Ring of Fireworks

Sorry I've been light on my posts, and also light in my loafers, but Marvin's parents are in town. We have been gadding about. Which means going places with gads.

I know that made no sense. I am sleepy.

Today we schlepped Marvin's parents to Winston-Salem, so we could get tons of cigarettes and also so we could see some car show. Which, you know me. There's nothing that excites me like a car show.


There's Marvin, in his element. His parents are up there in front of him. No, not the guy with the gut action in blue. Right there, riding on Marvin's shoulders, like his Good Conscience and his Bad Conscience. Except that he is turned to the camera so they are on one shoulder, so they are both either Good or Bad.

Also too, see way up there is someone who looks naked and she has a parasol? She was one of 7 million rockabilly looking people we saw, and Marvin and I thought they all looked great and we have decided to look rockabilly from now on. I think it won't be pathetic at all for two people in their mid-forties to dye their hair jet black and get sleeved out. What do you mean?

And aren't they supposed to be hospitable in the South? Well, I guess they lose their charm when you walk against the light.


That's real rude, honey, as my mother would say.

After looking at every old car ever made in the history of time and going out and buying a cherry bikini and high-heeled Maryjanes for my rockabilly look, we went to Old Salem, which is a really stale cigarette. BAH.

Really it has old houses and stores and stuff.


Who's mature? Is it Rockabilly June, over here? And if you don't get why I am standing under this sign, be glad.

Finally, it got dark and it was time to see the fireworks. Marvin's parents are staying at a hotel that has excellent views of the works, so we brought food to the hotel and ate it outside.


Marvin drinks green tea, so he won't ever die.

Then we went up to their room and the view was excellent, Smithers.


Look at the almost-full moon, too. Probably you want a new moon on a fireworks night, though. But it looks pretty.

So that's where I've been. In case you were worried sick.

And I'm not gonna say a word. I'm just gonna link. Remember, I just have to be in the top 5 to qualify to win.

20 thoughts on “Ring of Fireworks

  1. I am the biggest loser ever. No, I am not THAT fat. AM I the ONLY person alive that doesn’t get the T. Bagge Merchant sign? I am such a loser. Yes, sissy Jan, I don’t get it. Just shut up.


  2. I can’t stop laughing at the T. Bagge sign! It looks like you had a festive day. My nephew caught the bottom of his pants on fire with a sparkler (he was not hurt- just stupid), I pulled something trying to show my niece I can still do a hurkie, and swore I would strangle the next person that screamed “Happy Birthday America” in my ear. Can you tell I was around 502 children all day?
    P.S. Voted! Hope you win!


  3. Things I Am Wondering On A Monday…
    I wonder if the guy that owns the T. Bagge shop was the one who googled accidental vagina pie…
    After seeing the smile on your face under the shop sign, I am wondering if there might be another reason Marv likes his tea…


  4. I wish I hadn’t looked up tea bag on urban dictionary dot com. I really, really wish I hadn’t. Next time I will take your word for it and be glad. What exactly do they sell in T. Bagge Merchant? Never mind, I think I would rather stay naive.
    Oh, BTW, I can’t vote for you. I tried but the website seems to be down.


  5. I want a shirt from the T. Bagge Merchant shop. Oh, I’m laughing like a 12 year old. I can’t believe someone named their shop “T. Bagge”. That is the greatest name for a shop EVER!
    The green tea comment is one of your funniest yet.
    Tell the Garden’s we all said, “Hello and how do you do?”


  6. Dear June,
    I have voted for you lots of days, most all I think. I see that you have reached a nice round number of 3000, partially thanks to me !! I must ask for something in return.
    Please increase the # of obligatory Henry pictures to two (2) per day. I feel that is reasonable compensation for my devotion.


  7. We love Old Salem!
    We had TWO fireworks shows we could see from the end of our driveway. We stood down at the road for 20 minutes watching the shows. Next time I’ll take my lawn chair.


  8. Hi June!
    OMG wait…I’m sorry, buuutttt…..are you standing under a sign that says T. Bagge Merchant!?!?
    I had to stop typing this 10 times because I was laughing like a 12 year old.
    Ok, deep breath.
    So, listen, this is, hands down, the weirdest contest thing in the history of ever. But, I digress.
    Thank you SO MUCH for your comment. I have to say, as someone else who prides themselves on being brutally honest with herself..and, um…the blogosphere…and just hopes to get a few laughs along the way, should I get back into the top five, it would be an honor to be in your company, funny girl!
    Love, Brittany


  9. “Marvin drinks green tea, so he won’t ever die.” hahahaha
    I enjoyed the fireworks from a median across the street from Outback Steakhouse. It took me as long as it takes to get home from Winston Salem to drive back from the fireworks. 😦


  10. You have to print that picture with the sign and frame it for your office. That is the best.


  11. I just voted. It looks like cheater votes got taken away again. So given that you’re safely in the top five with one day left to vote, those judges HAVE to see that you’re the funniest thing out there in blogland.
    And could someone please explain the sign to me, or at least why June standing under it is funny? I don’t get it, and I’m not glad.


  12. Cripes, June, I, too, couldn’t get over that hair scrunchy in that movie! Wow…get a load of those commas in that one sentence, would ya? (Movie: Last Chance Harvey for comment readers who don’t know what we’re talking about)
    I have a pinch collar thing and it works. However, it is a pain to get on and off so I don’t use it. But dagnabbit (that’s rockabilly speak) I’m going to suffer the time it takes. And then fret, the entire dog walk, that I’ll puncture a jugular. Why do we have dogs? (Dogs: In case comment readers want to be in the loop of what we’re talking about. I hate to leave people loop-less)


  13. OMG love, love, love the sign! It had to make your day of schlepping around worth every minute.


  14. The view of the fireworks makes the day leading up to it – whatever that day held – worth it! I hate summer, hate heat, hate humidity, hate crowds…but the fireworks, now those I love!


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