Guess what? It’s humid at the beach!


Peter Frampton called. Wants his beach hair back. (Really, he does. Have you seen poor Peter Frampton lately? Bald. If there was ever someone who shouldn't have gone bald. All those lovely blond curls…)

Really, my hair at the beach is a thing to behold. You got your wind, you got your saltwater, you got your humidity, and then it even rained. It was like I was the child of cotton candy and bedsprings. It was bad.

So needless to say I didn't pick anybody up at the beach. Except for some construction workers, who thought I was carrying insulation on my head.

But hey, I go away for four days and I come back and Chastity Bono is a man? I miss everything interesting.

Anyway, here's my trip in a nutshell.


Marvin is going to be so bothered by that photo. He hates feet and all feet-related things.

Here's my trip in a nutshell when I rolled over.


Hi, Sleeping Beauty! Yes, we did the thing again where we only took pictures of her sleeping. We continue to think we're hilarious.

The other thing we did was look at crabs. No, I didn't look in the mirror, Shecky Green. There were little crabs running about and Sleeping Beauty and I were enamored of them.


Can you see him out there, in the middle of the sand? This one was kind of yellow, so we named him Old Yeller. Because we're creative that way. I kind of enjoyed staring at my own astrological symbol all weekend. Crabs are cute.

Also too, there were dolphins and I sat like a sentinel for hours trying to see them. I finally saw what seemed to be four sets of fins in the water, and I do not mean that Sven and Ingmar were out there. So I MIGHT have seen dolphins but I really wanted a whole no doubt I saw them, rubbing my parts on Flipper kind of thing. Which did not work. I considered ordering mahi mahi just so I could see a dolphin for sure, but I did not.

Anyway, thanks for voting for me in that ding-dang contest while I was gone. Don't you wish that thing were over by now?

Now I have to go make out with Henry, because I missed him so bad.


Guess who isn't in the mood to be picked up and kissed? Guess who is 1/100th my size so he has no choice? Guess who just huffed off with attitude, like he is too good for this, and doesn't want to be associated with a half-cotton-candy/half-bedsprings mom?

They grow up so fast.


Author: June

At one point, I was sort of hot, in a "she's 27 and probably a 7" kind of a way. Now I'm old and have to develop a charming personality. Guess how that's going.

29 thoughts on “Guess what? It’s humid at the beach!”

  1. Shut UP! Your hair is GORGEOUS and your t-shirt is hilarious and you spent the weekend at the beach. That is an envy trifecta!


  2. Welcome Back! Sounds like you had a good time.
    Did you notice that you are listed twice on the awards site now?
    I get amused every time I see a blog that has been nominated, but it doesn’t
    even have a blog name! Who is going to be interested in a blog that has no name?


  3. Well, I been through the desert on a blog with no name. No, seriously? My stupid blog is up there twice? Well, how stupid. Why don’t I say “stupid” again?


  4. Hey there Miss Frampton,
    You were sorely missed! I voted and my husband voted and we are doing our level best to keep you in the numero uno position. So you keep doing what you do and remind us to keep on voting!
    I hope you and Sleeping Beauty had a great time, crabs and all. Did you eat anything besides baby carrots and zinfandel? Maybe a packet of airline peanuts?
    Glad you are back, safe and sound!


  5. I used to live at Kill Devil Hills at Outer Banks. Those were probably dolphins you saw, but Mahi Mahi is a different animal. We don’t eat “Flipper”. Also the crab is a Ghost Crab. Fun to watch!!


  6. Henry is getting so big!*sniffs* Sleeping Beauts sure is cute! And I like your hair….Frizzies Unite!


  7. Are you sunburned on the face June? or are you simply straining against Henry’s full strength to pull away from you?? I don’t know what you are talking about with your hair .. I would swap my fine straight hair in a heartbeat if ya wanted to! :o)


  8. love your hair!
    hey, did you see that apparently someone nominated you again, I guess, and left out the comma (ironic, isn’t it?) so now you’re out there twice? but the second one only has 7 votes… at first I thought they had wiped out your votes, but the original one is way out in front… coincidence, or conspiracy???


  9. And what? No discussion of how your certain “phobia” (Yes, I said that) put a certain kink into the weekend???


  10. Is that a sunburn or are we really just looking at you through rose colored glasses? Are you sure those were dolphins and not sharks? We missed you, June.


  11. Welcome Back. I missed you. Did you actually like the Outer Banks? Do beaches in N.C. differ greatly from California? Since I have been to neither place I inquire out of curiosity. Do you have any idea what you win if you win (which you will) this ding dang contest? Is this one of those contest where the prize is the fact that you won? There should be cash involved.


  12. LOVE the feet pic, I do that too! It’s my proof that I was actually somewhere. What… Marvin gets no love? lol!


  13. Goodness, one who culls peppers, you are so curious tonight.
    A) I liked the Outer Banks. It is less insane than the beaches in LA. It took me four hours to drive there and I was thinking as I drove that it practically took me that long to get across town to the beach in LA, once you battle traffic and find a place to park and walk there.
    2) I think all I win is the excitement of knowing I won. I wish there were cash. I always wish there were cash. Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, cashmere, whatever.


  14. Frampton still plays a mean ax, tho…saw him at DTE a summer or two ago. Great show, hair or no. P.S. nice ‘fro. Crazy how that wind blow. Well, I gotta go. Gotta get me a cup o’ joe. Keep me from movin’ slow. Can’t think of any mo’…


  15. yeah June it’s kind of a race to the finish with us & our blogs! my BFF nominated me while i held a gun to her head & now i’m up like 7 votes… so watch out!


  16. Someone stole your votes. I just looked and you only had 14. Last week you were over a thousand. Is your opponent an Iranian President?


  17. Now I looked again and you have 1416. I wouldn’t trust these people. Were they on the Supreme Court in 2000?


  18. Ok so obviously no one else is going to say it so I will. I could not even concentrate on your hair because YOUR GIRLS LOOK FABULOUS in that t shirt. Yes, I am a very married STAY AT HOME MOMMY who is very much coveting your boobas. My lands, Junie Bird, they look FANTASTIC. That is all.


  19. I don’t think you get to complain about your hair in that pictures. Not with those skinny arms and rack ( I am cringing as I type that word, I didnt know how else to say it).


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