Yay, team.

Do you read my comments? Because I honestly think I have the funniest commenters. They are like the Hamburger Helpers of this blog. They add spice and zest and also Coast.

Once my friend was getting married, and she did that thing where she got a bunch of wedding cakes to taste before she made her final order. Now, see, for me? I just like that white wedding cake. But not my friend Paula. I happened to be there when she brought home 98 teeny pieces of cake, and one of them was lavender cake. I was curious about that one, and just as I swallowed it, her fiance said, "Doesn't that one taste just like Zest?"

And I almost choked to death. Because it totally did.

Does anyone use Zest anymore? You're not fully clean until you're ZESTfully clean.

I know you are stunned that I appear to have veered off topic. Which was my comments. They are the funny.

So, yesterday I blogged about how Marvin was a morning person and I am not. So, first Faithful Reader Kelly said SHE was a morning person, so she was on Team Marvin. Then I got delighted at the idea of people being on Team June or Team Marvin, and decided I should make t-shirts, but then Faithful Reader Furry Godmother said SHE wanted to be on Team Tallulah.

And if you already read all the comments yesterday you are SO OVER my recap.

Finally, Faithful Reader Accidental Housewife actually took time out of her accidental day and went on Cafe Press and made t-shirts for our various team members.

Wow. There was a lot of linking that just went on. I am Link Martindale.

See? I thought of a new one.

So, whose team are you on? I guess you don't have to base it on morning person/night person, seeing as our pets are whenever-we're-up people. I guess you can just base it on your whims.


Are you on Team Marvin? Who appears to be wearing the shirt from when my uncle ran for sheriff TEN YEARS AGO? Are you on the 10-year-old t-shirt team? Really?


Or are you on sad Tallulah's team? What's up with Lu? Why so Sylvia Plath? Wow.


How about Team Henry? You should know he spends 47 hours a day suckling the fringe on that pillow. Is that really who you want leading your team? A FRINGE suckler?


Or are you on the team that really matters? The team of large hair, schoolmarm arms and a Panama Canal forehead wrinkle? Because if you ask me, Team June is where it's at. It's where the participles dangle.

And yes, I realize we have two more pets. Does anyone want to be on Team Winston


or, God forbid, Team Francis?


Francis getting up to cut you, you not on my team.

82 thoughts on “Yay, team.

  1. Dear Kelly with another “e,”
    Those are 19060s frosty glasses on top of the bookshelf, or bookshelfe, as you might call it. Some are celebrating various touristy things in Seattle, and some are Michigan things. I need LA and NC ones, don’t I? Cover everywhere I’ve lived. And I guess London ones. Well, in case anyone wondered what I wanted for my birthday, there you go. Or, goe. Really, it’s not your fault your parents put that “e” on the end. I do not know why I must pick on your name, Kelleyeye.


  2. I’m on team June b/c I have a Panama Canal wrinkle as well – and we might as well match. And I have large untamed hair which is going to need a car booster seat with all this crazy New England weather. Plus you are flippin hilarious and I’m so glad I cruised the blog finalists and found you. So, will there be some sort of “Pie Olympics” with our teams? What kind of events will be held so that I can prepare?


  3. I’ve been following you for a couple of days now feeling all creepy stalkerish bc I hadn’t left a comment to say hello so here I am doing that now.
    Whew, it feels good to get that off my chest. Oh, and I’m Team June all the way. Morning people annoy the living daylights out of me. They’re all “Ohhh look at me im perky!” blah.
    Sorry for such a long comment!


  4. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be on Team June because of the glasses and the glasses-hair-pouf and all that, but I also think I should be on Team Marvin because I do tend to roll out of bed ready to talk your ear off and tackle the day most of the time. And then Team Henry because suckling on a fringe sounds pretty hilarious, granted a bit on the lesbian side of things, and lesbian I am not, so perhaps not. And then I’m kind of scared to not be on Team Francis??
    So I think I’m on team Major Complex. Way to go, June. Now I need my meds again.


  5. Katie,
    We watched Snatch tonight and it was good.
    (Wow, that sounds really creepy.)
    You were so right about the accents. My husband and I took turns screetching,” What did he say.”
    You really had to follow along.
    June, so did you win that blasted contest or not?!


  6. KW,
    I wish I knew. The rules say they’ll let us know privately between the 6th and the 10th and you’ll notice it’s the 10th. And, do I get to tell you all or do I have to keep it a secret until the conference or whatever it is? This is the longest contest EVER.


  7. I’m totally Team Francis – because I love the way his little feets are always spread so wide to accommodate his huge size.
    When you gonna enter some more blogging contests for us to vote on?


  8. This is too hard, I’m torn between Henry and Winston. You KNOW I love that little Henry, but my Oscar Snuggles, King of Tidewater is gray, just like Winston, so I’m with WINSTON!


  9. I wanted to be on Team June, but I could never wear the hardly-any-sleeves t-shirt (dontcha just love hyphens?), so I’m going to Team Francis because my chemically imbalanced self is SO like Francis!


  10. Ok, well it’s like this. I would like to be on Team June, but I can’t because of the shirts. The Team June shirts have those little cap sleeves that make my arm flab hang out. Sorry June.
    Since I don’t care for cats (sorry June, again), I’m going with Team Lula!


  11. Dangit, I’m late to the party.
    I want to be on Team Winston – I like him. He is kind of “We are the World” with his warm, un-catlike welcome of Tallulah. He’s the man.


  12. I thought I signed up. Maybe not.
    Team Tallulah.
    Who would have thought she’d get so few votes, behind Winston, who didn’t work for it?
    Not that I’m sorry for her, or anything. My Buffie looks somewhat like Tallulah and nobody could feel sorry for her.


  13. AAAK! Is it too late to pick a team? Had company for the weekend, and am just now catching up and enjoying blogs. So, I’m thinkin I have to be on team June, because we have the same hair. And I’ve never been a morning person. Also, I like cute little cap sleeve t’s. Even though the link to the t’s doesn’t work and I don’t really know what they look like. And because no one picked June for their team when she was young. I’m gonna go with that. Yep, team June all the way.


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