My torrid affair with Marvin, part deux

When we last left off, it was 1986 and Marvin and I had just broken up. Crushed beer bottles everywhere, me sobbing, Marvin burning of my letters, which hello. How much fun would it have been to go back and read those? Go, Marvin.

Cause, yeah. When we broke up, we had no clue we'd ever get back together. It seemed pretty ding-dang done.

And wouldn't it be romantic to say that in the 10-year interim from '86 to '96 that there were no other men for me? That I just waited and pined, turning down every date offered me?

Yeah. I just sat here and counted, and I think I had between 10 and 13 boyfriends in that 10 years. I couldn't decide if some of them were boyfriends or just men I thought were cool till I figured out they weren't. Like the guy who made a collage of photos–of himself. Or the one who broke up with me while we were on vacation, and we had to spend the rest of the time awkwardly looking at lovely scenery.

And let's not forget the one who I broke up with because he wasn't ready to get married and he eloped TWO MONTHS LATER.

Through this entire parade of prettyness, somehow Marvin and I remained friends. We both graduated from college, and he moved to Los Angeles and I moved to Seattle.

Seattle 001Me in my Seattle kitchen, 1992. Look how I had, like, five plates. I can remember eating in that kitchen precisely never. And yes, my hair WAS red and short. I do not know what to tell you.

So we never SAW each other, but we'd call or write every once in awhile.

Whenever I hung up the phone from Marvin, I'd always think, Why can't I meet someone like him here in Seattle? And he'd always think, No one gets my jokes except her.

Well. In 1996, I was 31 and was dating no one. I went to a strawberry festival with my friend Christina and at said festival there was a psychic. Naturally, I stampeded over to get my fortune, and she told me I had a curse on my love life, and for $10 she'd lift it. I had to borrow the $10 from cynical Christina.

That night we went to a bar, and the guy checking IDs was really cute. I walked up to him and gave him my phone number on a gum wrapper. He called the next day, and we started dating. Let's go crazy and call him "Jonah," cause that wasn't his real name or anything.

Jonah was a lot younger than me. I think he was 22 or 23, tops. He was in film school, and I liked him just fine. I mean, he was a 6.5 on the 1-10 liking scale. I thoroughly enjoyed his company, but I wasn't obsessed or anything. He was the perfect person to end my dating life, to tell you the truth.

After we'd dated a few months, Jonah said, "You know that guy Marvin you used to date? The one who works on movies in LA?" (Marvin used to be a sound mixer for movies.) (No, you haven't seen anything he did. Oh, except Almost Famous, ironically, and he didn't get screen credit for it.)

Jonah thought it'd be good for his future film career if I invited Marvin for a visit. He wasn't worried about me inviting an old boyfriend, because we had a pretty casual thing going on. I mean, how serious can you get about a 23-year-old? So I said okay. What the heck? I'd invite Marvin to Seattle. He was to arrive October 11, 1996.

All of a sudden I could think of nothing else. I bought a new outfit, I got my hair done, I got collagen in my lips, I went to the tanning bed, I dieted. I mean, I was all up IN this visit, with my natural woman self. The plan was, Marvin was going to arrive on Friday, and we'd call Jonah on Saturday or Sunday for a career-planning get together.

Friday, October 11 arrived. I was dolled up and lip-plumped. Marvin got off the plane.

We never called Jonah. Not once. I know that makes me a terrible person.

Marvin and I had a great time that weekend. We went to the Space Needle, we went to the Cloud Room, we went to Snoqualmie. If you have never been to Seattle, none of that means anything to you. But trust me, we did some cool stuff.

Me, the weekend Marvin came to visit. And no, that is not Marvin with me, there.

By the end of the weekend, Marvin was totally smitten with me. I say this because he told me. He said that he stayed awake all night the night before, watching me sleep on my futon (I gave him the bed, but that apartment was the size of a walnut shell, so he could see me anyway), and realized I was the woman for him. And yes, I did wonder what repugnant things he had watched me do in my sleep.

Marvin 001 Here is a picture Marvin took of himself, with my camera, the weekend he was visiting. I did not know he had taken this, so when I got my photos developed I was all, SQUEEEEEEE!

By February, I was living in LA. By May, we were engaged.

Engaged 001Here we are, newly engaged. I kept Uncle Jim and I-blame-Sue in the photo, because, awww.

By 1998, we were married. And the rest you already know.

I totally owe my friend Christina $10.

0 thoughts on “My torrid affair with Marvin, part deux

  1. Have you ever thanked Jonah for bringing you and Marvin back together? Had he not wanted Marvin to come for the weekend to help him with his career where would the two of you ended up??? I think you need to send old Jonah some flowers.
    What a cute, cute, cute story. I knew the jist of it and loved the re-telling.


  2. I kind of have no idea where Jonah is, but he DID come to my going-away party before I moved to LA and we DID apologize to him.
    Also? I know for years, Jonah kept my one Heniken bottle that I’d left in his fridge. Is that how you spell Heniken? Heinekin? Heiniken? Oh, crap.
    On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 5:26 PM, wrote:


  3. What a GREAT story!
    “…remember that time my boyfriend wanted me to ask you to help him with his film career, and we NEVER CALLED HIM.”
    Hey… did you EVER call Jonah again? Did you ‘splain the situation or was it just understood.


  4. What would Marvin have been doing with himself if you hadn’t called? He would have been bored to tears is what he would have been and STILL be doing, that’s what! That is such a great story. It’s too bad John Hughes went and died (R.I.P.) recently or he would be the perfect one to make it into a fabulous movie with an 80’s soundtrack. Y’all could be the next Pretty in Breakfast Buehler Ridgemont High Wonderful teen angst movie.
    Does Marvin wake up every day and thank you for rescuing him from a boring life and keeping his life bountifully full of excitement and interest? That’s probably what he is doing between 5 a.m. and when you both fight for the shower at the same time. See, all this time you had been wondering!
    You’re welcome.


  5. Oh June, I absolutely love this story. Can you believe I actually woke up this morning thinking, “Oh, I get to hear about how June Gardens and Marvin happily-ever-aftered…”.
    I need me some romance, obviously.


  6. I couldn’t wait for part two today. I had to see how it would turn out. Alright, we all know how it turned out but we didn’t know how much fun there would be getting here! And June? Seattle, 1992? Love it, love it! You look great as a blond, but a sassy red head? Wouldn’t have guessed until I saw it for myself!


  7. Awwww, what a sweet Pretty In Pink type romantical story. Or what was the other movie with Demi Moore and Rob Lowe? About Last Night, that one. Yeah you are so DEMI! Except for the younger boyfriend after th older bald husband. Marvin has way too much hair to be Bruce Willis.


  8. I remember that kitchen in Seattle. It was great to hear your story. It gives hope to all those who still believe in love and destiny.


  9. SUCH a good story. I especially loved the fact that you didn’t call Jonah, and that Marvin stayed up and watched you sleep. My husband loves the fact that you were in Seattle during the grunge heyday, flannel shirt and all. Two thumbs up over here. Thanks for sharing!


  10. I know. Sometimes I feel like Forrest Gump, with the way I have been places
    during big events. I just picked Seattle because they read more books per
    capita than anyplace else. Honest to God, that’s why I picked it. I didn’t
    know it was the place to be in 1992.
    On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 8:49 PM, wrote:


  11. I very much like your story, especially how you tell it. It shows that you had an unharried day to post without running off to work. I am sure Beth will heart your story upon reading. It makes me want to record our story for posterity, but I fear it lacks much of the emotional roller coaster and entertainment value of your story. I guess that is why you are up for so many blogger awards.


  12. I heart Steve for saying that his wife will heart this story. I heart that he is man enough to say heart when describing something his wife will love. I hope his wife hearts him very much.


  13. My favorite part is the picture he took of himself with your camera for you to discover later. How totally cool.
    What a great story. I’m with Steve…I heart the whole thing.


  14. Jessica: Meg Ryan would only be good as June if we could go back in time about 5(?) years to when Meg Ryan looked like a human. Sorry Ms. Ryan!
    June: Was Marvin all up IN the visit with his manly self pre-visit or what? Did he think something was gonna happen? I need Marvin’s input. (Note: My husband STILL won’t tell me what he thought about things before we were ‘us’)


  15. Here’s what I know, Amy. He told his roommate he was going to Seattle to see
    me. His roommate said, “Are you gonna sleep with her?” and Marvin said,
    “Probably.” Nice.
    On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 7:23 AM, wrote:


  16. I see I’m not the only one to get up early to catch the second half of the lovely June/Marvin romance. what a wonderful story. My favorite part? that he took his picture with your camera. Nice photo, too, btw.


  17. Where are we supposed to put the Ask June questions again? That is not the Ask June question I have. The Ask June question I have is when does one use “tsar” and when does one use “czar”? And no I am not hobnobbing with Russian Sovereigns or drug lords. Or is it “hobKnobbing”?


  18. I think I am over Ask June. Can you tell? Can you tell by the part where I
    never ever do Ask June anymore? Anyway, there isn’t a time you use one as
    opposed to the other, they are just different spellings of that word from
    different countries.
    On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 10:19 AM, wrote:


  19. “His roommate said, ‘Are you gonna sleep with her?’ and Marvin said,’Probably.'”
    I got ten bucks that says those are NOT the exact words Marvin’s roommate used when asking that question…


  20. Such a fabulous story. Unfortunately for me, I wouldn’t want to reconnect with any old boyfriends. I appear to be the one you date right before you meet the one you will marry. If I went back, that would make me a homewrecker. I have also date quited a few assholes and I don’t care to take that walk again. One guy actually would just sit at the table when I cooked dinner and make me bring him his plate and then wait on him like I was his Mama or something.
    I have also dated men who within months of the two of us breaking up married women from other countries. Apparently if you have a thing for foreign chicks, I am the lady for you. I’m a foolproof system.


  21. June, you totally have the 1992 Seattle look in that picture! Short, dark hair… black clothes… tight pants under a baggy plaid flannel…
    I bet you have some great music/band/live show stories from the age of Grunge. We’d love to hear them!


  22. Hah! I just remember this one place I’d always go that had a disclaimer out
    front, “We are not responsible for injuries in the mosh pit.” I never got
    injured in the mosh pit.
    I miss those days. Coffee, rain, heroin. Okay, I never tried heroin. But it
    was in the air.
    On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 1:26 PM, wrote:


  23. Lindy, are we twins separated at birth? Except not the foreign part. All of my exes immediately marry Americans.
    We need to find the male equivalent of us and date him for a while. Just not at the same time. I’m not into sharing, although I have before – unwittingly.
    Anyway, then Mr. Right is sure to be around the corner for us! Whaddya think?


  24. Thanks for the prompt posting of the rest of the story, rather than making us wait days, weeks, months to hear what happened. So glad you invited Marvin to Seattle. “We never called Jonah…” cracked me up. I don’t blame you. You had that Marvin all to yourself…finally. It great when a plan comes together.
    I see Hulk is at it again. LOL!


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