to cinnamon.

Then at noon I had a healthy lunch.



I like to sit in my car and listen to Howard Stern at lunch. I nourish my mind as well as my body.

In case you were curious, I didn't eat all of my Hardee's combo meal. I'd say I ate 2/3 of it.

For dinner, I had a Lean Cuisine of potatoes, broccoli, and cheese along with apple juice and a banana. Which kind of sounds like something you'd eat at the nursing home. Marvin was at a meeting, so he was not here to make fun of my Shady Pines dinner.


So, that was it. So far this little experiment has not influenced what I have eaten, but I guess we'll see as the week progresses.

Thank you for joining me on my gastronomic journey.

29 thoughts on “The rest of the stuff I ate today

  1. Hyphen Mama says:

    Holy crap, I can’t stop laughing. If I photographed everything I’d eaten in the last 24 hours it would be a HUGE pan of brownies. I’m laying here at 10pm polishing off the last few bites… in bed… wondering if I’ve gotten brownie crumbs in bed. YOU? You went for the health food! And I’m totally shocked that the cup just sits on your dash all lop sided and hasn’t toppled over.
    p.s. my daughter had a very bad reaction to cinnamon oil once in a bath and body store… her face puffed up like a puffer fish in about half a second as her eyes were melting inside their sockets. I’m guessing that’s not what happened with you and the bread, otherwise you’d be typing in braille.


  2. apronstrings says:

    I’m in love with you…I was before, but now that you made a Golden Girls reference, I’m yours forever…


  3. Amanda Howell says:

    For Marsha…Hardee’s is Arby’s on the West Coast.


  4. Tatyana says:

    To Marsha: yes, Hardees and Carls Jr. is basically the same restaurant, just different names depending on your locations.
    June, where is the dairy? I like those lean cuisine meals too, I usually have them for lunch though. Love your mug!
    I would also like to know how you got the soda to stand like that?


  5. Wow. That is SO not what a ballerina would eat. The evidence? Go to: .
    Fast food, June? Have you not seen the movie, “Supersize Me”? I haven’t been anywhere near one since.
    But I am a freak.


  6. June says:

    Yes, Jan, this is my favorite holiday, as those of you who know me know. I am kind of not at all in the mood for it this year. That said, I did call my mother and tell her Tallulah was pregnant, which would not be possible because she is fixed. Mom fell for it. Which really wasn’t nice of me, as mom is out of the mood for this holiday for the same reason I am. I may, however, tell our secretary here at work that she accidentally gave me my boss’s paycheck. Teeeee…


  7. Jan says:

    Erin… today being April Fool’s Day, phasejumper is making food look like other foods are a “trick.” Such as sushi made from rice krispies treats and gummy worms, wrapped in fruit roll ups. When she is done it will look just like real sushi. Enough to fool someone and when the eat it, SURPRISE! APRIL FOOL!!!!!
    June~ any plans for tomfoolery today? I already told my 4th grader her field trip was cancelled. (I let it go on for several minutes of her groaning and wondering why? why? why???? before telling her the truth.) Then I told my 1st grader that the homemade banana bread she was eating had ground up chicken livers in it, “to make it moist.” OH!!! I love an April Fool’s Day!


  8. lee says:

    Seriously, I say for the second time. How in teh world is that cup staying upright? I am obsessed!


  9. misschell says:

    as long as you only show what goes in & NOT what comes out…. i’m good!
    LOVE your blog!


  10. Erin D. says:

    Am I the only one who has no idea what phasejumper is talking about?
    I like to think that, like me, you pull off and discard excess bread from your hamburger and think you are REALLY eating healthy now. Also french fries are one food I could possibly never live without. Is this so for you?


  11. Patty says:

    That lunch looks soooo yummy. I have been on a diet for the past four months and would kill for a cheeseburger.


  12. phasejumper says:

    Wow-I totally pictured you as a cafeteria/breakroom eater, entertaining your coworkers during lunch…. Are you not a big dairy fan? I won’t bore you with what I ate yesterday, but today (in honor of the “holiday”) I am having “eggs” (fruit and pudding), a “hot dog” (peanut butter coated banana on a bun) “sushi” rice crispy treats with gummy worms and fruit rollups and for dinner, “cake” and “lemonade” (meatloaf and mashed potatoes with lemon jello on the side. I love a theme!


  13. Paula FNY, D says:

    I’m actually more impressed that you took your Lean Cuisine out of its fashionable plastic tray!


  14. LisaPie says:

    Oh June,
    You are a girl after my own heart, a kindred spirit, a total carb-o-holic.
    What exactly are the pictures supposed to do for you? Make you arrange your food to be prettier? Make you give up and say oh screw it, it’s too much trouble, now I won’t eat that? I have seen the pictures of you in the red dress and unless that really isn’t you, you don’t need to be losing weight.
    I had a big, huge, honking mug of Cinnamon Plum tea with sugar and cream for breakfast.
    And then I had the last 2 pieces of Awesome Asiago Cheese bread with more cheese melted on them for lunch.
    And for dinner I had a small cup of split pea soup and a half a reuben sandwich. And iced tea.
    Right now I am on my 3rd cup of chamomile tea before bed. It helps me to get up 30 or 40 times during the night to go pee. There’s nothing like dis-lodging 4 or 5 cats and a fat Schnauzer from your bed to get up 30 or 40 times a night.


  15. Shana says:

    If the goal of this experiment is to help you make better food choices, then I feel compelled as a loyal reader to shout things at you like, HARDEES? ARE YOU SERIOUS? AND YOU EVEN HAD THE DAMNED FRIES? and DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH HFCS IS IN APPLE JUICE?
    Of course, if that is not the goal, then, um, never mind and bon appetite.


  16. Sharone says:

    That is my favorite Lean Cuisine, ever. I had one today for lunch, and it made me happy all day.


  17. Marsha says:

    PS – meant to ask if Hardee’s is the same as Carl Jr’s on the west coast?


  18. Marsha says:

    Bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats
    6″ Subway cold cut sandwich
    Lg Sonic Reeses Blast – major 94 yo mamadrama
    Whopper – courtesy of Helpful Hubby
    I’m thinking that maybe taking nude photos of me while eating ought to disgust me enough to curb the carbs – but my luck it would end up on YouTube…


  19. Laurie S. says:

    Interesting, I just read that photographing what you eat might be a way to be successful while dieting, I know I would never be good at writing down everything I ate but I might actually photograph it and since the photo is taken BEFORE eating, maybe I would rethink some of those choices before it is too late. Writing it down afterward – well, the damage is already done.


  20. Pat says:

    Really, are you serious? Do we have to see what you eat everyday? Just kidding. I love your funny blog.


  21. Shelley says:

    You say apple juice. I say it looks like scotch.


  22. Lee says:

    How in the world did that cup stay on your dash board at that ridiculous angle?
    Oh June’s Mother. You’re a stitch!


  23. Gladys says:

    You know I worked at a “rest home” named Shady Oaks. We all called it Shakey Acres. I digress.
    So is the Topomax still making you loose weight?


  24. Mother says:

    It appears that maybe lunch time is your downfall. I thought you usually took your lunch to work. Seems like a good idea.


  25. Kim says:

    It all look’s tasty, even the dinner minus the glass of specimen.


  26. Brindi says:

    I’m not sure I have enough picture memory to post pictures of everything I eat during the day.
    Through my insurance’s Wellness Program, the nutritionist told me that I wasn’t eating enough. I took that to mean that everything was fair game.


  27. Joanna says:

    All that’s missing from your Shady Pines supper is a beige melamine tray.


  28. Jan says:

    Hhmmm… after we left off with my coffee this morning I had…
    mid-morning~ small salad w/ranch dressing
    lunch time~ tomato soup, made with milk.
    dinner~ chop suey, rice, salad.
    I also had mug of hot chocolate mid- afternoon. And lots and lots of water all day. I just sent my hubby out for avacodos for gaucamole. I like to eat fattening things while watching The Biggest Loser.


  29. M says:

    mmmm good. For breakfast I had hash browns and a fried egg. Lunch consisted of a lean pocket(?) and supper was a grilled chicken sanwich followed by a half bottle(3/4)of cabernet.Damn mediteraean diet! so hard to follow.And cheetos.


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