Writ’n a post

TeethI found this nice photo that Marvin took when we were on vacation once. Someone had to go to a lot of trouble to color in that poor woman's tooth, seeing as that is a tall sign. And there's nothing I enjoy more than things like "cook'n" and "kitch'n," don't get me wrong. Or "wr'ng."

Do you know what else I enjoy? Let's please keep up with the phrase "sexyback" all one word. Let's keep using it often. Because I'm not over it or anything.

Another thing I am not totally over, so please, please keep using it because it's still HILARIOUS, really? Is Holy [insert something here], Batman. WOOO! You're killing me with that. Holy rainstorm, Batman! What's with this weather!? Holy catfight, Batman!

I just heard that one on The Real Housewives of New York, which I guess is my own fault for watching a show like The Real Housewives of New York. It's like how I read the comments on TMZ.com and get mad that the people on there are stupid.

WinSo, today is Winston's birthday. I actually have no idea when his birthday is, I mean, I have a one in 365 chance of getting it right, but this IS the anniversary of when we got his stripy arse from the pound and they said he was a year old, so I count April 14 as his birthday. He is four. We got him three years ago. Which I guess you could have figured out from the story I just told, but then again in my post from the other day where I talk all about my tattoos, someone left a comment that said, "What's the story behind your tattoos?" so you never know.

(I think it was some sort of scammy tatto company that trolls for tattoo pictures. Annoying.)

They were gonna put him down that night, Winston, because he'd been at the pound a month. He is truly the best cat and if I hadn't wandered in there that night I'd have never met him. Isn't that awful?

Do you enjoy my cherry pajamas? They kind of go with my theme, don't they?

21 thoughts on “Writ’n a post

  1. Awwww happy birthday Winston. I do believe that you meeting was just meant to be. Holy snapping duck shit .. my cousin used to say that all the time .. nice huh?!?


  2. Oh man, polly I did NOT need to read this! I am losing sleep over all the “foreclosure” kitties at the pound. My husband may have to physically restrain me from going down there and bringing one home. I want a Winston kitty!


  3. Aw, Winston! I’m so glad you were there to rescue him! It’s fate, I tell you!
    It’s my husband’s birthday, too! He’s 28! Go birthdays the day before tax day! I also have a second cousin who will be 12 tomorrow, and my birth mother’s husband will be 49 on Thursday. April is full of birthdays for me. Don’t why I’m rambling on about birthdays… sorry… I’ll mosey along now.


  4. Maybe this would be a good time to talk about the headline regarding Obama’s shelter puppy. You can’t always believe what you read in the newspaper. Happy birthday, Winston. He is a cool cat. Think of Angie and all the dogs we have rescued from one place or another, including Gus and Goldie, the dog with 9 lives.


  5. My pound cat just celebrated his 13th and final birthday with us. They’ve given him about 3 more months to live. I’m trying not to make this the most depressing comment on your page tonight, but all that to say this: Pound cats are the best cats ever. We’ll be going back.
    And Happy Birthday Winston. And many many more.


  6. So, uh, what’s with the cat? Does he have tattoos too? hahahaha, I crack myself up.
    Don’t know how I feel about adopting animals from the shelter. Penny, my black lab/rottweiller is a shelter adoption, and probably would not have lived much longer as she was so sick she was bleeding from her nose!!!!!! So, had I not taken her home and given her antibiotics…on the other hand, you never know when she’s gonna take off next, ’cause she’s a runner, that one!


  7. Happy Birthday Winston! Shelter cats are the best, I have one and he’s the most loving cat I have ever had. It turned out he had pneumonia when we brought him home, I’m so glad we picked him, he would probably not have survived had he stayed in the shelter.


  8. Holy Catpoop Batman it’s Winston’s Birthday. Happy Bird-day Winston.
    June I read this post and I just have one question. Are you on speed again?


  9. In honor of Winston’s birthday, I think you should write that post teaching us how to pick out the perfect cat. I promised my daughter a ‘yellow kitty’ (her words) if/when she learns to poop in the potty. So, my needs will be: a cat who is litter box trained, doesn’t shed a lot, and will be nice to my kids. Oh, and what are your thoughts on the declawing issue? Or would that be “declaw’n”?


  10. Declawing removes part of the cat’s toe and is really painful to the cat. They can be trained not to scratch the furniture. Many vets will no longer declaw.


  11. No declawing. Terrible procedure. Give them their very own scratching post!
    Happy Birthday to Winnie – belated, but sincere! He’s just adorable, June, and looks so happy there in the photo! He looks like he actually knows it’s his birthday!
    What did you do special for him yesterday?


  12. My Jack kitty and I have the same birthday… he’s a little younger than me though. He looks exactly like your Francis with his off-center mustache. And I have a Francis too.. a calico, she’s a girl Francis.


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