26 thoughts on “Obligatory Henry photos

  1. Good Lord that is one cute kitty cat. I love him so! His little back feet look like bunny feet. I could just eat him with a spoon…he is yummy.


  2. I can hardly stand it, he is so cute! We have barn cats and this time of the year means lots of kittens. For cryin’ out loud, I want to squeeze them all.


  3. Alright, alright – I have tried not to be moved by the kitten pictures. I’ve been all “It’s just a cat.” But today, my heart stopped. I just can’t hold it in any more – that kitten is just so cute, I could dunk it in my coffee and eat it.


  4. I am a little fascinated by how many people want to actually EAT the kitten. Why is that our response to a cute thing? This should be studied somewhere. Someone should get a grant for this.


  5. Maybe it’s a Southern thing, June. You know, like, “Couldn’t you just eat him up?” Of course there should be long drawn out phrasing with extra syllables when you say it out loud or in your head.
    Ohhhhh, Gramma!


  6. Damn that cat. I hate cats. He’s too freakin’ cute. I want one. But cats could literally kill me, so I must whine that I can’t have a cute cat like Henry.


  7. Henry has brought me out of lurkdom. If I had Henry I could NOT go to work everyday! I would have to be a stay at home mom.


  8. You better be happy I don’t live in Greensboro, because I would be so tempted to catkap little Henry kitten. LOL! Thanks for all the photos love, love, love them.


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