Once upon a time, there was one little girl who went to the blog academy


In honor of my Love's Baby Soft giveaway, I Farrah-d my hair. What do you think?

And by the way, I lied. What I have is a duo, not a trio, of Love's products to give away. I was hallucinating. And because I feel so bad about this, I will go to Walgreen's and get you a Bonne Bell Lip Smacker as well, because yes they do still sell them.

Here is my fine photo of the duo of Love's Baby Soft and Love's Old Lady Hard. I think the other one is actually called Heart Throb or something. I can't open the package and I can't get the dang thing turned around. There is a little clippy thing you'll have to cut should you win it.


So far I have about 20 people who sort of tepidly want this, if you count my pal Calyx, who wrote in to say he doesn't want it. Which I guess hardly puts him in the category of even tepidly wanting it.

I have no idea who I'm going to pick, but I liked Culpepper's suck-uppy I-have-read-you-for-two-years-two-months-and-11-days plea, as well as Jan's anything-you-have-owned-I-want-to-own thing. But probably I'll just do the random number picker. Unless anyone has a really good sob story about Love's Baby Soft.

Okay, so when I get home from work tonight to do Ask June, I will announce the winner of this compelling prize. Seriously, is this the worst giveaway ever? No, my Totie Fields dress was worse.

Leave your comment saying you want the Love's Baby Soft/Bonne Bell Lip Smacker here.

17 thoughts on “Once upon a time, there was one little girl who went to the blog academy

  1. To clarify, “Heart Throb” and the “Sugar Kiss” are the names of these two lovely retro scents. This is according to hellokitty427503, and my extensive eBay stalking of expired items.
    Source: http://cgi.ebay.com.my/LOVES-COLOGNE-MIST-HEART-THROB-SUGAR-KISS-0-69-FL-OZ_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQitemZ370167922933
    This is what happens when I have coffee at midnight PST… and why I shall be the world’s most trivial research librarian once I finish my MLIS.


  2. I just laughed so loud I think I woke up my family and the neighbors. I think you should request that hair style at your next salon appointment.


  3. Dear June, Please come to my yard sale this weekend. Saturday 8:00 a.m.
    3914 Sagamore Drive Greensboro (at the Cardinal) I know you heart yard sales and you will also get to meet me and Patty’s precious new puppy “Olive”.


  4. Oh, pick me. I personally think the winner should be someone who actually used these products as a teenager, so I’m the obvious choice! Love’s Baby Soft, BonnieBell Lip Smacker, Nair (“who wears short shorts” will now be sing songing in my head all day). I’ll display them on my macrame table, next to my lava lamp.


  5. That Farrah hair picture has me so confused I don’t know if I am supposed to Ask June Gardens in this post or the one you are working on this evening.{Is that going to be your new Ask June Gardens photo?} So I am just going to ask you now; are you the creator of WordGirl? My children are crazy for this show. Who was your inspiration for Captain Huggy Face? Dr. Two Brains? And especially Lady Redundant Woman??? I think I already know who inspired Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy, but you could answer me that riddle as well.


  6. Love’s Baby Soft reminds me of my first kiss!!! Sweaty palms. A boyfriend with braces that dug into my lips. Butterflies in the pit of my stomach. Not being sure of where to put my hands so I ran them through his hair like I was a soap opera star.
    You don’t have to pick me because I have a half-empty bottle leftover from my high school days. 🙂


  7. I think it is nice you are paying respect to Farrah. They said in her sad documentary that she had lost all of her hair. Nice to remind us how we all wanted to look just like her and that she had the best head of hair…ever. By the way, I still think you should go dark with you hair (but keep the feathers:))


  8. I wondered if anyone would think I was being mean, wearing Farrah hair when poor Farrah no longer has hers in real life. She was the hottest woman ever in her day.


  9. Wasn’t it just awful when they let Farrah’s son out of the pokey to come and see his mom??? And he was all “Mommy. It’s Red.” And she barely recognized him because she was so doped up on pain meds. And he still had his ankle shackles on… Oh, it made me sad.


  10. I couldn’t possibly because I already got the beautiful dress… but hey, I already know your home address so if you send it to me, that’s one less stalker you have to worry about. Did you know? the name of your street is my maiden name. It’s an unusual name that I don’t see much…even in Kentucky.


  11. I would like to win the Love’s baby Soft trio…er duo…beacause I was in HAITI visiting my adoptive daughters…in HAITI…an could not access your site from HAITI, where the humidity is about 210% and my hair was big, frizzy, curly, and greasy all at the same time and my towles never dried and came home stinkin’…so I was not able to officially respond to the give away but now I am here and want to win. Nice sentence structure, no?


  12. Well, I was going to second letting Kristy Kish win because I loved her story, and then Lee posted about her lovely excursion to HAITI.
    So while I would love to win, I kind of think either of these two have the best stories if you are going that way.


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