The results of your analysis


This out-of-focus shot of Henry and Tallulah and my shrouded legs must serve as our obligatory Henry shot for the day, as it was the only picture I got before the camera went dead and Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin Muffin recharged it.

What if this is your first time tuning in to this blog? Imagine your confusion right now.

Anyway, yesterday's deep psychological test result is this: Your first animal is how you want the world to see you. I picked black leopard because they are sexy and mysterious.

Your second animal choice is how the world really sees you. I picked pink flamingo because they are quirky and interesting.

Sad. Accurate. I want to be

Selma Hayek

and I am


Don Knotts.

16 thoughts on “The results of your analysis

  1. So I see myself as Carl Lewis, and the world sees me as the baby kangaroo that always beats up Sylvester…that’s about right…I am immature, and I don’t care for felines.


  2. That’s really cool! I asked my husband this question, and his answers were:
    1. A Lion – because they kick ass.
    2. A monkey – because they can climb things and fling poo.
    Yup, I’d say that’s pretty accurate.


  3. Oh CRAP! What I’m slithery and slimey? I want the world to see me Slithery and slimey but really I’m cute and cuddly?


  4. I am so glad your site is finally up…yippee! Being that I am really tiny I adore the fact that my second choose was a whale. I realize the test was not about how you and others view your body shape however, it tickels me to have a whale associated with how people see me. I have been called a beeotch but never a whale.


  5. Plus, wanting to be a flamingo is just another way for you to say you want even more pink in your life, June! Which is fine by me, I’m a fan of pink.


  6. So I want others to view me as having a nice coat, and I want nice hair. Fair enough! I DO want nice hair!


  7. Have you seen previews for the movie where Meryl Streep plays Julia Child? SHE is quirky and interesting. Julia, I mean.
    Plus, hello, flamingoes are first and foremost long, lean and pretty. Quirky is farther down their list of traits.


  8. Wellllll… (blushing slightly). I guess I AM beautiful, graceful and serene. I did not realize that I wanted the world to see me as “solitary” and a “great hunter”. The solitary part I understand but hunting??? Really? Maybe I want the world to see me as able to take care of myself. Yes, I am analyzing my analysis.


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