I think you’re craaaazy, I think you’re craaaazy…

Marvin and I collect photographs of people we don't know. We have done so since we have been dating, and there is group of photo albums in particular that we are obsessed with–photos of Norma and Vern.


Norma and Vern lived in LA from the early '40s until their deaths in the '90s. We found their photo albums soon after Vern died. First we just bought one, but it was so detailed with captions under all the pictures and greeting cards and newspaper clippings that we felt we knew Norma and Vern and all the people in their lives. So we went back and got another album.

Now we own three, and we are so mad we missed Norma's journal and wedding album, which someone else bought.

Anyway, the point of this story is that before we left Los Angeles, this guy Michael included us in a documentary he was doing about people with weird hobbies. He came to our house I think three times, and he was at our going-away party the day before we left.

Today on Facebook, Michael has the trailer for his documentary, and I look completely insane. I have linked to it on my page, so if you are my Facebook friend, go see my bra strap and my frizzy hair, won't you? I've left him a message asking if there's a way I can put my nuts self on this blog so you can all enjoy the fruitcakeness that is June.

He even interviewed an expert to find out what is wrong with us (the expert said we had something to work out with Norma. Peedaddle. Can I help it I am in love with a dead woman I never knew? What issues?).

Oh, dear.

16 thoughts on “I think you’re craaaazy, I think you’re craaaazy…

  1. There is no link. Everyone who reads this blog isn’t my Facebook friend. That’s why I said I’ve left him a message to see if I can put the trailer on my blog. But it’s, like, 4 a.m. in California so I haven’t heard from him.


  2. Of course I do. I also have their Social Security numbers, home address from when they were alive, and dates of their deaths. Why?


  3. Ohhhhhhhh. Ok then! I will!
    So what is the sad story behind why all of these photographic treasures were for sale? Or do I have to wait for THE DOCUMENTARY for that too? Hee.


  4. I don’t think you’re crazy at all! But then again, look at me!! I’m obsessed with plants, for god’s sake. At least you like people!! 🙂


  5. I have to admit that my husband and I collect turn of the century portraits of people we don’t know. There’s a lovely framed family portrait in our living room. People ask which side of the family they’re from. I just tell them, “Maybe yours!”


  6. Oh how I do love the Norma and Vern tales. Plese remember to make sure your will indicates that Culpepper is to inherit these lovely treasures (since I did not win the loves baby soft) so that I can add them to my lovely treasures of Birdie and her many lovers (or boyfriends that died in the war and husbands who snatched her up). You know old pictures of people who are no longer with us are my favorite thing…I wonder if I also have that unresolved issues thing?


  7. So does this make you look like the Beals in Grey Gardens? Do you put shorts on your head and dance around or do you just sit naked in a chair all day and sing?


  8. ACK!! Can you imagine if your PRIVATE journal were sold to the PUBLIC? Maybe I’m the only one who writes in my journal about my evil MIL and who has made my girlfriends swear they will break into my house upon my death and get journals out of bottom drawer and burn without reading.
    I will haunt the soul who sells my journal. *rushes off to burn journals in fireplace*


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