Picture book. Pictures of your June-a, and some of her dog-a, a long time ago.

I’ve got nothing interesting to blog about today, and if you’ll recall, last time that happened I ended up whipping out my I’m Irked columns from high school. Which is never a good sign.

Yeah, and you know what else? You know how you’re over there reading along, minding your own business, and right up there in blue is a link to one of my previous posts? Do you have any idea how LONG it takes me to do that? I had to remember when I wrote that post, which I couldn’t, so then I logged onto my blog and tried to find it, which I couldn’t, so then I had to GO ON TYPEPAD and SEARCH for it, and now here we are again, FIVE MINUTES LATER.

Okay, so five minutes isn’t that bad. But it was an annoying five minutes. Go enjoy the crap out of that link.

So, because I have nothing to tell you–I mean, really, things are copacetic. Busy time at work, Tallulah’s due for her shots, my CHI is making my life happy. I got nothing–I decided to go into my photos file and pick every 33rd photo and see if I could drum up anything interesting to say about them.

What can I tell you? I see the number 33 everywhere. Constantly. I have no idea what it means, except one time I found a list one of my old boyfriends had of all the women he slept with? And I was number THIRTY-THREE! Geez! Sleep around a little, would you, bub?

I was totally the Rolling Rock.

And that’s really about the time I started seeing the number 33 everywhere, and it happens so often now that I don’t even think about it. I got married at 33. I was given a sweatshirt by a friend, and the number on it is 33. You know how many cats I wish we had?


Okay, let’s drop June’s Weird Numerology and stampede to our photographs.


Ah, here I am at Sandy’s wedding this winter, along with a very nice guy who sat on my table who I will cleverly call “Roy.” And also an exit sign.

I was obsessed with not having any exit signs in my wedding pictures. I really was. And that is part of why I got married outside. Also? I was obsessed with not being photographed holding a beer with my wedding dress, and surely I have shown you the photo of me in my wedding finery with a beer bottle stuck down the front of my wedding dress.

Haven’t I? Well, it wasn’t in my count of every 33rd picture, so you’ll have to wait another day.


Ooo! Easter egg dye from when Jewish Marvin and I dyed eggs this year. I think this picture is kind of pretty. I don’t know why they make the other colors when all of my eggs are just going in the pink dye.

You know what I’m over? I am over beauty shops thinking “Curl Up and Dye” is a funny name. We GOT it, already.


These pictures are funny to me (and I’m sure you’re busting a gut, over there. Woo!) because they are in chronological order. I know I took this picture right after Easter, when I went back to Saginaw because of my uncle’s cancer.

I know! That IS hilarious, June! You know from funny!

Anyway, for Christmas, Marvin bought me the Children’s Zoo sign from my hometown. It was being auctioned on eBay and Faithful Reader Saginawman alerted him. Anyone who knows me knows I am obSESSED with the zoo in my hometown, and I have dragged everyone there 952 times. So this was the best gift, ever. Except this sign is enormous and we have no way to get it to North Carolina. Oops. So here it is in mom’s garage! Hi, sign! Heart you! Wish I had you here!

If you look closely you can see me in the photo, over on the right. See my Converse?


Oh look, it must be April. There’s Tallulah in her I-can’t-take-my-eyes-off-Henry phase when Henry was a teeny kitten. She did NOTHING but note that kitten’s every move. Look, she’s even pointing! See her little curled paw? She seriously had an issue. Glad she is over it.


Okay, it took her a WHILE to get over it. I swear it’s 33 pictures later, too.


Remember how irked I was that someone planted pink azaleas next to coral ones on the side of my house? I mean, HONESTLY, why would you put these colors NEXT to each other? In no way, shape or form do they look good together. ACK! Am getting nauseated.

I guess it still bothers me. THANKS, 33rd picture rat bastard.


Oh! Okay, so this was, you know, last weekend. That’s my friend Paula on the left. We lived together in Seattle. We also worked together in Seattle. We lived and worked together. We got into some classic fights. And yet we are still friends.

Paula follows the band Heart around the country. No, really, she does. Yes, Heart. From the ’70s and ’80s. Yes, they’re still together. I swear she is mostly a normal person. And a fine friend.

Well, I guess this wraps up another episode of June-has-nothing-to-blog about. Oh crap! I just remembered I could have told you about how I almost peed in my car the other day. Well, see? Now we have something to look forward to tomorrow.

66 thoughts on “Picture book. Pictures of your June-a, and some of her dog-a, a long time ago.

  1. Oh! I just had to go on my computer to comment. June, I’ve been reading your blog for ages, but on my mobile,and I cant comment from it? So I suppose I’m a lurker. How do you say it? Bwahahaha. Even when you write about nothing its funny. Loved Kathie’s comment. Actually I love reading the comments too…Makes me think of when Oprah goes off air and you can join in after the show on the net. By the by, I’m on the other side of the world in South Africa. Ok enough already. Can’t wait for tomorrows edition.


  2. Ooo, South Africa! I think you are my first official South African reader.
    Well, technically that ‘s not true, as I have a friend from there, but she
    lives here now. But you’re the first one THERE who I know is reading me. I
    feel so General Foods International Coffees right now.
    On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 3:29 AM, wrote:


  3. @ Steve…. am dying laughing! Speaking of dying… I’ve never heard of “Curl Up and Dye”. How sheltered am I?
    Cooters!!! OMG… will be chuckling all day. How do you sit at work and get these comments and STILL GET TO KEEP YOUR JOB because certainly you must be laughing out loud.
    My number is 55. Or sometimes 5 and 5.


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