Where’s June?

Marvin is making me pay attention to him, so I can't post tonight.

I will tide you over with this:


Yes, I am obsessed. Totally. For sure.

Bowl kitty

13 thoughts on “Where’s June?

  1. Is Henry pooing in the pink bowl? Little snax for Lula?
    My Aunt’s dog adores the snax that her 3 cats leave in the litter box! The dog is forever sneaking into the laundry room to munch munch munch away!
    Isn’t that gross?


  2. I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and seeing the stories about the kitten makes me smile. I am really enjoying the blog! You have a wonderful style of writing.


  3. How can you resist the urge to just rub your face all over his fluffy, sweet, little side??? I would get absolutely nothing done.
    How are Francis and Winston doing?


  4. Oh my … he is the cutest little muffin. I LOVE him! I want to pet him and kiss him and rub his fur the wrong way…


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