Mad June

June had a horrid day yesterday. June's day today will not be much better. June cannot complain about it, lest she become Dooce.

The only good news is that June MadMen'd herself. You can do it too if you click the link.

Did I make my nose too bulbous? Please tell me I made my nose too bulbous. 

23 thoughts on “Mad June

  1. Ah, this explains the Facebook post from yesterday. BTW, you can complain about anything you want to on here, we all do it. So sorry, but your real nose is way smaller than that!


  2. I’m sorry you had a bad day yesterday. I hope today is waaaaaaaaay better.
    Also, you don’t really look like your Mad Men character. You’re thinner, blonder, and smaller-nosed.
    But you are totally rocking that pink dress!


  3. If there were a thought bubble by the lady in red she would be thinking, “Heaven’s June’s nose looks so bulbuous today! And is that a Bumpit in her hair?”
    The expression on your face looks like you’ve seen a ghost, or have just been goosed by the lady in red!


  4. Speaking of MadMen, My husband and I are five discs away from finishing up The Sopranos and I am trying to convice him to start watching MadMen next. Is it really that good? I know nothing about it.
    I’ve been watching a little of Weeds with my son. TOTALLY inappropriate, I know. But it is funny. Although there was one episode about masterbation that was mighty uncomfortable for both of us, but we got through it!
    Also, June I truly believe if you were to watch the episode of Jim and Pam’s wedding from The Office last week you would be so hooked. It was the BEST one yet. Funny, funny,funny. And there is a surprise in it that you would really love, because I know you so well. Please just watch that one episode and if you don’t laugh I’ll never bring it up again. Please?


  5. Want to hear my Mad Men claim to fame? My sister is married to a guy named J. J has a sister, named M. So M is my sister’s sister-in-law. With me so far? M married a guy named B. And B? His real life from the same womb sister is JOAN FROM MAD MEN. How’s that for six degrees of separation. In the interest of full disclosure, I have not seen M since my sisters wedding in, um, the mid nineties. And have never met B. But still. I AM RELATED TO JOAN FROM MAD MEN. Holla!


  6. The way too bulbous giant schnaz is balanced by super sexy ankles. Very Queen Victoria, which kind of makes Marvin kinky. At least a very little bit kinky. Victoria Regina does rhyme with naughty bits.


  7. You are SO awesome for pointing me to that site! I am obsessed with MadMen; I’ve been hooked from the very first episode’s original airdate.
    Waaaay too bulbous. Try again and let us see.


  8. I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but that doesn’t look like the pictures you post of yourself on your blog at all. The hair’s not right and the nose is definitely too bulbous. (That word is a strange and weird-looking word.)


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