Keep your sunny side up

Yeah. When I said you wouldn't hear from me for a few days, I just meant because I'd be too depressed to write anything funny. I wasn't planning on going to Michigan. Although I would like to get back there again soon.

So I am still too depressed to write anything funny, but I figured I'd write an unfunny post, because why should this be different from any other day?

My uncle has stabilized, but I feel weird about splaying all the details of his illness all over the Internet. Seems like it's not my place to say.

At any rate, I obsessed over my photos until I finally found one of Uncle Jim where you could actually see him. I started wondering why I haven't taken more pictures of him, but I figured it was because he has always been around, like clouds or grass or Jerry Lewis. You don't think about taking pictures of stuff that's always there. You just take it for granted.


Okay, I'm no Diane Arbus. It's out of focus, but it was in a dark reception hall at his son's wedding. Still, it captures his handsomeness. He is next to my mother, who will be annoyed that I cropped her out of the picture.

I also found this picture while I was poring over my photos:


Let's not only celebrate the in-focus stylings of my photography skills in the Uncle Jim photo, but let's all take a moment to appreciate my equally abundant photo cropping skills, as evidenced by my nice left-hand corner in this picture.

At any rate, I do not know why I was feeding Mr. Horkheimer a gallon of vodka lo those many (three) years ago when poor Hork was still alive. Perhaps this explains his demise. I do like my earnest expression, like feeding vodka to the cat is a serious matter.

Anyway, in all this sadness and gloom and drunk felineness that is my life, I know it has been many days since you have witnessed my current feline, which sounded kind of dirty, so without further ado I bring you more Henry pictures.

Mykitty This my kitten. Get own kitten.

Gonow Dog sleeping? I go play now?

Lickbutt Think I like better when you hizzed at me.

Despite appearances to the contrary, Henry does not spend all his time on the couch. I just only have the camera when he's on the couch, is what I think it is. He is usually playing in that sideways-spider-kitty way that kittens play. All. the. time.

But as you can see, Winston is over his initial hostility and even Francis has allowed him to eat from the big-cat dish and has stopped hissing, mostly because whenever Francis hissed at the kitten, Tallulah ran over and acted rabid and showed all her teeth and basically scared the pee out of Francis, which works for me.

Okay, my intellectually stimulating Star Magazine is calling my name. And my name is Shallow.

24 thoughts on “Keep your sunny side up

  1. Glad you are posting. Glad your Uncle Jim is stable. Thanks for the picture. A handsome made indeed!
    Glad to see Henry and the gang have bonded. That is one cute kitten. Mr. Horkheimer was also quite cute (may he rest in peace). Your hair was so long in the vodka picutre and also dark. I like it long and dark…you should return to the dark side and see what you think.


  2. Julia Roberts!! You remind me of Julia Roberts in this photo. So pretty! Between you and Uncle Jim, it is evident that you have good genes in your family.


  3. I was actually thinking Kyra Sedgwick. Who played Julia Roberts’ sister in that movie that I can never remember the name of.
    Now that I have violated damn near every grammatical rule I can find, I will sign off.
    p.s. Your Uncle Jim looks like a really nice and fun person. Even if he likes to jump out and scare the pee-waddley out of you!!
    I wish him well.


  4. Uncle Jim looks like the best uncle EVAH. I hope he is comfys. meanwhile, SIDEWAYS-SPIDER-KITTEN!


  5. I agree,very Julia Robertsy. Bring back the long hair.
    Also, I am sorry you are having to deal with the shitty side of life.


  6. I agree on the Julia look. And you kind of look like her too. Oh they were talking about you? I thought they were talking about the vodka swilling pussy cat.


  7. Oh, Hello Hotty McHotness! No wonder you haven’t posted pictures of your uncle Jim. There might be stampede to Michigan!
    I’m on the “long hair” side. Was it easier for you to control, er, I mean style? Could you do the “wrap in a t-shirt, add some product, let air dry while I occasionally scrunch it” styling???
    I am glad to hear from you… funny or not… happy or not… feline drunk or not…
    I heart Henry.


  8. Wow! Uncle Jim is a mighty handsome man! Glad to hear he’s stable. And I hope he’s comfortable.
    I make my husband look at all the cute pics of Henry. And I always re-tell the story about why you have Henry and where you got him and how protective Tallulah is. He humors me.


  9. Is Winston really licking Henry’s butt? Eeewwww. I’m glad to hear peace is reigning in your house. And doubly glad to hear the prodigiously (sp?) handsome Uncle Jim is stable.


  10. Your uncle is a handsome fellow. 🙂
    I agree that you look like Julia Roberts in that photo.
    Are you following the J&K+8 story? What do you think is going on? Publicity stunt? Innocent friendship? Blatent infidelity?


  11. Dear Sarah B,
    I am not a reality TV person, and I am assuming that’s who these people are. Either that or they are sports figures, because any time I have no idea who someone is they are reality TV stars or sports figures.
    And when I say I am not a reality TV person, somehow The Real Housewives of New York does not count, cause suddenly I am watching that like it’s good. So if you say “Bethenney” I will know just who you mean.


  12. Junie,
    I also love The Real Housewives of NY. (And the Orange County one, too. And did you see they’re going to do one in New Joisey?! Should be a hoot!). Anyway, it’s not like the other reality TV shows, right?
    Glad Unlce Jim has stabilized.
    Henry photos are priceless!


  13. That movie with Julia Roberts and Kyra Sedgewick is “Something To Talk About” I think. Great movie. Also, I saw Kyra S and Kevin Bacon at a local production of “Footloose” and OMG she is beautiful in person. She looks like she is lit from the inside. LUMINOUS. And she’s just nice. At the end of the show she and Kevin and their two ragtag moppets left in a yellow VW beetle.
    Also I love the Housewives of NYC but I HATE Kelly. LOVE Bethenny. Kind of feh on the rest but find it heeeelarious that the Countess thinks she’s the be-all and end-all of etiquette. As if.
    Glad your uncle is stabilized. Love all the pictures!


  14. It’s Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally.
    And could you believe that Jill told Behtenny to just leave the event?!! I have never seen Bethenny be stunned into silence so quickly! She handled it well though.


  15. Oh, Lazy Mom Leslie, I don’t agree. She HOUNDED Jill while Jill was getting ready to give her speech! And she hounded Ramona too. She should have let it go until after the party. I cannot believe I am talking about this stupid show like it is a thing.
    But let’s talk about that couple where the woman’s face is too thin–like I’m one to talk–and her husband is clearly gay. The couple with the badly behaved little boys with pretentious names.


  16. Ack! Alex and Simon! Phonies. Aren’t the kids Francois and Something Equally Stupid?
    I missed the one with Bethenny and Jill!


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