Some say she’s from Mars, or one of the seven stars that shine after 3:30 in the morning

I am listening to Tallulah crunch her food. It is such a festive sound, because she is so happy while she's eating. Crunch crunch crunch! I hope Marvin reads this and knows I fed the dog. Since he is on spring break he isn't up when I am and the other day we fed her twice, which she did not have the decency to correct him about. Her tags jingle merrily while she eats, too. Tingaloo, tingaloo, tingaloo!

LuWe aren't going to see this ridiculous creature for four days, which is the longest we have ever gone without seeing her. Marvin and I are headed to Michigan this afternoon for his aunt's bat mitzvah and Tallulah is staying at dog day care for four days.

She hasn't been to dog day care in a week (Tallulah, not Marvin's aunt), because I had last Friday off and Marvin was here all week, and you know the part where I thought maybe she had matured? Yeah. Okay, she has matured a LITTLE, but yesterday she ate those little flip-flops they give you at the pedicure place. Not that I was wanting to treasure those flip-flops forever, I am just saying the jerkiness is still in her if she gets bored enough.

Yesterday we started talking about the dog day care, and did they know she just got her rabies update, and did we have her food ready to go to dog day care, and I looked down and that poor creature had her head tilted way over and she was looking back and forth at us like we were playing tennis. She totally knows the phrase "dog day care" and she must have been thinking this week, "Why the Sam Hill haven't they been taking me there? Making me stay here with these cats all week."

Perhaps you're tilting your head and thinking, "That June certainly gads off to Michigan a lot lately" and I say, really? You go around thinking "gads off"? And yes, it certainly seems like I do.  And if you are up on your Jewish things, you may be wondering why Marvin's aunt is 13, if she's having a bat mitzvah. WELL, SHE ISN'T! (That's only funny if you like the song Planet Claire.)

When Marvin's aunt was 13, girls didn't get to be bat mitzvahed, only boys got to be bar mitzvahed, so she is doing it now as an adult, which I think is cool.

Also, while I am in Michigan, my cousin and I are going to drive to my hometown and see my Uncle Jim for an hour or so. He actually leaves the hospital today, they think, so I'll get to visit him at home. I will tell him you all said hello.

21 thoughts on “Some say she’s from Mars, or one of the seven stars that shine after 3:30 in the morning

  1. oh crap you’re coming to MI & i’m leaving… oh well, i wanted you to know i’ll be gone for a week & i was sure you were going to wonder where i was, so i’m giving you the heads up! i’ll be on a cruise praying pirates don’t come for my booty! (don’t worry, i’ll be back to stalking you next week!)


  2. June… haha, you are the 2nd person to mention that there is a chance “my” pirate will be Johnny Depp, if so I’m all “bye bye Mister, i’m running off with a man with gold teeth”


  3. If you really want to see a happy Tallulah, I will send you my Famous (but only in my mind) Dog Food Recipe. Dogs that eat this fabulous, delicious gourmet (I am channeling Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction) dog food are like those proverbial hicks you can’t keep down on the farm cause they’ve seen Gay Pareee!
    My older dogs are 12 and have been accustomed to this their whole lives and knocking on wood, they are in great shape. The new puppy that the older dogs call That Whippersnapper Interloper also loves his new digs and his new chow, but he doesn’t seem to have any taste buds. That boy will eat anything you put near him. So he isn’t a prime example of how wonderful the Not Quite Famous Dog Food is.
    Let me know if you want me to hand-write the recipe on an actual recipe card and mail it to you in an actual envelope so you can actually make it in your own home!!


  4. Tell Uncle Jim we are thinking of him.
    Pour little Lulu! She could stay with her Aunt Gladys if I lived closer. Hey you could put her in a box and mail her to Montana. I would take care of her. Except she would probably eat through the box and run around the Fed EX plane making them crash on some deserted island where she would have to befriend a soccer ball named Wilson.


  5. Please do tell Uncle Jim hello, even though he doesn’t know from any other Cat off the street. I’ll send my positive thoughts from my super-sized yoga class tomorrow. That’s like prayers for the not so religious.


  6. big hug to Uncle Jim –
    you could have had the courtesy to show us your
    bat mitsvah ensemble- we like to have an accurate mental picture of you in these situations-


  7. I was wondering why Marvin had a 13 year-old aunt. So glad you clarified. That makes me think… since I didn’t get a sweet sixteen party, I might just throw one for my bad self NOW. And buy myself a new car. Great idea, thanks June!


  8. Holy bat mitsvah June .. say g’day to Uncle Jim from Australia .. well .. I don’t really know if EVERYone in Australia wants to say g’day to him .. but I can’t see why they wouldn’t. Have fun at the old-bat mitsvah. :o) Just kidding Marvin’s Aunty.


  9. Good one, Aussie Linda (old-bat mitzvah…).
    And have a great visit with Uncle Jim. Your adoring fans will wait with bated breath for your report.


  10. Would a bar mitzvah cheer up your Uncle Jim? Maybe a mix tape of different dogs crunching kibble?
    Hope you’re having a wonderful time and your uncle has filled you with nothing but great reports.
    I trust there will be plenty of pictures wherein everyone has cigarettes stuffed up their nostrils…


  11. My dad’s dog likes to share the experience of eating, so he basically needs an audience. He’ll take up a mouthful of food and move from person to person while chewing with his mouth open to show off his prize. One of our dogs, however, eats so fast he has actually inhales a kibble on a regular basis and then starts hacking like a habitual smoker.


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