Ask Francis, and also June

I thought my cat Francis and I could sort of team up today for Ask June. Didn't Ann Landers team up with one of her daughters toward the end, there, when she was gettin' old?


Em-Cat, who is sort of appropriately named, given today's special Ask June theme, wonders, "When is it appropriate to use 'people' and when is it appropriate to use 'persons' or are they interchangeable?"


It's okay, Francis. Em-Cat isn't really here, and I don't think she is really a cat. Cats can't blog. Well, you are blogging. But you are special, Fran.

At any rate, Em-Cat, obviously "people" and "persons" both mean groups of humans, and both words go way back, having Latin roots. There are no hard-and-fast rules about use of the words, and they are basically interchangeable, but generally, "persons" is used more formally, as in "Persons coming into our home disguised as cats will be hissed at by Francis."

Faithful Reader Jan asks, "Ten years later, if you could change anything about your wedding, what would it be?"


I say, really, I would change nothing. Maybe I wouldn't have had acrylic French manicured nails. But at the time they were the shizzle. As was the phrase "the shizzle."

Wedding 001

I liked my wedding, despite this charming look I had going.

Hey, when I just went into my wedding pictures to get this flattering shot, I found the coolest photo of my grandparents. Wanna see? I cannot begin to tell you how much my grandfather looks like my Uncle Jim.

Grandparents 001
How cute are they?

Speaking of husbands, Arlene asks, "June, would you please tell us a story about parrots and Marvin and bronchitis?"

And I didn't say "speaking of husbands" because I am married to Arlene. Wouldn't that be a bombshell!  Arlene asks this rather bizarre question because weeks ago I said remind me to tell you the story of the time Marvin had bronchitis and I saw the parrots.

So, we used to live in Burbank, California. The story was that years back someone had let their pet parrots go and that it was just warm enough in Pasadena that the parrots had survived and mated and created a small parrot colony right there in Pasadena. I have no idea if that is true.

Burbank was about 15 miles away from Pasadena.

Anyway, it was early one morning and Marvin was home ill with bronchitis. He was sick and he was not happy about it. He was not being a trouper, is what he wasn't being. I was getting ready for work and I heard some odd bird noises in the back yard, so I went back there. I stood really still and quiet for a while and I finally figured out I was hearing parrots!

Now, for me, this is the equivalent of you seeing a unicorn or something. I was so excited to see parrots. I figured out what direction they were in, and I could tell they were getting nearer. I also decided I'd better get to the front yard, because it seemed like they were headed that way.

I ran to the front, and seriously, you'd have thought I was getting ready for a Loch Ness Monster sighting, so excited was I to have parrots fly over me. Then? They were coming toward me! I could see them in the distance! They were green! If I stood there, they'd fly right over me! I waited, waited, they were on their way, and–

"What are you DOING!?" Marvin said, throwing open the door, Nyquil in his hand, wearing his pajamas.

The birds, startled, flew the opposite direction.

I have never been so annoyed with Marvin. I was SECONDS from those parrots flying RIGHT OVER ME, like TWENTY FEET above me. If he'd have just NOT NEEDED TO KNOW, like Gladys Kravitz, what I was DOING, I'd have had the experience of a lifetime. He is just lucky that Nyquil did not end up out his bung, is what I am telling you. Oh, I was mad.


I guess Francis kind of has a one-track mind.

That sums up Ask June and her cat for this week. The not-sick Marvin and I are going out to dinner now, for some grilled parrot and Nyquil cocktails. Remember to Ask June here.

9 thoughts on “Ask Francis, and also June

  1. Love Love the photo. That generation…those men in World War Two..if it hadn’t been for that generation…again, love the photo and the time in history it represents. Thanks for sharing and how lucky you are to have it!


  2. Junie, get yourself to Cayman Brac. There are gazillions of parrots there – indigenous just to that island. It’s pretty incredible. Oh, and the best snorkeling anywhere near the U.S.
    There are also similar escaped parrot colonies in S. Florida. Have seen some there myself!
    Love the GP photo and Frannie. Boy, he’s a cutie-pie! Very hungry, though!


  3. I am wondering why seeing the parrots would have been such a huge deal to you? A great, unusual experience, of course. But, why equivalent to seeing a unicorn?


  4. Is your cat Asian? She have Asian accent.
    I love the photo of your grandparents. It’s always fun to see what they “used to look like” and realize that no matter how cute we may or may not be today, we’ll all end up looking the way grandma did there at the end. I’m full of sunshine and rabbits like that.
    I hope your parrot flambe was yummy.


  5. I always enjoy your writing and may I say you are the first person to spell ‘trouper’ correctly in a blog, ever? Plus, you included a Gladys Kravitz reference and she’s a big fave in our family as we have lots of nosy Rosies.
    Oh, and tell Francis good job!


  6. I love the photo of your grandparents. They are part of the greatest generation. My Mom and Dad are part of that generation and I have such admiration and respect for them. These are the people that lived through the great depression and WWII.
    Were you sober when that photo was taken at your wedding? Just saying.
    I always love the photos of you kitties.


  7. There is a similar parrot story floating around Orange County. Affiliated with Disneyland in some way, at least the version I’ve heard.


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