Ding ding ding dingding DING ding (that’s me singing Ice Ice Baby)

So last night I asked Marvin, "Do we have ice cream?" and he said, "We have ice."

Okay. Is that the most depressing answer you have ever gotten to that question?

Do we have any candy bars? No, but you can take the bar exam over on the next block.

We have ice. Whatever with Marvin.

At any rate, as you may or may not know, which was a stupid way to start that sentence, because that could pretty much cover everything in the world, I was planning to take a trip to New York with my friend Sleeping Beauty in May. I saved up $1600 to go on my trip, and oh, I was looking forward to it. But given the pretty economy and the state of both Marvin's and my job and the fact that we have ice, I am too nervous to spend my precious $1600 on a trip. So in May Sleeping Beauty is coming here to visit.

This means that I can spend a teensy bit of my money (like $100, folks) on curtains for the living room. Because currently we have the sad Hi, we're renters plastic blinds that came with the house:


What I enjoy most about myself is my ability to center things in a picture. Did I mention my father is a professional photographer?

Anyway, if you can skew your vision enough, does anyone have any good curtain ideas? Keep in mind I like gramma's house in 1946 as my decorating technique.

In our old house in LA we had these blinds with scalloped bottoms that I really liked. I would get those again but they cost 11 million dollars apiece. And nobody suggest I MAKE my own curtains, because have you met me?

Do you like Marvin's cooler over there, like he brings heart transplants to work every day? Maybe I should have removed that before I took this impromptu, centered pic.

I have to go shower, but I also took photos of things blooming in my yard so I will slap those in here now.


This tree has blossoms coming out of the loggy part of the tree. That's the official scientific term. The loggy part.


I have these blooming all over my yard, but whoever planted them had no concept of what colors clash. So there's coral next to red next to pink and it IRKS ME.


Still, they're flowers. You can't complain that much. It's better than big towers of poo growing next to your house.


Did you really think I could go one whole post sans Henry?

37 thoughts on “Ding ding ding dingding DING ding (that’s me singing Ice Ice Baby)

  1. I say you just photocopy pictures of Henry, tape them all together, then cut them out in a quasi-paper-doll fashion and string them across the window. Paper dolls were used in 1946, weren’t they?


  2. Ahahaha. We have ice.
    My fancy decorating idea is to go to target, buy 2 curtain panels in pattern A and 2 in pattern B and alternate them. So. I’m going to go get started on my design blog.


  3. Somehow, the requirement for Grandma decor circa 1946 screams lace, but those might be pricey.
    So, how about just some boring-ish plain panels? Target has plenty. If you want cheap, you know. Pier 1 also has nice ones. Slightly less cheap, and possibly not your style, but you just never know. And, their web site sucks. So you’d have to go to the store, and who knows if you have one.
    However, the twin sheets are also a fantastic idea. I’ve done it myself, you just slide the curtain rod (which might cost $25 if you get a nice one) through the big hemmed part. This would require minimal work, but you’d have to cut a little hole for the curtain rod to go through.


  4. Since you like the granny decor and really, who doesn’t? My house is all about the old school. Go to Target and get your favorite curtain rod and those curtain rings with the clips on them. Then go home and look at http://www.reprodepotfabrics.com . They have terrific barkcloth like your fabulous forties pillows on your couch that the two cutest little friends in the world are a snoozin’ upon. They make a fusible tape or fabric glue (fabric store). When your groovy fabric comes, you can hem it that way –no sewing required. Clip them to your rods and voila! They’ll look custom for practically nothing.
    Also, your father is a photographer, right? PLEASE tell me your mother is not a horticuluralist because the “flowers”? A dogwood tree and azaleas. The carcophony of colors? I prefer to think of it as Jazz rather than a symphony…
    Oh yeah, I think we have the same camera. Ask your dad to set it to the “natural light” setting. It takes two shots at different settings but it is so worth it. No, I don’t know how to do it myself. My husband is a photographer. He did it for me.
    Toodles, The Furry Sorta’-Know-It-All


  5. The sheets idea wasn’t a bad one. You don’t even have to sew those because they have built in pockets. But, go to Goodwill and look for some vintage looking ones. And you’ll still have money left over for ice cream. Dollar General only has scratchy ugly poly cotton.
    I don’t know how you and Marvin can go to work each day. How can you stand being away from Henry kitten? I just want to play and play and play with him.


  6. Does anyone have any curtain ideas? Hello.
    Have you ever even read my blog? ever.
    I have mistreatments that you can make. I know you don’t want to make them but it involves hot glue and folding. Hardly any cutting and NO sewing.
    Or you can go to Pier 1 and buy some panels. That could work too.


  7. I say that’s June’s crotch with the baggy Topamax pants. Hey, you could use the extra fabric in your pants for a valance.


  8. Yes, do go scour the second-hand shops in your aread. Because even Grandma updates every once in a while, and you can get good deals on all the curtains SHE has deemed “out of date”.
    Or you could just go digging, maybe you’ll find a time capsule with the ancient curtains you desire. 😉


  9. Oh, Your Pal from MA… I was so distracted by the very cute Henry that I didn’t even notice he was on a crotch. Thanks for pointing that out… and yes, I scrolled back up for a looky-loo.


  10. FYI… go to ebay. Type “curtains 1940’s” or “curtains 1950’s” into the search engine and all sorts will pop up. There you go… curtains Grandma’s way.


  11. Speaking of crotches, isn’t the bloomy part of the tree called the crotch? The tree, by the way is a Dogwood and the bushes are called Azaleas. They are very popular in this part of the country.


  12. Good lordy June, I thought Henry was laying on a blanket. You are so thin that your legs did not even show up in your pants!


  13. i don’t care about no curtains….but I do like me some bottom-up blinds from NextDay Blinds! 🙂
    Dang, I gotta buy my plane tix….what weekend were we sayin?


  14. You can post a request for someone to make you curtains on Craigslist.com. Or, go to etsy.com and you can maybe find someone there. That way you can get exactly what you want. I would do it for you if I lived closer!


  15. Mixture of colors of Azaleas? Doesn’t bother me at all….but the sofa not being centered on the windows? Now that drives me crazy.


  16. You already got plenty of good curtain ideas above but not nearly enough praise for the sweetest baby bundle of fur around. How can a critter be so cute, and precious and adorable??!!! We have 2 grown up kittys who are still sweet lambies but we lost our new furry baby to FIP last fall. It was my son’s first kitten that was all his own. Felix was a black and white tuxedo kitten sniff,sniff. He was a sweet, silly and naughty little bundle. I have promised my son after we move this summer he can get a new kitten. I can hardly wait!! Henry should be the poster boy for kitten adoption!


  17. For the windows, sheer panels. They’re cheap, and the cats love them (with their claws).
    Did I punctuate that correctly, because I know we just got a lesson on parentheses and I really was paying attention (for a change).
    If I’m doing it wrong, at least I am consistant.


  18. If you want 1946 I would think lace curtains would be in order. Don’t ask where to get lace curtains, I don’t recall seeing them at Target or Wal-Mart, however, K-Mart comes to mind when I think of lace curtains.
    “…like he take heart transplants to work every day?” ROFL!!!!
    You know I love the photo of His Majesty King Henry!


  19. Answers to all of your questions, in order:
    Breyer’s vanilla, because it makes me fatter NATURALLY
    No and he must be so proud!
    Plantation shutters
    Unfortunately not
    I’d like it better in red and full of ice cream
    Not a chance and why try?
    You’re welcome.


  20. Great – I didnt quite ‘get’ the title until I read that it was Ice, Ice Baby. So then I have to go read the title again, pausing where appropriate and now I have that dang song in my head!!


  21. June,
    Here are my mistreatments. Totally ripped off the Nester for these. 5 windows. One day. $20. I promise. I do not sew. I only had to measure, cut, hot glue, and put tacks in the wall. (And you would still have $80 left!)
    Seriously June, you could do this. Hang them high and they won’t even block the light.
    You could do the same thing with store-bought valances. No hot-glueing for those.
    But honestly, if I was friends with Nester in real life, I would totally take advantage of that. Your windows would rock.


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