I have the day off today because it's Good Friday. I remember last year when I was in the interview process and they said, "You won't be able to reach us on Friday because we have the Good Friday holiday off" and I was all woo-hoo! Hope I get to work there! I've never worked anywhere that you got Good Friday off. Not even when I worked at a church.

I have already started a load of laundry and have begun putting dishes away. I also plan to cut more of that ridiculous monkey grass and to wash the floors. You can see I have a fun-packed day planned for my bad self.

When I let Tallulah out this morning it was a nice day so I went in the backyard with her, and I saw this:


When our cat Ruby died a few weeks ago, we buried her in the back yard and planted a day lily on her grave site, and today her lilies bloomed, just in time for Easter. So pretty!

Speaking of Easter, our neighbor Peg brought over a nice basket for us the other day:


Who loves her some neighbor Peg? There's a little note pad, and some spray from Bath and Body works, plus chocolate that is mostly gone already, as you can imagine.

Of course, one of us here does not technically celebrate the Easter, even though he had no trouble shagging his religion to break into my Cadbury eggs. His family sent him some Passover things, and even though I do not technically celebrate Passover, I had no trouble breaking into his macaroons or mandel bread:


See our two holidays peacefully coexisting on the counter, along with the corkscrew? Isn't it a beautiful thing?

Speaking of peacefully coexisting, I got this nice shot of Francis in the middle of growling at Tallulah:


He looks like a vulture. I like Winston's expression. Winston, who has never gotten that riled up about anything in his life, finds Francis a constant mystery. We all do, really.

Speaking of cats, I thought maybe I'd mosey on down to the shelter today and just seeeeeeeee who was down there needing a home. Maybe. Because we're out of cats. This measly two-cat household is sorely lacking. Is all I'm saying. So that look up on Francis' face, above? Yeah. Get used to it. Maybe.

31 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. Dunixi says:

    Peeps explode when they are microwaved.


  2. Linda in CO says:

    I think you should save the name Lily for your next dog…imagine calling out the back door “Lulu, Lily, dinner time!”, it just has a nice ring to it. And doesn’t that old saying go something like, “you can call a cat whatever you want, it’s still not going to come”?


  3. Tee says:

    I did my research and it only takes six minutes to make Peeps now. When they were first made it took 27 hours to hand make them. That must be what I remembered about how long it takes to make one. BTW, they only have 32 calories per Peep. Good, I’ll have another one.


  4. Tee says:

    Oh, poor Fran if a new kitty enters the house. My husband rescued a tiny kitten that was about dead. My two old cats about had heart attacks. I never heard such hissing and growling in my life. They never got over it, but I found a sweet young mom that took that baby and raised him. Another cat would be better than another dog. Dogs are too high maintenance.
    Easter Lily would be a great name for the new kitty in honor of your beloved Ruby.
    I love those Peeps. I read the other day it takes a long time to make ONE of those Peeps. I was shocked at the amount of time. I’m going to have to research the time before I make a statement.


  5. misschell says:

    that poor black & white kitty looks like he should wear one of those leather outfits that zips across the mouth & call the other one “master”…


  6. Rachel says:

    Four cats. That’s the optimum level. And a dog. If the population dips lower around here I can’t settle until we’re brought back up to strength.
    Enjoy your floor-washing. It’s typically rubbish Easter rainy weather here so I can legitimately refuse to clean the kitchen floor on the grounds that it will be covered in muddy pawprints again within 3.6 seconds.
    Have a nice chocolately weekend!


  7. LisaPie says:

    Hey June,
    If we were to ever get your Mr. Grumpy Pants Francis together with my Sweet and Charming Lester Buster they could totally take over the http://www.catsthatlooklikehitler.com website.
    I suspect those 2 boy felines of yours need a new female to boss them around and make them toe the line.
    Interesting how I am the ONLY one who noticed that your nice neighbor brought you some Peeps. I do love the Peeps!
    Happy Easter to you and yours!


  8. It’s not Passover without the fake fruit-slice thingies.


  9. lee says:

    my son brought me a basket today and it’s full of dirty laundry. your basket is better than mine!


  10. Rechelle says:

    I take it that Tallulah is impervious? oblivious? to the Vulture Stare of Death?


  11. Hyphen Mama says:

    All I got from my neighbor today was a cardboard box his window came in. YES, my kids love it. YES, they’ll use it for hours of entertainment. But really… it’s got nothin’ for me. I wanted chocolate.
    I hope you got a kitty!!


  12. J says:

    Have you considered an Easter chick?


  13. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself (HA!) that we should be hearing about a new cat pretty soon… and then I peed on myself laughing reading KW’s embarrassing story.


  14. Amber says:

    That spray looks like Japanese Cherry Blossom. Yummy. The day lilies are gorgeous, and Francis is downright scary. I understand though, I get fed up with dogs too.


  15. Ree says:

    Methinks they’re saying, “Mom. We need a new cat.”


  16. Jan says:

    I think Lazarus is a great name for the Easter kitten. Or maybe BunnyFace. Or Cottontail. Or Tomb. Or Peep(s). Or Cadbury.
    I like how we have all assumed there WILL be an Easter kitten.


  17. Gladys says:

    Wait, another kitty but not another puppy? What kind of discrimination is this? Do you want Talulah to go all Rosa Parks on you?


  18. Shannon says:

    Woohoo! Visit to the shelter! Hubby has banned me from there. 😦
    So, what happened to April 9? Is it the “lost” post? Will it appear in a bloopers reel somewhere? 🙂


  19. Linda in CO says:

    Is that a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints in there with all that Passover food? Mmmmmm…
    I can’t even walk into shelters anymore without crying, those lost scared souls looking at me so hopefully. Good luck finding your new kitty.


  20. Your Pal from MA says:

    Junie. This is too weird. I have the EXACT same corkscrew lady, but mine sports a yellow dress and not a blue one! So odd that we would end up with the same one!!
    Also, as you are well aware, my household is also dual religion and I hosted the Seder on Wednesday night. With the hard-boiled eggs and I made the hirosses (sp?) even! We gots the menorrah right next to the Christmas tree in December, too!
    Shall we let the secret out that Jewish men make THE BEST husbands?


  21. Anything can coexist happily with a corksrew!


  22. Kerrin says:

    Ooh, Francis looks so menacing! And, YAY! for another kitty! So many kitties each spring, so few good homes! Go for it!
    Since you have the day off, are you doing ask June? Because I have a raging proofreading debate that you could settle. Please? I will post in the ask June section my sentence in question.


  23. Culpepper says:

    Happy Easter June. I am a Christian who adores Jewish passover food. I would be lovin life at your house.
    Go and get yourself a kitty. You deserve a treat!


  24. Liz says:

    I know that cat growl all too well. We’ve added a few cats to our household over the years. We’ve had up to 4 at one time. Right now we have 2, and that’s probably all we’ll have, since adding a dog into the mix is quite plenty.
    Good luck on your kitty search.


  25. Mary Ellen from Napa says:

    I would love to adopt another cat, especially since our shelter here is loaded with foreclosure pets…
    But our oldest cat, Farley, is SO neurotic and hisses at everything! We have the two cats next door who visit and he goes crazy batting at them through the windows and growling. His brother cat Larry is like Winston, unfazed by it all. So I think we will have to wait until Farley goes to that great litterbox in the sky before we can add to the group.


  26. Yay! New kitty! The shelters are PACKED with displaced souls in need of some good loving. So many “forclosure pets” these days! It’s wonderful that one of them may find such a terrific home.
    Sorry Winston. This is your lesson #1,248 on sharing the wealth…


  27. Cat says:

    Oh, and you can name the kitty Lily.


  28. susan says:

    Yay for mandel bread! YUMMM! Hey, if you’re interested in a new kitty… I had to find Carson a new home but he’s still available for adoption: http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=13340614
    We could make arrangements for getting him to you! 🙂


  29. zelzee says:

    I’m working Good Friday…….
    Good meshing of the two holidays, but I’ll take mine, any day……….let’s see….chocolate or bread???? Hmmmmmm


  30. Paula FNY, D says:

    Now THAT is the way to celebrate Easter/Passover — getting a new cat! (And oh, the naming opportunity! Lazarus! Hot Cross Bun! Cadbury! Matzoh Ball! Maccabee!)
    Squee! So excited! I will be on tenterhooks until you let us know!


  31. Erin D. says:

    : D an Easter kitty!! Get one. Or more. I will not mention how bitter I may or may not be about not getting Good Friday off.
    And that is a delightful Easter basket. What a great neighbor.


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