It is a rainy, chilly Saturday here at world of June.

Here is my rain hair.


I put this picture on Facebook last night with the words to the Cowardly Lion's "Courage" speech. Because what makes the Sphinx the seventh wonder? Courage.

This hair is the eighth wonder.

And speaking of the strange and terrible, one of the bushes I planted just started blooming. I think it's a gardenia. How much do you like me for not remembering what it is? It could be an azalea, but either way, it's not supposed to bloom now, is it? When it's 63 and rainy? What gives?


Look at the brown fall leaves around it! It's like, incongruous plant!

You don't know how many fibers in my being want to go back out in the cold rain and pull that clover down there, and also those tall wispy weeds at right. The rain has made weeds just SHOOT up. But look at my pretty pink salvia! I said to Marvin today, "My salvia's going crazy" and he said, "Well, then, spit."

Who adores himself night and day?

In other news, half of my pets had to go to the vet today. (Yeah, no, I'm really not going to say fur children. Ever.)


We had to make sure Henry would not become a rabid kitten. It may be too late. Have you met his jerky personality? I like how the bars of the cage cover his eyes like he's a Glamour Don't.


Henry was accompanied by his large sister, Tallulah, who had to get some other annoying shot so she can hang around 57 dogs every day. Dog day care. It just gets cheaper.

They are at the vet in the photo above, along with Marvin's knee, waiting for the scary vet with trepidation. How ridunkulously blog-centric am I that I took a camera to the vet? I enjoy Lu's dog feet sliding out from under her on the linoleum floor.

And I guess that wraps up today, other than I bought a resistance band. I tried and tried not to buy it. Get it? Cause it's a resistance band? Oh, forget it.

Gonna go resist something.

Oh! Wait! There's more! Comment of the Week, which I forgot to do last week so Paula got two beautiful weeks with her crown, goes to Faithful Reader (and my former editor at our hard-hitting high school newspaper) The Chief.

Most convoluted sentence, ever. Edit it, The Chief.

So click on Special of the Week in the right column to see The Chief's editorial comments.

29 thoughts on “What the blooming bush is going on?

  1. betty in nc says:

    Thank God there are better gardeners than me (I?) out there! (definitely better proofreaders) Absolutely right it is an Azalea. I just have Gardenia death on my mind…I’m afraid mine are dying so I’m jealous of anyone’s who seem to be blooming.
    As for the hair…better than mine that just gets totally flat and frizzy…a very attractive look especially when they comment on it when I walk into meetings. Is “hair affliction” covered under ADA or FMLA? Should be…


  2. KW in Atlanta says:

    An azalea, I thought so. Thanks for taking a whiff. Now I can sleep tonight.


  3. Gin says:

    OMG, I totally had that hair the other day. I’m all like, “oh, gee, is it humid out? Let’s ask my GIANT HAIR.” Now that the humidity is less than nine billion percent, it’s flat and limp. Yay?


  4. Make that “dye” it. Dang proofreaders. Make “neice” now, alright?


  5. Make that “dye” it. Dang proofreaders. Make “neice” now, alright?


  6. Make that “dye” it. Dang proofreaders. Make “neice” now, alright?


  7. I don’t even want to comment on the fact that you went out and smelled the bush. Now if she says you should die it and give a Brazilian would you do that, too?
    Okay. I said I didn’t want to comment. I didn’t say I wouldn’t.


  8. I don’t even want to comment on the fact that you went out and smelled the bush. Now if she says you should die it and give a Brazilian would you do that, too?
    Okay. I said I didn’t want to comment. I didn’t say I wouldn’t.


  9. I don’t even want to comment on the fact that you went out and smelled the bush. Now if she says you should die it and give a Brazilian would you do that, too?
    Okay. I said I didn’t want to comment. I didn’t say I wouldn’t.


  10. Sue says:

    I was so jealous of your gardenia until I heard it wasn’t.
    Cut some layers into those gorgeous curls and let it go!
    I love your necklace.


  11. Rachel says:

    Oooh I *love* my resistance band! I’m so excited for you. Did you get the easiest one? I’m sure you’re capable of reading (and proofreading) the box, but it would be frustrating to buy a high one, get all discouraged the first time you tried it and resolve to a life of melting into the couch. Plus, I bought red when I should have bought blue. Ooh but you know what? If you go to the physical therapy place? You can buy resistance bands in BULK. Like, by the yard. They have SPOOLS OF THEM. Cheap. For people like us who are doggie-day-care-broke. Man, I want to go work out now.
    Oh and I totally doubted you about the baby lion thing. I apologize.


  12. June Gardens says:

    Dear KW,
    It is an azalea. I went out and sniffed it, because apparently I do
    everything you say. Make June Do It. And if I have time? Today is gonna be
    BumpIt Day.
    On Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 11:47 AM, wrote:


  13. KW in Atlanta says:

    Ha LisaPie, I thought the same thing about the brazillian, but then when I saw the big hair I thought nope, the bumpit.
    I think Roxie’s Mom dropped some acid today. “That’s not a gardenia. Looks like a daylily.” Huh? WHAT is she looking at?!!
    June, please, please solve this mystery and go out and sniff that white flower. It is true that if it is a gardenia it will be very sweet and fragrant. I think it is an azalea.
    Now please go sniff the bush.


  14. Stephanie says:

    I love how Henry is hiding behind the desk. Fear of doctors I suppose.
    He’s so dang cute.


  15. Amy says:

    LisaPie: Maybe she didn’t do the brazilian but did that um, dye, thing? I remember something about pink?


  16. Amy says:

    TOTALLY an azeala. Gardenias don’t have fluttery petal edges. And well done Miss Hookers and Blow. Nice how you once again drew all the attention to yourself. Because apparently no one else here is ever funny. It’s not like you have made a target of yourself or anything. Surely we won’t all conspire against you, pretending that we are above your constant, pithy wittiness, refusing to laugh or even crack a smile. Yeah. Way to make friends Paula. Good job. 😉


  17. LisaPie says:

    See, you just thought no one was reading your clever post titles. And I saw it and KNEW that you had gone and done the next MJDI and gotten your Brazilian!


  18. Tee says:

    That looks like a gardenia, if it is it will smell wonderful. Azaleas don’t have a nice fragrance to them.
    Your animals are so well behaved at the vet. My Sweet Pea kitty always pooped in her cage and now Oscar Snuggles has started to pee when we take him.


  19. The Chief says:

    Kitty #2 went to the vet recently, and although she is always clearly frightened and wants desperately to get off that exam table, she also tends to purr and vigorously make biscuits (which we call knurdling for some reason, not sure where that came from) — especially during the temperature-taking portion of the visit. I think that’s just her way of dealing with the nerves. Or maybe she’s just a big perv.


  20. Brooke says:

    Our rat terrier absolutely adores the vet, once they get past that whole anal temperature-taking thing. The last time he kept scooting around so as to be directly in front of the vet, which led to her admonishing him to not type with his butt on her keyboard. Pets are great.


  21. Roxie's Mom says:

    That’s not a gardenia. Looks like a daylily.
    But what do I know? I’m the one who insisted the pink one was salvia. Oh, wait . . .


  22. Anon Y. Mous says:

    Learn to embrace the clover, Junsey. I have several patches of clover in my yard, and I wish it would take over the whole lawn: it’s softer and much more drought-resistant than the grass, never needs to be lowered with a mower, and it provides our cat many hours of entertainment, as it brings in the Morning Rabbits. Clover is excellent ground cover.


  23. betty in nc says:

    You have a lovely Gardenia (is that ok to say in polite society?) I wish mine would bloom like that. Maybe I should take gardening tips from you…June Garden. Mine are losing their leaves, what’s with that?
    I hope both of ours survive the winter! Or what they call winter here in NC…


  24. Cosmo's dad says:

    Azalea. They can bloom twice a year I think about, it wants to polinate as much as possible. hmmmm….
    My 2 boxers (dogs) love and I mean LUV the Vet. My big boy male, Cosmo, allows her (the Vet is a woman) stroke him across his flanks and around his waist, in a loving manner. Hmm..Marvin, when you get stroked, oh well never mind, anyway,


  25. Kathleen S. says:

    If it’s a gardenia, it’ll smell wonderful. If it’s a gardenia, and you live in zone 6 or lower, it’ll die if left outside for the winter. G’s don’t pay attention to seasons because they frolic in warmer climates, and aren’t aware of the danger. It looks like a gardenia. Maybe your hair represents a gardenia like recessive gene? sensitive to weather? Does it smell nice?


  26. Jan says:

    Yur hair shur is purty.


  27. I agree with Becky H, up there – your hair looks good that way. Stop fighting it.


  28. Becky H says:

    we have encore azalea`s which are blooming now. they bloom 3 times a year. I think thats what you have too. I think your hair looks good, and a very cute necklace also.


  29. Poor Lula! I love living in a house with a slippery floor and two dogs. Whenever they get some speed up they lose the ability to corner and crash into the furniture. (They are ok on other drugs though.)
    I’m pretty sure that’s an azalea. Gardenia flowers are a bit more… fleshy. They have more petals, too.
    That hair is fierce. I’m sure you could market it’s humidity linked expandability in some kind of flood related safety product.


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