Obligatory Henry shots, back and better than ever

I am going to a museum today, with one of my TinyTown friends. If you are just tuning in, that made no sense. In a nutshell? Marvin and I lived in Los Angeles. Then one of us said, "Hey! Let's move to North Carolina, to a town of three thousand people! That won't be jarring!"

It was. We lived there eight months before we caved and moved to Greensboro. And now we go, "TinyTown was kind of fun. Why'd we move?" I do not know what to tell you about Marvin and me.

Anyway, since I will not be here today I thought I'd regale you with some Obligatory Henrys, because you are all complaining that you haven't seen him. Honestly, with you people and the kvetching.


I took this one by accident but I like it. He was on my lap.

There's our boy! And who's getting a big-cat snarky attitude? Is it our Hen Hen Hen? And yes, that is a 3-D book of Hollywood nudes. I do not know what makes them Hollywood nudes, as opposed to other nudes. I have never looked in that book. We have it because Marvin is a perv. In every dimension.


Okay, I know I should not talk about my own cat child, but he's a little awkward right now, with those child-bearing hips and tiny pinched head. He's got a bit of a bowling pin look going. But I'm sure he'll be stunning again in no time.

And in case anyone's on Team Winston…

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else you talkin' to?