Before I begin, I give you OHP (obligatory Henry picture):


I know I always show them sleeping together, but it's what happens here at night. Although Henry and I have a little tradition as of late where I take him outside after dinner, and he sits on my lap and looks obsessively at fireflies. Maybe I'll have Marvin photograph us tonight.

…Hey, did you know my blog is nominated twice for that award? Sighhhhhh.

Anyway, Sleeping Beauty sent me more photos of our trip to the beach, and I thought I would share them with you. Because what's more interesting that someone else's vacation shots?

So, we were lying on the beach on, like, day three of lying on the beach (and making out the ENTIRE TIME, remember, if you live in Marvin's fantasy world) and Sleeping Beauty told me about how last year she and her friend drove and drove and oh! also they drove, to this lighthouse they wanted to climb. Problem was, they got there at 5:15 and the dang thing closed at 5:00. She had been so disappointed.


I said, "Let's get in the car and go down there! How much more melanoma can we get?" So we got dressed and headed to the lighthouse. Above are my buttockals heading to the site. Really, my arse doesn't look that big, all things considered. And by "all things" I mean the 78 Taco Supremes I scarf a week.

Oh, it was pretty there! And there was a gift shop. Of course. I said to the Beauty, "Do you think they sell lighthouse earrings? Because I am so buying some if they do."


Three dollars and 15 cents. For high-fashion jewelry such as this? I am a beacon of style! Get it? And let's discuss the ball on the end of my nose. Can I take up a COLLECTION to get that thing removed? It's like Sputnik.

After our successful journey to the gift shop, where a strange little man looked Sleeping Beauty up and down and said, "MMMM!" in a guttural tone, we headed to the main attraction. The big event. The reason we had gathered ourselves together. And you know what?



Stupid weather. I liked it better when all of North Carolina was in a drought. Who CARES if we get struck by lightning just a tad? We'll likely live, right?

Apparently, Sleeping Beauty is not supposed to go in this lighthouse, ever.

Maybe she can climb my earring. Or explore my nose ball.

12 thoughts on “Lightninghouse

  1. Hah! That’s my favorite line ever. I won’t be IGNORED, Dan! I know you just said it, but I had to say it too.
    So showing up in your bathroom mirror tonight when you shut the medicine cabinet.


  2. Can I just say how much you look like Glenn Close in the close-up photo? “I won’t be IGNORED, Dan.”


  3. Thanks, Aubrey. Wow, yesterday my hootages got complimented and today I hear my arse isn’t big. I like this having a blog!


  4. I am related to some rather LARGE behinds, so I’m going to make a very experienced judgement that yours looks pretty dang good. It’s not big at all. Believe me.


  5. If you keep showing photos of Henry,I won’t have to get a kitten when (or if) one of The Boys keels over and croaks. He can be my vicarious kitten.


  6. I was a’skeered to comment last night. I could tell Ms. June was mad and I sure don’t blame her. What a mess. I didn’t want Ms. June (Wildcat) Gardens kicking my ass for some idiotic comment I might make.
    Anyway, glad you had a good time at the beach, in spite of the lack of lighthouse climbing and the abundance of humidity. And I’m sorry about the stupid Blog Award double freakin’ frackin’ nomination. Whoever did that is certainly not paying attention!


  7. June,
    Looks like you are still on the divorce diet.
    Also and too, please don’t get a nose job. My SIL did and now she looks like Ms. Piggy. She acts like her too.


  8. I hate it when my friends tell me the great adventures they had LAST year with their OTHER friend on a trip I wasn’t invited on. Oh, that’s just me? mmmmmmmkay.
    I woke up at 4am with my cat’s bunghole in exactly the same place Henry’s is in comparison to Lula’s! Irked me that the cat thought she could get away with that so early in the morning.


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