A couple of days ago in this pressing blog, I mentioned the phrase "those of us in the pet world" and I offered a fabulous prize to the first person to guess where that charming phrase originated.

Faithful Reader Molly figured it out first. It was in the note my Annoying Dog Walker sent me about what I was feeding my dog ("those of us in the pet world abhor that food") (what a twit), thereby leading to Annoying Dog Walker's firing and Tallulah's subsequent days spent lolling about at dog day care. Which has worked out much better.

And by the way, I just went back to 2008–not literally–to try to find that post where the dog walker left me the note which lead to her firing, and I could not find said post, but I did find those few days where you sent me your family portraits and I Photoshopped myself into them and joined your family and oh! I get a kick out of myself.

I get no kick from cocaine! Mere alcohol doesn't thrill me at all. But I get a kick out of me.


What happened to the part where you guys were gonna go to Sears Portrait Studio and I was gonna go to my local Sears and we were gonna meld me into your current family photos? Cause I am still so down with that.

"Um, I know that's all you guys in your khaki pants and white shirts, but who's the frizzy chick in the Kiss Tshirt?"

"Oh, that's June."

AT ANY RATE, the POINT of my story is that Faithful Reader Molly received the delightful prize of a yodeling pickle, from yours truly, over here.

Yes I did send her a yodeling pickle. It gets there Tuesday. I told her she should hear it before she sees it. Molly, we expect a full report on the pickle. The pickle report. Don't put a lid on it! Tell us all. Your mouth will be ajar when you get your pickle. I hope you relish it!

She's gonna go sour on my blog, isn't she?

Okay, that's all I have to tell you. I went back into my exciting Pictures file and randomly pulled out a photo. Here's me in London on my 25th birthday.


Glad I seized the day with this crowd. Have never talked to any of those people ever again once we got back to the US. Haven't the foggiest where they are. BAH! But it was nice of them to get me a cake.

Actually, I was never with these people at all. I just Photoshopped myself into their London adventure.

0 thoughts on “Pickle-ay-he-hoo

  1. I’d like to be first to send my job application in for tour guide when they formally begin “Fantastic Voyages Through Her Brain”. I have a thing for stalagtites and, you see, I have this theory……


  2. That is so crazy, I was thinking about that that family photo and how cool it would be if Marvin got a tattoo of Talu, Henry and Fran and your floating head above them!How cool would that be? Maybe Marvin will do a Make Marvin Do It segment


  3. Hey! Isn’t this “Ask June” day? If so, I want to ask you how you keep a new cat from scratching your furniture? In your photos, your sofas and chairs seem remarkably claw-free. You are the Cat Woman, you know….


  4. June, I laughed myself silly at pensive, photoshopped you. Speaking of awkward photos, have you ever visited awkwardphotos.com? If you have and you’ve done a whole post devoted to its hilarity and I just never saw it, please forgive. But if not, you must run, not walk, to the site. And you need to send them that picture…they’ll love it.
    As for the Brazilian, always wondered about one of those. Thanks for taking one for the team!


  5. Remember the “Sienfeld” episode when George was trying to delete his picture from Krueger’s family photo on the beach? And Kramer suggests a guy because, “Remember that picture of me and Gerald Ford? I took it to him and got that Ford RIGHT OUT of there.”
    Completely irrelevant, but it was a funny episode.
    Don’t hate, Jan…I knew you didn’t need any clues. That is why you will always be my favorite…


  6. OK I’m pretending that today is ask June anyway…
    1)why the acceptance of prepositions at the end of sentences with?
    2)why do we say won’t instead of willn’t? my preschooler says willn’t a lot and i think it is so cute.


  7. Just FYI, I am on purpose not clicking the yodeling pickle link so that I will be completely shocked by whatever it turns out to be when it gets here.
    Also, I’m amused that my name is spelled correctly the first and third times you used it in this blog post, but that the anti-proofreading goblins snuck in to end it with an -ie the second time.


  8. Girl, I saw that when I was at work and I could not fix it. And it was
    BUGGING ME. Now you’ve commented on it and if I fix it your comment will not make sense. I also used the wrong “whose.” It should’ve been who’s. Oh, hell, I’ll go fix all.
    On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 6:20 PM, wrote:


  9. It looks like God is shining his approval down on you again… in the photoshopped picture.
    Are you the chosen one?
    And OMG… Archie McPhee… Slightly less disappointing than other companies. HILARIOUS.


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